Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Reviews

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-19

The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your iPhone and Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app
converts your steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and
experiences. 5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets
me walking and rewards me for it too!” by Woo123789 “Basically...

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Reviews

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    Not the best

    This app is great and all , but it cheats you . Like everyday I walk at least 3,000 steps and it gives me like 21 cents when I should be getting 3 dollars/sweatcoins. Also the prizes may be cheap but some items have shipping and that shipping is like 6-20 dollars which is not reasonable , in amazing I pay like 3.00 dollars shipping. I shouldn’t be paying over 4.00 dollars for shipping for something that cost 1 dollar/sweatcoin . If this app does it fix its issues I will delete the app . Also sometimes for the daily reward videos , the videos won’t always come , it will say “there are no more daily reward please come back later and try again” and I will go in the app 5-15 times a day and it’s will still stay the same exact things . So I will have to wait for the next day . 2 more things you have to make your prices for prizes cheaper , I really wanted a iPhone XR and I was walking for 6 months and only make 500 dollars and then the offer goes away , this is honestly a waste of time and storage. Last thing if anyone is cheating on the app it’s you , you guys own me over 50 dollars due to your dumb algorithm and setup to see that all of the steps were made in a fair way. Please fix these issues and I will gladly keep the app and use it and recommend to people , I am currently telling people to get it because of these reasons , if you don’t want to fix these issues , I will also gladly delete the entire app and never get it again😊.

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    Loves subway surfers

    Ok so let me start off by saying sweatcoin is a good app BUT there are some issues. 1. Sweatcoin doesn’t really count your step. I have a Fitbit and it says I walk/run about 7-8k steps a day. On sweatcoin it says that I only take about 4K. I would like sweatcoin to improve this issue. Btw YOU CANNOT EXPECT PEOPLE NOT TO SHAKE THEIR PHONE!! 2. Sweatcoin gives offers that are really low sweatcoins, but shipping is super high. Now I understand shipping is going to cost SOME money but not as much as you guys charge. So I would expect shipping for a lot of cheap stuff to be like $4 or $5 but when I try shipping it here it cost like $20 !!!! I would like for this app to improve this to. But what I do like it that you could earn things just for walking!! Thank you to anyone who made this app but just please improve it. C’mon like just improve and FIX your things and maybe I won’t have to think about deleting this app anymore. I want to have this app because you could get stuff for just walking but this is pretty much like a SCAM. So... for all the people that are thinking the same thing just do what you want to do, but in a few days I might delete this app if it doesn’t get improved and I suggest other people do that too. ☺️

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    there’s a lot to talk about

    ok so sweatcoin is an interesting app. you really have to not delete the app if you want anything worth purchasing. i have joined in december of 2017, and i have around 1.8k coins. i am writing this review in april of 2019. first off is the purchase you can make with sweatcoin. the proportions really do not line up at all. for example, you can buy some fancy socks worth 15$ for 1.5k sweatcoin. now, you can also buy a jewelry subscription and a 21$ shopping credit for a mere 10 sweatcoin. the proportions rarely line up. sure, the developers can’t argue too much with their companies but still it should be slightly better. next, is the things you can buy. it’s all repetitive items and they are most of the time all discounts for items. idk about everyone else, but i want to buy stuff for free. no money involved PERIOD. too many of the free offers are MUCH too expensive and cost too much sweatcoin for one person no matter how much they walk. speaking of which, the step counter algorithm is god awful. sure, you don’t want people shaking their phones but COME ON. i have a fitbit and it tells be i walk around 8k steps everyday! sweatcoin on the other hand that only 1k of those 8k were actually real steps. at least let the algorithm be a little more generous here. now, you really want this app, just download it, forget about it, and check every week or so to see what offers are new. (please improve the algorithm and add in more free stuff)

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    Hitting points that matter!

