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Product Details and Description of Prime Rhyme

Find rhymes for a word and see their definitions right in the app!

A perfect helper when writing songs, poems, limericks and doing rap-battles!

Prime Rhyme is a rhyme finder that lets you search for words that rhyme with any words

Top Prime Rhyme Reviews

  • By AlanJ

    Clean. Simple. Great.

    Prime Rhyme is a minimalist program that delivers maximum results. Nothing on the screen is distracting or cluttered. The interface is plain and simple. The search engine is accurate and fast. Best of all, the list of rhymes pops up quickly and without needless junk. I use the program to help write song lyrics, and it was most useful.

  • By aizerblazer

    So amazing

    This app has really helped me creating my first song, it relieves so much stress, since you know if you want something to rhyme or go together, you have PrimeRhyme

  • By Rate it right girl 360

    I use this everyday for poems...

    This is great for all you poets and songwriters. I never write free verse poetry or blank verse poetry, so this really helps me to express my feelings. Thanks for creating this!

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