Contact Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

Contact Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

Published by on 2021-06-17

The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your iPhone and Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app
converts your steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and
experiences. 5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets
me walking and...

How to Contact Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Common Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Issues

  • By NakheelS

    Beware of this app

    If I could give this app a zero star, I would. 1) For you to get any real prize, say a $50 gift card, you’ll have to walk OUTSIDE for 20 miles, that’s over 180,000 steps COUNTED. 2) This app doesn’t count all your steps. I just did an experiment of walking to the mall (it said 4310) and back and it said it only saw 51 steps. That’s $.04 sweatcoins. Mind you, I did not walk inside the mall, just from my doorstep to the the bus stop in front the mall and back (I live close by). The amount of steps on my Apple Watch was 7215 for both directions, while this app saying something different. Over 2800 steps off. 3) It drains your battery life significantly while open in the background. 4) it using your location constantly with no real reward for it. And I don’t see why it’s using the GPS if it cannot calculate the amount of steps it would take from point A to point B CORRECTLY. Makes no sense. 5) You’ll have to pay money for these so call “prizes” at a 3% discount rate (when you do the calculations). This is nothing but a scheme for you to sell your location and activity for nothing really. While forcing you to spend money on things you really don’t NEED. It’s a profitable business for the developers while us users lose. In conclusion, is this what you worth users? Sell yourself to someone who’s paying well for you, cause at the end of the day, that’s all this about, cyber prostitution. Just keeping it real. *App deleted*

  • By Im CR7 at this game


    I was told about this and you earn money for walking so I downloaded it and the fact it has to access a bunch of crap is completely stupid and better yet they said that we would give you a gift card k cool when? In 5 years? I’ve had it for a week now and almost 10,000 steps a day and no reward. I’m about to delete it because I’m starting to think it’s fake. Excuse me while I go walk around the world and see if I get nothing (Probably won’t). I just checked my phone and sweat coin and it was the same (pat on the back there sweat coin) but then I checked my Fitbit charge 2 and it said 3,028 steps my phone (and sweat coin) said like 1,600 something. I’m not necessarily blaming Apple I’m blaming sweat coin because why can’t you like connect too my Fitbit bit you can connect to a Apple Watch makes ALOT of sense. Also it’s like 1,000 steps a sweat coin right? (That’s acodring to me) if the developers are purposely doing this I might as well delete sweat coin it’s basically useless, except for taking up my storage I’ll say that. So I literally just found out how to spend it so I went and not some stuff then accidentally put on 010 think it would be 0.10 but I couldn’t see the . because I have a cracked phone screen . So.. can I get a refund or something? Also it would be nice if Sweatcoin would like send you a gift card and ask for a address would be nice then buying a bunch of at of this world random stuff

  • By MonalyssaBrooke

    DON’T waste your time with this app!!!

    This app is a SCAM!!! You think you’re earning free money just by walking around outside, but here’s the catch; the items you can purchase with your Sweatcoins still demand some of your own money for shipping, membership, etc. and you end up getting sucked into something you thought was a good deal, but I’ve checked multiple times and they probably save you only $2 at most. I’ve read soooo many reviews saying that Sweatcoin ripped them off after they had already spent their unfairly earned coins for “prizes” and when they tried to fix the problem with Customer Service, they never picked up, never returned phone calls, kept getting transferred to person after person, you name it. (I don’t say unfairly earned lightly, you could participate in 5 marathons in a day and they would only give you about $2 worth of coins) Thankfully, I didn’t experience this first hand because I was saving my coins for the ultimate price; $1,000. And I’m so glad I deleted the app before I invested too much time into it, because I would have been furious!! ALSO, they track your location 24/7 to continuously count the steps you take every hour of every day, but honestly that is just straight up sketchy....Not worth it. ANDDDD they force you to keep the app running so it can be on in the background, lurking, tracking, and watching your every move. How creepy is that???

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Reported Issues: 13 Comments

By Marcia Jones
Jun 18 2021

What’s going on with your app? I have been having problems accessing my app. It’s been frozen for over a week.

By David Notley
Apr 16 2021

I walked 17,997 steps today but was only credited with 838 steps why is this ? Many thanks Dave Notley

By Sello Mathabatha
Mar 30 2021

My cellphone number has permanently changed from 0784579641 to 0781521418 as of now please update

By Keller
Mar 01 2021

I am eagerly to earn money with this app but it's currently not available in my country " RWANDA "

By Prem Sharma
Feb 01 2021

i paid $800 sweatcoins to buy some ear rings on Jan.2nd and still haven't got them. I contacted that Jeweler and he is asking code and i don't know how to find that. I am trying to find customer service phone no, can't find it. please send me phone no so that I could resolve it
Thank you

By Mei
Jan 06 2021

I just noticed that since mid November, my steps have not been converted. I tried the turn off and on the background app fresh technique and even deleted and reinstalled the app, no steps being converted. It shows the steps there, but not converted to coin.

By Tyeshia
Dec 02 2020

How can I get remaining balance transfer to paypal account

By Tammy k Bradford
Nov 28 2020

I'm needing to update my account info......I have a new bank card to submit for the Troublemaker series

By Paul Sisco
Nov 02 2020

Last three days my sweatpoints app is not registered any of my steps leave me with almost as zero balance today and for Sunday and Saturday let's zero balance. I'm over 9,000 steps today

By Joshua Bennett
Oct 05 2020

The app is always messing up but when I deleted it and Redownload it it started working better and I sill don’t get any thing from the app

By Tim jones
Sep 24 2020

Got a new phone every time I turn it on it sends me messages today it did not give me any coins for my 20 minute work out

By geoffrey hittle
Sep 20 2020

Hey I paid a 100 but is to Walmart and I need to refund the money back to my account please thank you can u call my cell 9285779381

By Patricia Kane
Aug 17 2020

Just tried to open sweatcoin. It says oops can’t verify steps or preserve battery. Can’t reinstall because I have new email since joining years ago. Don’t want to lose my 3000 coins.

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