    So, I hope I can encourage at least ONE person to dowload this app! Sweat coin has been doing updates lately making the app even better than it already is . I enjoy having it run in the background because it actually calculates the steps you take . Yes, you have to do some form of walking , No , you can’t sit still & expect steps to calculate on their own . You can only spend the money you make on items that are IN the app store! But they always switch items up and there’s a cash “item” as well when you reach a certain dollar amount on your balance . I’ve read reviews & see that some are complaining about how Sweat Coin wants to share data with your health app, pay attention when you are being asked! You do NOT have to share your data with Sweat Coins, they just ask. So I’m not sure what made people give them a bad review because overall the app does what it says it will do! If you lack motivation to move around, download this amazing app that should motivate you to move quite frequently! There’s not many apps that actually do what they tell their customers that they’ll do, but the Sweat Coin app is worth the space on your phone! Spread the word & let’s motivate each other to walk more frequently! Awesome app Sweat Coin developers!

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    Deleting the app for the second time

    I downloaded the app a year ago. I wasn’t really benefiting from it and needed the extra space in my phone so I deleted it. I redownloaded the app a month ago in hopes that the app had improved and I noticed it had pretty decent reviews since I uninstalled it so I gave it another try. The app does not count all of your steps and it only works with your phone or an Apple Watch of certain versions. The app doesn’t allow you to use other smart watches even though my smart watch has all of the qualifications that the creators claim their app needs. I sent them a support problem ticket bringing up several issues to take into consideration and they sent me the generic answer on their forum about solving the problem instead of actually reading the ticket and sending a reply. I messaged them back asking them to read the ticket and to get back with me but after a week of waiting I got nothing. I sent another ticket and within 2 minutes got another generic answer to my problem that had nothing to do with what was actually on the ticket. I gave two stars because the idea behind the app is a good one but the app itself needs work, not to mention the customer support is tacky and useless if you’re problem isn’t addressed in their help me section. I am uninstalling the app again but I don’t see myself giving it a third chance after this

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    The future is here... but needs a little work

    The future has arrived ! In regards to online cryptocurrency that is. What better way to earn “money” than by sweating! This app is fairly new and still working out some kinks. I myself had managed to earn around $100 worth of sweat coins in one month. Not too bad, especially considering that I’ve been living at St Jude Children’s research hospital in Memphis, TN while my son fights brain cancer. We take him to the park after radiation to enjoy the Mississippi River and the Tom Lee statues and we run it out! How amazing to be rewarded for something that is already rewarding in itself. Watch , before long Sweatcoin is going to be a major currency. And it’s value is going to be tremendous! I’ve already managed to try some pretty amazing (and not so amazing) products via Sweatcoin currency. I am even looking into putting some of my products on there. Think of the diversity of people looking at Sweatcoin! Imagine 2 years from now the publicity Sweatcoin will have for a business owner or marketer. Amazing! I am super stoked about the future of Sweatcoin and already happy with majority of the products I’ve purchased via Sweatcoin. If only shipping were FREE! Then it would get 20/10 ****** stars !

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    Beware of this app

    If I could give this app a zero star, I would. 1) For you to get any real prize, say a $50 gift card, you’ll have to walk OUTSIDE for 20 miles, that’s over 180,000 steps COUNTED. 2) This app doesn’t count all your steps. I just did an experiment of walking to the mall (it said 4310) and back and it said it only saw 51 steps. That’s $.04 sweatcoins. Mind you, I did not walk inside the mall, just from my doorstep to the the bus stop in front the mall and back (I live close by). The amount of steps on my Apple Watch was 7215 for both directions, while this app saying something different. Over 2800 steps off. 3) It drains your battery life significantly while open in the background. 4) it using your location constantly with no real reward for it. And I don’t see why it’s using the GPS if it cannot calculate the amount of steps it would take from point A to point B CORRECTLY. Makes no sense. 5) You’ll have to pay money for these so call “prizes” at a 3% discount rate (when you do the calculations). This is nothing but a scheme for you to sell your location and activity for nothing really. While forcing you to spend money on things you really don’t NEED. It’s a profitable business for the developers while us users lose. In conclusion, is this what you worth users? Sell yourself to someone who’s paying well for you, cause at the end of the day, that’s all this about, cyber prostitution. Just keeping it real. *App deleted*

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    It’s okay, but......

