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About: VSee is a telehealth platform combining HIPAA video chat, health data visualization, and medical
work flow services.
Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States.



1. VSee gives you free multi-way group video calls, screen sharing and instant messaging, with a clean and simple design.

2. Group video calls, screen sharing and instant messaging work between Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC.

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Product Details and Description of VSee Messenger

VSee gives you free multi-way group video calls, screen sharing and instant messaging, with a clean and simple design. VSee calls are secure, low bandwidth and work great on 3G, 4G and WiFi networks.


• 3-way* Group Video Chat: see everyone at once

• Screen Sharing: view apps and desktops shared from Mac and PC while video chatting. Pan and zoom.

• API for integrating with Telehealth and other applications

• Instant Messaging and Group Chat

• No Ads!

• Works on 3G, 4G and WiFi

• Desktop app available on Mac and PC (see below for more info)

• Low bandwidth: conserves data usage

• Calls are secure: encrypted end-to-end for absolutely no eavesdropping

• Switch between front and back cameras

* With sufficient bandwidth.

VSee serves organizations around the world including IBM, Shell, the US Congress and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

"We use video where security, performance, and ease of use are absolute requirements. VSee is unmatched by any other tool on the market." -- Michael Helfrich, CEO of Blueforce Development

"I travel 90% of the time ... VSee lets me connect to my customers no matter where I am. The video is stunning even over 3G." -- Dan Engle, CEO of AccessAgility

"When visiting refugee camps in the most remote places around the world, VSee provides great audio and video every time." -- Greg Millar, UN Refugee Agency (used VSee to share the trials of refugees in Central Africa with people around the world)

VSee is built on years of experience helping people work together over video. The same simple, secure and reliable tool we created for business is also great for personal use. We field-tested our iPhone app, fine-tuning the details for a great mobile video experience.

VSee for Desktop:

VSee also works on the Mac and PC, offering additional collaboration features like file transfer. Group video calls, screen sharing and instant messaging work between Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC.

Feedback and support: [email protected]

Like us at http://facebook.com/VSee

Follow us at http://twitter.com/VSee

Top VSee Messenger Reviews

  • By notclueless

    Great tool!

    I am slowly building an online client base and I do much of my supervision of therapists in training. The hardest thing to do is log on with a client the first time and that has taken more than 5 minutes and making sure you both have your emails straight. I t gives me greater flexibility and was handy down here during our last snow storm when the roads were a mess. Any snow in GA creates danger on the roads. I have terrible DSL at home, barely better than old dial up and 1/2 my work using Vsee is home.


    Love Dr. Taca

    Wonderful tool! Dr. Taca is a very attentive doctor that works with your schedule as well! This is a great way to connect when needed for those questions and concerns that pop up in between office visits. #DrTacaisthebest❤️

  • By romance7

    Awesome app

    Awesome app, it helps me to connect with friends with phone data ❤️

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