Period Tracker - Cycles Reviews

Period Tracker - Cycles Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

No more surprises, worrying or feeling in the dark about your own reproductive
health. As the first app to introduce partner connect, Cycles knows how to make
the most out of period tracking. With a clean and simple interface you can keep
track of your cycle effortlessly. WHY CYCLES? •...

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Period Tracker - Cycles Reviews

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    Good - but confusing

    I was hoping to use the app to track and predict my irregular cycles. The amount of information you can input is awesome- basal body temp, mucus, etc. But it doesn't automatically calculate when your next period will be based off your previous ones you've tracked. You have to input your average cycle length yourself which I find really inconvenient and can be extremely inaccurate. I have to manually count how many days it has been between all of my periods and then add the total days, then divide the total by the number of periods to get the average. It would be so much more helpful if the app did this automatically. Another odd thing is that you can change the current day on the cycle view. Beyond just going back to yesterday to put in information, you can actually change the day to today being the 21st day in your cycle vs the 20th. So again this provides the opportunity for your data to be inaccurate. Other than that, the app is great. It doesn't crash, and it has an easy to use interface.

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    This app is really nice to work with

    Before this app I struggled to keep up with my “time of the month” accurately. I would always be too early or unfortunately late😭. This app changes that drastically. Now I’m able to keep up with everything. Bonus the app is super cute. The circle is easy to keep up with therefore, your period is easier to track. I love it. I think this is the first app I’ve gotten where I can officially say it’s simple and good to use. So for anyone that’s looking for a good tracker, I suggest you get this one. It’ll definitely be worth it. Edit: I’ve been using the app for almost a year now. After a while of tweaking with it and changing things, it eventually becomes super accurate. So accurate to the point of being right about your first and last day. It’s amazing.

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    Love this essential app!!

    I adore this app! My HUSBAND adores this app! He can take a look and see exactly where I am in my cycle. He may know better than I, since I don’t open it as often as he does! Surprise chocolate? What is this for? Oh! How thoughtful!! The app keeps track of your menses cycle, and automatically updates with the next month’s schedule so you can make plans. It tracks a ton of data, which is lovely. It’s not full of silly dating advice or inane garbage like a lot of other recent period tracking apps, which I love. One thing that is a bit frustrating, is that you need to keep track of your period start date and end date separately, because the app only has functionality for inputting the whole period at once. I use another app (Luna) just for this purpose, but would prefer to have that added to this one. I would (and do) highly recommend this app to all the females I know. It has powerful tracking and useful data that I’ve come to rely upon for everything from romance to scheduling speaking engagements (I’m an author).

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    Very Happy with this App

    Before downloading this app, I was semi-routinely taking my temperature during my fertile days in order to avoid pregnancy. With a toddler, remembering and staying consistent with temperature tracking and checking myself was difficult at best. Since learning how to use this app, and learning how to change the cycle length and period length, I have not used my thermometer, nor have I been concerned about an unplanned baby. I feel confident that when we are ready to welcome a new member to the family the app will be helpful in helping us know the optimal time to create a new life. I've been able to succeed with this app just by using the basic, free pieces, which tells me that this app is designed well. I am considering paying so I can be even more accurate in tracking my cycle.

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    I used to love this app. It worked well. It was simple and straight forward. I’ve happily used it for years. All of a sudden I go in today when notice the icon has changed. I figure it will be a little different in app, but still the app I’ve loved so long. NOPE! The warm, inviting colour scheme is GONE! It is a stark white! It’s almost like a surgical suit in there. I turned my screen brightness down as far as it would go and it still feels like it’s burning my retinas. I have to basically relearn the app. All of my personal averages have been switched for default averages. I don’t understand what they did or why. I spent MONTHS looking for a period app that was simple to use and pleasant to look at. I guess I’m back in the market for a period app I actually want to use. I don’t even want to open this thing anymore. It’s just ugly in there and quite frankly, since I’m PMSing, it’s rather stress inducing. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

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    Ok for Basic Use Only

    Used the free version for years on my iPad without issue. Loved it. Finally got an iPhone and wanted to sync the data. Paid for upgrade to do so. Nothing worked. Tried logging in as me, nothing imported. Tried “sharing with a partner” (my other email address), nothing imported. Contacted support and waited days. Was told to delete app on iPhone and try again. Repeated process of deleting app and logging in as me 10 times or so. Nothing imported. Went back on iPad and opened app... almost 4 years of data disappeared. :/ No recovery option. Boo. I’m in the process of manually adding back in the data- I took screenshots, but it is super tedious because I have to add periods one at a time and wait for it to save. Double boo. For ease of use of tracking, I give it 5 stars easily. Beautiful, simple, intuitive design. The “advanced” features and deletion of my data sunk it.