    The premise of this app is a great idea. The execution leaves a lot to be desired. It’s actually fairly accurate counting steps in my experience but man, those offers are weak. I get it, Sweatcoin partners with merchants who are extending free or discounted trial periods and the conversion of Sweatcoin currency is used to validate that trial period or offer. I have found that many of these merchants, online and otherwise are offering these services and trial periods across the board without the need to even purchase them with Sweatcoin “currency.” Somehow Sweatcoin is making money, obviously, partly through the ads and in some other way....In my opinion, the real, tangible offers aren’t good. Like I said, I’ve redeemed many of these same offers through other vendors for nothing. One of the offers I “redeemed” didn’t even work and it was 30 Sweatcoins to purchase. That leads me to another issue; No real customer service. There’s no way to really contact someone if/when you have an issue. You get the ubiquitous FAQ, which answers many questions in a vague way without the option to seek further resolution with customer service. Furthermore, I don’t really think the average person sees the “marathon goals” as tangible on a daily basis. I’m a pretty active person and I’ve never been anywhere near being able to redeem a marathon offer. Great idea, poor reward system.

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    I was told about this and you earn money for walking so I downloaded it and the fact it has to access a bunch of crap is completely stupid and better yet they said that we would give you a gift card k cool when? In 5 years? I’ve had it for a week now and almost 10,000 steps a day and no reward. I’m about to delete it because I’m starting to think it’s fake. Excuse me while I go walk around the world and see if I get nothing (Probably won’t). I just checked my phone and sweat coin and it was the same (pat on the back there sweat coin) but then I checked my Fitbit charge 2 and it said 3,028 steps my phone (and sweat coin) said like 1,600 something. I’m not necessarily blaming Apple I’m blaming sweat coin because why can’t you like connect too my Fitbit bit you can connect to a Apple Watch makes ALOT of sense. Also it’s like 1,000 steps a sweat coin right? (That’s acodring to me) if the developers are purposely doing this I might as well delete sweat coin it’s basically useless, except for taking up my storage I’ll say that. So I literally just found out how to spend it so I went and not some stuff then accidentally put on 010 think it would be 0.10 but I couldn’t see the . because I have a cracked phone screen . So.. can I get a refund or something? Also it would be nice if Sweatcoin would like send you a gift card and ask for a address would be nice then buying a bunch of at of this world random stuff

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    Not going to make you rich, but still a great app

    I’m a college student who also works, so my walking is mainly to and from classes. In the past 8 months, I’ve made roughly 500 sweatcoins( $25 USD) just from walking and doing their daily add rewards. All you’ve got to do(this May be why I’ve seen other reviews mentioning that steps aren’t counted correctly) is leave the app on. If you want to make an extra 15 sweatcoins a week, watch the daily add ever day. Each add is 30 seconds or less, so I usually watch them while walking to class. I haven’t even been doing the daily adds for long, so let’s assume that I’ve only made 400 sweatcoins from walking, that’s still $20 for something I’m doing anyways. They also have some great deals in the app like joining twine for 100 sweatcoins and having them add $15 to your twine account ($15 equals 300 sweatcoins so it’s a better return value). All in all, the app isn’t always going to be extremely accurate on step counting, especially since they avoid counting steps inside building, but it’s money you’ll get for essentially doing nothing so can we really complain🤷‍♂️ love the app. Will keep using it and will keep referring it to friends.

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    Absolutely love this application, it is opening up doors to new products for me and it is allowing me to be more active for certain things. Plus if you already walk a lot it’s an amazing/useful tool to have! The only complaint I have is when you force close the application you receive a notification and the moment you log back on it has an annoying message that you can’t turn off!!! I understand it needs to be open in the background and I also understand that some people might not have that knowledge but is there a way to update it so certain people like me can choose to turn off the message that’s poos up everyone you re-open the application, the only options are to keep clicking I understand or tell me more and it’s seriously annoying... otherwise still 5 stars! Very impressed and I hope that there is still some better algorithms or maybe a way to incorporate an AR(Augmented reality) system for someone like me who goes to the gym and runs on treadmills? Just an idea! Plus it does have a fair amount of battery drain which can be difficult... but I approve of everything you are doing so thanks for making such an awesome app!!

