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About: Rails-To-Trails Conservancy creates a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines.
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1. Want to get started biking, walking trails or jogging? Subscribe to TrailLink Unlimited for detailed offline trail maps, plus tens of thousands of trail amenity waypoints.

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this app is the ultimate trail-finder app to help you stay active and get outdoors. Enjoy full-length trail descriptions, reviews, photos, and detailed trail maps not found anywhere else! Discover amazing trails near you that are perfect for cycling, jogging, walking, workouts and more. Explore over 40,000 miles of multi-use trails in the US, all carefully curated for quality. Want to get started biking, walking trails or jogging? Subscribe to this app Unlimited for detailed offline trail maps, plus tens of thousands of trail amenity waypoints. Find walking trails with exercise stations, biking trails with great views and much more. Find fitness anywhere you walk or ride with the best trails near you. Empower your next on-the-trail adventures, whether you’re hiking, biking, jogging or walking. this app is powered by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) expert trails database which offers unique trail-finder functionality. Plus, this app Unlimited lets you search Google Places for easy access to trail-side businesses. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's GIS mapping initiatives have produced more than 40,000 miles of highly accurate trail maps. Download trail maps and access them any time, then share your trail photos and trips with friends. Take this app with you today and let Rails-to-Trails Conservancy be your expert guide out on the trail. Try it out today and register to get your first map for free! Download this app today for: OUTDOOR EXERCISE • Discover the joys out the outdoors with scenic walking and biking trails near you. • Get outside and get in shape whether you’re a beginner or an outdoor enthusiast. FIND TRAILS • Search for trails near you or by location • Search for trails on the map • Search for Google Places on the map • Download trail maps for offline use • Find the best trails for jogging, walking or biking TRAILS FOR ALL TRIPS • Find trails for jogging • Biking routes • Walking trails • Hiking trails • And more! TRAIL REVIEWS • Read RTC's expert trail descriptions • Read and write trail reviews • Save your trail favorites SHARE YOUR ROUTES • Upload trail photos • Share trails with friends TRAIL DIRECTIONS & INFORMATION • See your location on the trail • Generate driving directions • Amenity waypoints like exercise stations, trailheads, tunnels and drinking fountains • Find restrooms, parking & much more RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONNECTION • Sync your account with this app's website • Support the mission of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy! Download the this app app today and let RTC guide your way! The this app app offers the Unlimited subscription in the app directly through your iTunes Account for only $29.99 for 12 months of unlimited offline map downloads. The this app Unlimited subscription will automatically renew for $29.99 after 12 months unless you cancel your subscription at least 24hrs before the end of the current subscription period. You can cancel at any time and manage your subscription, including turning off auto-renewal, in your Account Settings. To view this app Terms of Use policy, please visit: https://www.this To view Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Privacy Policy, please visit:

Top TrailLink: Trail Maps & Guide Reviews

  • By PretzlKing

    Newest Update resolves previous issues

    I love this app. It is my go to resource for finding new trails in new locations. The app allows me to find suitable trails for my road bike, and then helps me easily navigate to them. The maps, trail info, and reviews are extremely valuable to me. It will still take me a little more time to get used to the new UI, but the developer seems to have fixed the problems I previously had. Thanks, this app, for reaching out to me and working to make the app awesome again. ******** previous review: Most of my favorite functionality is gone in the new update. I hate that I can no longer “redo search in this area” to search for trails in the area I have showing on the map. I am a truck driver and pretty much search for new trails every day, depending on where I happen to be that day. The search location screen is disastrous. If I try to tap one of the autofill suggestions, entirely different cities and states are filled in. I also hate that I can no longer just scroll around the map and see all the trails in the country. I know, with new updates it takes a while to get the wrinkles ironed out. I have faith the developers will fix these problems. Hopefully soon, as this is one of my most often used apps! *******end of previous review

  • By staeces

    Good Resource

    Since I travel a lot, I find this app useful for zeroing in on trails that I can enjoy while in new places. The app saves me time by providing local information & helpful hints to maximize my experience. Thanks!! Also, I cannot understand how anybody could ever complain about paying a bit for work that others do, to make your life more enjoyable. Seriously, the app creator/manager seems to be communicative w users & wants to improve the app ongoing.

  • By Narciso Cabrera

    Much easier to travel.

    When I took a trip to Maine three months ago to ride the rail trails I didn’t have this app Unlimited. I did not print out the trail info and maps that I needed in order to navigate effectively. As a result I rode one of the trails all day thinking it was 28 miles in length when really it was 38. All the pedaling aggravated my knee and I was nearly exhausted. I never wanted this to happen again. Now that I have this app Unlimited I have no real fear of a mishap.

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