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About: Faron Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the biotechnology and medical
research industry.
Headquarters: Turku, Western Finland, Finland.


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Product Details and Description of Deep Freeze Administrator

The Faronics Deep Freeze Administrator app lets you manage the Deep Freeze Cloud from your iOS device, letting you easily Freeze/Thaw multiple computers. Deploy services on new computers by simply scanning a QR code with this app on the local computer.

With the Deep Freeze Administrators app, you can:

* Manage all computers available under the Computers and Deep Freeze On Demand page from the comfort of your mobile device.

* Perform on demand actions on multiple computers such as Reboot Frozen, Reboot Thawed, Wakeup, Restart, Shutdown, Run Windows Update, Send Message, and Add Tags.

*Receive push notifications for various levels of security threats occurring on endpoints.

*Filter Deep Freeze computers by Frozen and Thawed status.

*Filter computers by the tags assigned to them.

*Search for computers by their details, tags, assigned policies or groups.

*Securely sign-in to the cloud console without ever having to enter credentials on any computer by scanning a QR code at

*Securely Download and install Deep Freeze Cloud services on new computers by simply scanning a QR code.

*Refresh the Policy applied to the computer without having to wait for the next check in (heartbeat).

*Organize and manage your computers by tagging them with normal, ticket, and location tags.

*Review computer information such as operating system, IP address, Deep Freeze status, assigned policies, groups, and tags.

*Switch between different Sites with just one click from the swipe menu.

Want to wish for something new? Make a wish right from the app by submitting your feedback.

Some features of this app requires the Deep Freeze Cloud Agent to be installed on the computer.

Faronics Deep Freeze makes PCs indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing the desired configuration set by the IT Admin. Deep Freeze Cloud takes PC management, data protection, asset administration, power management to the next level. Now be in control of your IT assets, anytime and anywhere.

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