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Rating 4/5 | 140 Votes | 2018-11-21

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About: Inigo is a company which specializes in sushi handrolls.
Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom.

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Product Details and Description of Inigo - Digital Business Cards

Inigo is a real-time contact solution for individuals and business. Design your own digital business cards and share with anyone at any time. Track how many times the cards are viewed or who saves your contact information which can include websites, social networks, resumes and any other details about you. • Recipients can see & save your card without having the app! • Share your digital cards with anyone via Text (SMS), Email, Twitter, QR and more • New friends and business partners can follow you on social media and save your contact info (vCard) • Exchange the digital cards you saved with others in your professional network • Create multiple cards for any business and personal scenario • Digital Business Cards deliver a powerful message with Videos, Websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn resumes and much more • Great for Networking events, Meetups and Conferences • Go Green, Go Paperless, Shrink your wallet & Save money with Virtual Business Cards *** History & Analytics *** • Track who viewed your cards and who didn't. • Discover the number of times each business card was viewed *** Privacy *** • We design and build with your privacy as our top priority • We don't store passwords and never post to your social networks without permission! • Your account works seamlessly across all your supported devices • Here is our full privacy policy *** Perfect for Business Teams *** • Focus on contacts who viewed and kept your cards • Link contacts you meet to locations, networking events & conferences *** Terms of Use of our Service *** • Here it is Forget the paper business cards - Introduce Yourself with Inigo! Follow us @inigoapp

Top Inigo - Digital Business Cards Reviews

  • By A.mancy

    I love it

    I love it, it's an amazing tool and I wish that you can share more statistic about when it was shared and to who. I am not sure why the previous review give you three stars. It's not far. This is what made write this review which is Very rare for me to write a review but I felt I need to give it more fear review so no one judge it with this three star review just for not finding support.

  • By NeniCarolina

    Doesn’t work for iPhone XR or iPhone 7

    I love this app on my iPhone 7 but when I upgraded the app crashes at launch.

  • By Graffiki

    Fast problem solving

    Iphone review: I have been running tests and building cards in this app for 4 days or so. Like many of the reviews i too started getting crashes and glitches today. My card was not loading or allowing adjustments, within a few hours support messaged me, not just support but a co founder of the app, and was resolving the issue. Within minutes it was fixed and running well again. I admire companies that take the initiative to seek out and solve issues promptly. As a former programmer myself i understand issues and new platforms and businesses do not just "work" in one run. It takes the time and dedication of many to solve and fix issues on going. Glad to know inigo is prompt with these issues. To others reviewing, have patience, give feed back, and many app crashes come from your phones software, not the app itself. Though sometimes when it is the app, know that the people of inigo are on top of their game.