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    DON’T waste your time with this app!!!

    This app is a SCAM!!! You think you’re earning free money just by walking around outside, but here’s the catch; the items you can purchase with your Sweatcoins still demand some of your own money for shipping, membership, etc. and you end up getting sucked into something you thought was a good deal, but I’ve checked multiple times and they probably save you only $2 at most. I’ve read soooo many reviews saying that Sweatcoin ripped them off after they had already spent their unfairly earned coins for “prizes” and when they tried to fix the problem with Customer Service, they never picked up, never returned phone calls, kept getting transferred to person after person, you name it. (I don’t say unfairly earned lightly, you could participate in 5 marathons in a day and they would only give you about $2 worth of coins) Thankfully, I didn’t experience this first hand because I was saving my coins for the ultimate price; $1,000. And I’m so glad I deleted the app before I invested too much time into it, because I would have been furious!! ALSO, they track your location 24/7 to continuously count the steps you take every hour of every day, but honestly that is just straight up sketchy....Not worth it. ANDDDD they force you to keep the app running so it can be on in the background, lurking, tracking, and watching your every move. How creepy is that???

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    Cool concept, but...

    I love the idea of an incentive based walking app, that’s great to promote a healthier society, but I’ve been looking at the rewards, and you really aren’t getting anything with the “sweatcoins” generated. Notice almost all of the daily rewards offered are free trials of an app or a membership of something, or a small discount of a product on a company. At this level, your sweatcoins are virtually valueless, considering most companies have these offers for new users as it is. If you look at the eye candy “marathon” rewards, you’ll see some actual things worthy of earning (iPhone X, 1,000 dollars in cash), but after some math, assuming you have the best subscription possible, which offers 600 sweatcoins a month at a charge of 30 sweatcoins a month, the quickest you could redeem that reward while getting your daily bonus every 3 days consistently would take nearly 3 years. That’s a bit ridiculous. If you like walking and feeling a minor pat on the back for it with useless currency, this is the app for you. But I will credit the app for looking clean and not an eye sore, and having a cool color scheme.

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    Very good app idea. 3.5/5

    This app is a very good app. when you first start you can get a lot of sweatcoins fast, but as time goes on it get harder and harder to make a couple a day. I used to make almost 8-10 a day now it’s hard making one or two. The app has a great idea to get out side more but the majority of people I see using it are people who are at school or at work. Once I got almost 20,000 steps but only 600 of them counted because those are the only ones that were “outside” steps, when I had to go shopping at the mall. I was not happy to say the least when I had around 20,000 steps and almost none of them counted. Your app in whole is very good. You have a great app idea but one recommendation is that any and all steps count because everybody I see uses it while they’re at work school or every day life and they don’t really have the time to get out as much as most people do. I know myself I do a lot of walking around in school and my home but I can’t really get out as much but I try to as much as possible so I can get any sweatcoins. Just one little tidbit is that please Think about changing your app so that all steps count towards sweatcoins. Keep you algorithm that processes steps but please try to change it a little so that actually works.

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    Fantastic App!! It’s a big must have!! Just one thing..

    Thank you so much Sweatcoin, I seriously appreciate you guys ive lost 20 pounds and was able to purchase a WEARABLE KEYBOARD a month or two back with the sweatcoins. I now take about 8k-10k steps a day and its incredible that a free app changed my perspective on fitness it still blows my mind. All my friends have it, we share sweatcoins and were currently 2k away from getting $1000 cash!!!! You guys are incredible!! The down side of this is that when i downloaded it i hoped it would not only help me lose weight but also earn money, like real money. Ive seen adds all the time on snapchat about getting hundreds of dollars per week or whatever real money USD. And i work like a real job, im only 16 and i hoped i could end up having thousands maybe. Im not saying you all cheated but could you please tell the people that sponsor yall to not scam like that. My friend got pretty upset when she found out it was a lie by a snapchat user. Other than that you guys’ app is amazing, please keep updating and keep thriving!! You guys are truly amazing i cant thank you enough for the easy easy weight lose!!

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