Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Reviews

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-23

Named one of 10 Best iPhone Apps and featured by InStyle, The Guardian, Brit &
Co, and many more! Glow Nurture is the world’s most advanced and
comprehensive pregnancy tracker. Powered by data, designed for simplicity, this
app rewrites the rules for what a pregnancy app should be. It i...

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Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Reviews

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    Great pregnancy tracking!

    This app is great for all the essential items you should track during your pregnancy. Some of my favorite features are the time lapse photo feature built right into the app, the fact that you can add your own supplements and have it remind you to take them daily, and the water tracker. I also love how there are several articles every day that correspond with what’s going on in your body and with baby. It makes learning about pregnancy much more manageable and fun for a first time mom because you’re learning about it in real time! I do wish there was a way to turn off the community feature within the app, simply because I don’t like that it always gives me notifications there for things I have no interest in or haven’t previously interacted with. I have asked questions to the community and gotten great, helpful responses, but I just wish there was a way to mute the feature when I’m not using it. I also wish they had more moods in their mood tracker, but the ones they have are usually pretty inclusive and I can find one that’s close to what I’m actually feeling. Overall, a great app! Highly recommend buying the premium for all the features!

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    Supportive environment

    Great place to come together as women and uplift, help and support each other. Iv seen some negativity from the select special few who don’t realize this place is a place to be uplifting and if you have a hate filled comment, to keep to yourself. Even with that being said, it’s been a place where I know I can go, ask a question, and get a lot of honest and kind feedback. If you have any fears or questions about your pregnancy or TTC you can count on other women on here to help guide you and or calm you down. I gave it three stars because I REALLY don’t like that this app takes down any and all Ramzi theory posts, as if it’s a crime to be curious to know what this legitimate new theory is about. They say you can post anything that’s not hateful, fully naked or negative, yet they have preferences on what certain things you can post about. This has been a common occurrence Iv noticed when it comes to gender guessing in ultrasound pictures. Although I understand that the makers of this app may not support the curiosity of that theory, it’s still something most women do because they’re just excited about their pregnancy and it’s fun. So, they really need to get over themselves with that one.

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    Worthless against bullying ❗️updated review

    This app’s community is suppose to be a safe place where woman can ask questions to other moms about pregnancy, their children and anything dealing with getting pregnant to motherhood. It is anything but that, there is a lot of cyber bullying going on and glow does nothing about it instead they will suspend your account so you cannot access communication with other mothers who may be experiencing the same motherhood things that you are experiencing. There is no need for a controversy group or any group that has nothing to do with nothing, this isn’t Facebook or Instagram why is there talk of politics, or gender and sex or any other controversial topic that can spark confrontation. Why dont they do anything about the Mommy shaming and bullying 🤔 why?? Your account can get suspended for any little thing, what is this school??, if you contact them about being bullied and harassed they will literally do nothing stay away from this app ❗️❗️❗️❗️ In response to your response to this review ..i have been cyber bullied in your app and literally sent screen shots to you guys AND reported the people who were nasty to me and you guys literally did nothing but ban MY account so your hallmark generic response on here is a crock of bull

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    Good tracking, bad everything else

    I like the tracking page - simple and all in one place - but the articles almost always feel weak. They feel like a high schooler’s book report - extremely short, lacking both facts and depth, and sometimes even relaying subjective opinion as truth. I realize they’re trying to give new info every day, which must be difficult, but even the milestone articles - weekly, each trimester, etc - are lame. Possibly the worst writing and info on any of my apps/sources. This is even true of the “Premium” content, super thin and of zero added value. The comment sections are horrible - full of gender guesses/ramzi theory at the beginning and baby bumps midway - zero discussion of anything relevant to the topics. The community boards are marginally better, but seem to be operated with zero oversight, with lots of sketchy info being traded among folks who think they know answers and often-scared moms looking for real support. I like the Glow app for tracking fertility/ periods and started my tracking on this Nurture app so all of my info is here, and I’ll probably stick it out for this pregnancy but I’ll definitely never use it again.