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    Could be a little better

    I have been using the app for several months. I do like it. It has a few features that I don’t like but do keep it for the features it does have. I don’t like that you can spin the wheel and push the middle button and it changes the whole month. It could really cause problems if you are trying to avoid getting pregnant. I also don’t like that it’s not intuitive to the days in your cycle from month to month. If your actual cycle is say 24 days long, even for a few months. It will still show the next cycle with however many days you originally manually put your cycles are (say 26 days.) so it is not intuitive and if you don’t change it manually than the “prediction” of the ovulation day is off by days.

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    I love this app so much! It took a little bit of playing around with it to figure out all the cool features it has to offer. I LOVE the reminders of when PMS is about to start and when my fertile time is...sometimes it’s easy to lose track of where you are in your cycle. Life happens. But this app is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! It also lets your partner track with you, so if you’re trying to conceive or’re both on the same page! The only thing I would having more than just a daily “take the pill” reminder. I use a different form of birth control, and I would LOVE to be able to input those reminders.

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    Could be better

    The app itself has a really great interface and allows you to check a lot of different things. However, I find the wheel interface extremely not user-friendly. I am also frustrated that if my cycles are not the same length in between I lose the dates of past cycles whenever I changed my current cycle. I find myself tracking a lot of data outside the app, which seems to defeat the purpose.

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    Make It Part of Your Cycle

    Being able to log everything in one spot and keep track of everything regarding my period cycle makes it so much easier to plan ahead. My period switches up a lot, but Cycles allows me to detect patterns and know what to expect and when! The only thing that’s bothersome is the fact that if I don’t get on everyday, the log will adjust itself. For example, it showed me my period would start on November 1st, so I didn’t edit it the whole time I was on my period. Then, logging on after the fact to add symptoms and such, it showed I was about to start my period again. It also adjusted the length of my cycle which I did not do.

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    Misleading purchase

    I purchased the cycles pro solely so my husband could have access to that info. After I paid the 2.99 and it also prompted my husband to ALSO buy the app despite me already paying. Having to pay $6 for this feature isn’t something I was going to do, what’s even more frustrating is how misleading this is if indeed you both need to purchase the app. He won’t even be useing the app, only looking at some info. I truly hope something is just amiss and we only need to pay the once. I tried submitting a question in the app but it kept saying server error. Super sad that they say by purchasing the pro package that your partner can have access but leave out the fact that your partner will ALSO have to buy the pro. 🙄

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    Good app

    Really good simple app to just track your cycle and other things without being bombarded with fertility and pregnancy ads etc. I like that it links onto the health app on my iPhone, all of my timeline uploaded to the app and I have all my cycles recorded since 2017. The only downside is that you have to pay 2.99 to get the reminders which you already get those widgets and reminders for free on other apps, on top of customizing the look and icon as well(something they should add if they’re gonna charge 2.99) On the plus side it lets you add your partner to be in sync when you’re gonna get your period etc which I thought was great.

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    Very frustrating app

    This is a very frustrating app. Which is not a great thing when combined with my natural mood swings based upon my own cycles. It is NOT intuitively obvious how to set up a new cycle and save it. It seems designed only to notate past cycles. Granted the app I used to use to now defunct so I’m irritated with that each time I attempt to use this one. But I just don’t rec it until they get the user interface easier to actually use. Sigh. It’s great when I remember to go back and note when my last period was. But we all know how flawed that can be. So yes I find this one frustrating and well worth skipping.

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    Won’t save averages

    I’ve become increasingly frustrated with this app because it keeps resetting the averages of my cycle to the app’s default of 28 day cycle and period lasting 5 days. Every month I have to manually change those under Settings to my averages. If I don’t. It won’t give me accurate alerts going forward. I wish this app used all my data to predict my averages. I’ve been using the paid version for over 2 years. It has plenty of data to make predictions. A spreadsheet and monthly alarm would work just as well as what this app is doing, and those came free with my phone. For me this app has been a waste of money. I don’t recommend it.

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    So far it has met all my needs

    I like that you can include your partner so that my husband has a heads up of when to bring home chocolate lol I also am not on BC so it helps lift off the pressure of just me being accountable of when I'm ovulating. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t give you an option to change when you PMS. I don’t have symptoms the week before I start my period. I get moody and my cravings when I ovulate. Every woman’s body is different so I think the options should all be able to be customized.

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Is Period Tracker - Cycles Safe?

Yes. Period Tracker - Cycles is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,915 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Period Tracker - Cycles Is 47.2/100.

Is Period Tracker - Cycles Legit?

Yes. Period Tracker - Cycles is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,915 Period Tracker - Cycles User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Period Tracker - Cycles Is 47.2/100.

Is Period Tracker - Cycles not working?

Period Tracker - Cycles works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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