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Product Details and Description of Followers Track for Instagram!

Powerful, fast, & accurate follower analytics for Instagram!

Find out who unfollowed/followed you... Plus SO Much More!

With Followers Track for Instagram, you can see who unfollowed you, who isn't following you back, who you aren't following back, and more!

More Great Features:

► Track new followers

► Track unfollowers

► Track users that don't follow you back

► Track followers that you don't follow back


► You must have an Instagram account to use this app

► This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram

► This app does not help you gain, earn, or purchase followers or likes and is merely a tool that provides you reports and analytics on your followers

Top Followers Track for Instagram! Reviews

  • By Global Film Access

    Works great now

    Worked great at first, then had a few bugs, they fixed them, works great again! Worth waiting for. Didn’t realize how much I used it and needed it when it was down. Again, worth the wait. Wish List: Would be nice if we could exclude certain profiles manually before you hit the mass unfollow all button. I know you can unfollow manually, that would take too long. I’m referring to those certain profiles with check marks that don’t follow back, but you still want to follow. Uncheck those before starting the process of mass unfollowing so that their still there. I had a prospective client with a private account that accepted me, but didn’t follow back. Every time I mass unfollowed they’d be gone. I had to request them all over again and it must of been annoying for them. To get around it I used the manual feature which took forever. Yes, I did end up closing the deal! This is why I’m putting it on my wish list.

  • By okay.tylerrrr

    Perfect App, Bug needs to be fixed

    The app worked perfectly on keeping track of my followers but as of yesterday it completely stopped working. I launched the app as I always do and it took longer than usual to update my status and when it did finish nothing changed. It wouldn’t let me get the correct status of my followers and would be stuck on loading. It told me that I’ve used the max number of requests on Instagram and to try again in 5-10 minutes. I gave it 24 hours cause I really didn’t wanna delete the app since how good it worked, it’s actually my favorite followers tracker I’ve gotten. After 24 hours it gave a new message saying they have a bug and have sent a new app to apple and are waiting to get approved and that the new app should arrive in 1-2 days. I am still waiting in hopes that the new app will arrive quicker and have no bugs.

  • By messagevannow

    Accurate and Extremely Useful Insights

    Followers app is very accurate. I made sure to double check to see if the people who unfollowed me did indeed remove me by checking on the user profile’s following list and sure enough it has been accurate to my surprise. I also checked to see if the people who removed comments or likes and they were also accurate. It’s great to see who are a fan of my content so I can continue to engage with those people more and to avoid wasting time on ghost followers or know when I need to engage with people that have not been on my radar. It helps save a lot of time to see who continued to follow and who unfollowed me. The only thing is you need some decent WiFi bandwidth or it takes a while to update the app when you log in for it to sync with your Instagram page. Highly recommend this.

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