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    Love Glow, Not Nurture

    I am a huge fan of the Glow app- it’s tracking helped me narrow down fertility and get pregnant super quick! However, Nurture is a different story. It’s really driven by logging daily, which I love, but the daily posts of information/articles are small tidbits and mostly just comment sections. Additionally, the “Insights” section is populated by your daily log and has my least favorite feature: comparison. I think this world, and the online world especially, drives enough comparison amongst women and mothers, this is not the place for it. I don’t want to feel bad because I haven’t exercised in 3 days and most mothers are exercising every day. And I don’t want every move I make in my pregnancy compared to what’s right for someone else. What really sealed it for me getting rid of this app was when I logged having slight cramps and the insight began with “A small cyst can form....”. I think it goes without saying that cramping can be normal and this is just encouraging fear and irrational thought in already overthinking expectant mothers. I’ll use Glow again after my pregnancy, but I’m moving on from Nurture.

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    Women tearing each other down

    The app is a great idea...BUT they have so many different “groups” that can be joined that I don’t think there is much “policing” when it comes to rude women cutting each other down. Honestly if they banned people from being on the community for breaking the rules and truly being the “adult” version of bullies, it would be a much nicer app. STRONGLY considering deleting after being called horrible things multiple times while trying to confide in others and ask for support during pregnancy. People need to group up and stop trying to tear each other down. One way to make this app a better place is to get rid of the chronic rule breakers and cut down the number of groups available to post on so admins can actually keep track of some of the stuff that goes on in the community. “Social media is truly the toilet of the internet”-Lady Gaga And this app is one of the biggest offenders I’ve EVER seen. It’d be great if it was used as intended, but people abuse it just to feel some control in their lives and be total jerks. Shame on the admins for letting it get so out of control.

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    Great app for info and support!

    I love this app. It helps you keep track of just about everything you need while pregnant! Everything from your prenatals, to water intake, to exercise! The daily articles are very helpful too. You gets lots of professional info, general anatomy information, and then personal experience stories. The thing you have to remember though, is that each person's body and pregnancy experience is different. A good third of the time, things I've read here contradict what my doctor says. So as always, take all the info you get with a grain of salt. Not everything you read online is going to be true. Do your best to keep you and baby healthy. That's what really matters. The most annoying thing about this app, and it's really not the app's fault, is the downright dumb and/or judgemental comments from other women. There's no controlling that though. Just ignore those people and look for info that helps you.

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    Beware - content isn’t really free at all

    I used this app for my second pregnancy, and wished it had been around for my first because I found it so easy to use and enjoyed the content. I became pregnant again 10 months later and happily downloaded the app again only to find out that in the short time I’d been gone the developers had changed many of the features I’d previously enjoyed. I was disappointed but kept using the app. This week they made a change that caused free content to be limited to 5 articles per week. They push their “Premium” content on you to get full access to basic things that used to be free. Do not download this app unless you plan to pay for it. I won’t be because you only need it for 9 months, so that feels like a waste of money. It’s useless now if you plan to use it for free. I recommend The Bump and Pregnancy+ if you want a good experience. I used both for all 3 pregnancies and have been very happy. I’ll also be deleting the other Glow apps I used to enjoy unless the developers listen to the many women on the app that are rightfully upset about this.

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    Too much/crowded

    When I downloaded the app I didn’t do enough research prior rather I trusted a couple good reviews. The app is overcrowded with comments and pictures that I have no interest in seeing. Half the articles you think will be filled with great info seem incomplete and really don’t give you the information you want. Products and ads are everywhere. I understand they are going for a community/connected feel but it’s too much and some of the comments are so old it doesn’t even make you feel like it’s relatable. The daily log has several questions that I just can’t answer and therefore your log says it’s not 100% complete which is frustrating. When I was logging daily and would go to the forecast it would say “not enough info to predict” and eventually I stopped logging. I really wish I hadn’t spent money on this app. I honestly feel bad rating with 1 star. I have a job where I am personally rated so I know how much reviews can matter. This app seems to be really working for TONS of women but it’s not for those looking for a simple, straight forward tracking method.

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    Deleted this app BEFORE I gave birth

    When I found out that I was pregnant, it was a no-brainer for me that I would download this pregnancy tracking app because I loved this company’s TTC/period tracking app! I was wrong. I am currently 33weeks pregnant and I had to delete the app because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. No good weekly updates on baby’s growth and development, no good picture representations of baby’s growth and development, and if you want access to the good articles/information you have to sign up for “Premium” and pay money (either monthly or yearly I believe). I was not paying money for this when I already have other amazing pregnancy tracking apps that give me this information for FREE. The community is nice for some things, but mostly I find it to be woman judging and being rude to each other or woman who DO NOT work in the medical field handing out their medical advice left and right. I know a lot of woman love this app, but it was just not for me. In my opinion, there are other apps out there that are better and not begging for money every other time you open up the app.

