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1. How does it work?
2. What is Heukelbach?

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1. Listen to Radio-HBR sermons, devotions, audio books and music - 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Our podcast "Das Gespräch" and all broadcasts of our popular children's program "Radio Biplane" are available on demand and can be downloaded.

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Product Details and Description of Heukelbach

With the Heukelbach-App you can share the Good News of Jesus whenever and wherever you want!

Turn any smartphone or tablet into a fully-equipped mission tool with a broad collection of Gospel materials so you can share the Good News wherever you are.

It is our mission to help you share the gospel using testimonies, short films, blogs and much more.

Use the media content to download it to your smartphone and share it on your social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram or Threema.

Download the Heukelbach app to get the latest news about our missionary work. Push notifications will keep you up to date so that you can share the latest content with friends, acquaintances, or relatives the fastest way.

Listen to Radio-HBR sermons, devotions, audio books and music - 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Our podcast "Das Gespräch" and all broadcasts of our popular children's program "Radio Biplane" are available on demand and can be downloaded. Feel free to contact us, ask your questions, or simply support our work with a donation.

Don't forget to share the content with your friends, because:

Everyone needs the best message in the world - and you can be its ambassador!

What are you waiting for? Get started today! Download the Heukelbach app - free of charge and ad-free!

Make the most of your time on the Heukelbach app:


- Listen to liveradio. 24 hours a day, seven days a week God's Word every day.

- Listen to sermons, devotions, audio books or music.

- Always be informed with the broadcast schedule which program is currently on.


Life stories and short films

- Watch our life stories or short films and share the videos with your friends and acquaintances. Each video has a short description to give you an overview of the content. This way you can quickly see if the topic of the video is suitable and might be just the right thing to share with your personal contacts.

Bible verse clips

- Send our short clips with Bible verses. The length of the clips makes them suitable for sharing in your WhatsApp status, for example. The Bible still speaks most clearly. It is the Word of God. You'll see that the clips will not only encourage you, but also your environment, or lead to conversation. Just share them!

Vertikal Course

-Great videos for sharing and starting a conversation with your friends, acquaintances or relatives.


What do I do when my marriage is in a crisis? How does Jesus Christ help in everyday life with a disabled child? This and more can be found in our podcast "Das Gespräch". Christian Caspari and his guests talk in about 45 minutes about God, life and faith in everyday life. Listen in! You can also download and share these episodes.

Radio Doppeldecker

-Experience our popular children's program

-Listen together with children or friends to the popular episodes of Radio Doppeldecker.

-You will find a short description under each episode.

-Here as well: simply download or share the episodes!

Audio books

-Some of our current and latest brochures are also available as audio books and can be downloaded and shared easily.


-This section will always keep you up to date on where our next events will take place, which seminars we offer, or which camps are coming up.

- Just click, read the information and type of event, pray and decide if you want to participate or not.

-If you have decided to participate, just follow the registration link.


Click here to visit our website: https://heukelbach.org/

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