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    Hate this app because of discussion forums

    I hated the community forums in the Glow app but they were on a different screen so I could avoid them. Now in the Nurture version of the app the community messages follow any and all articles. The forums are full of fake accounts and nasty people. People steal someone else’s pregnancy test photo and post it as their own. What weirdo (or fake account) does that?! They repeat a story in someone else’s post as their own, get called out on it, and then deny their actions. The questions are absurd, also making me think they’re fake accounts. Does anyone need to ask a community forum if they can get pregnant from anal sex? And oh btw, also asks how often women are having anal sex and how they like it best. Posting a story about being uncontrollably horny then detailing the resulting sexcapades with two other women sounds like a fake spam post to me. It has nothing to do with getting pregnant. The forums are fake and misleading and in the Nurture app they can’t be hidden. I don’t want any part of this app even if the forums are hidden. Delete.

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    I love Glow Nuture 🌱

    I love the Nuture app! I really like the different facts they have posted about what’s going on with you and baby each day of the pregnancy. Not only is it cool to see what exactly is happening with baby but also to learn and feel reassured that the symptoms you’re having during pregnancy are completely normal and what’s happening in your body to cause them. I also like being able to log taking my prenatal vitamin and other things (weight, working out, water intake, etc.) everyday. The community boards are also great to be able to communicate with other women at the same point in their pregnancies to see how they are feeling, looking, or to pose questions to them! I’ve found this app extremely informative, helpful and comforting! I love it!

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    Horrible community

    It’s awful for bullying. And the boards with eve, ovulation tracker, and nurture are all the same. I think it would be beneficial for it to be separate. Not one community. Easier to protect young ones from from being treated like their stupid. Also need information on how to delete a pregnancy- it was a pseudo pregnancy that I didn’t realize until a doctors appointment. It won’t let me alter or change or delete it. So it’s now considered a baby that I gave birth too!! I simply deleted the app so I would stop getting notifications 🙄 if that could be adjusted I’d appreciate it. Also the ability to turn off the community option. I don’t think glow’s community set up is good or very helpful. There are lots of apps with informative articles and Mother’s where they do not treat others as if they are stupid. It’s more like a “vagina Facebook” negative. Or more of a response time in removing pages or groups that you have left- obviously for a reason?

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    Happy Camper

    I love this app. One reason mainly being that my body is constantly changing. It helps me keep track of all of those changes. Not only for my own knowledge but also to help me remember certain things that have happened to make sure I am able to tell my doctor and ask her about them. Plus it's just a fun way for me to be able to look back on how I was feeling or what was going on with me and my baby on certain days or weeks. Not only that but it's setup to where my fiancé can also be involved and watch my growth and journey with me so he doesn't feel left out. Because let's face it a lot of these apps are designed for the woman but don't necessarily include the guys. I really enjoy this app! I definitely recommend it.

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    Glow is amazing...

    ...I love using the app and I would give it 5 stars only I feel it’s missing a few essentials. I love the fact that I can add my husband so we can link together and get updates, I love the way the app progresses as your pregnancy progresses and it’s really easy to use... but... first, I wish the information from glow fertility would transition into the glow nurture app Second: wish it had iwatch interface... Third: would be great if there was a kick counter and contraction timer option to it that could also be accessed on iwatch but I would be thrilled if there was just an option on the app in general. Fourth: wish there was a way to rearrange the dashboard for the essential options just like in glow fertility... example... I’m Not a smoker... I don’t want the alert coming up all the time that I didn’t log that I haven’t smoked when I am not a smoker... at all... there should be an option to “add/remove” like in the fertility app Lastly: for those whom are expecting twins or multiples it should have the ability to profile each baby individually trough the pregnancy progression. If I had those 5 things in this one app it would eliminate me having to download other apps... and I would give GLOW 10x stars with confetti...

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Is Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Safe?

Yes. Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,782 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Is 52.3/100.

Is Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Legit?

Yes. Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,782 Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture Is 52.3/100.

Is Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture not working?

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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