My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Reviews

My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-16

My Diet Coach - Weight loss made fun and easy (: ** So, how does My Diet Coach
HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT? ** My Diet Coach helps you find your inner motivation,
stay on track, make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings, avoid
exercise laziness and other weight loss difficulties:...

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My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Reviews

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    Get the Pro Version!

    I love that this app is so customizable - you can add your own pictures for motivation, make your avatar look like yourself, create unique challenges, and scan the barcodes of food items to instantly upload their nutrition information. I would highly recommend getting the pro version in order to take advantage of all the features. This app also includes a game-like leveling system in which you earn points for sticking with it. I like this system a lot, but there is one thing I would change about it: the fashion items. As you earn points, the game gives you clothing items to put on your avatar, but these clothing items are generated randomly and most of them don't fit the avatar well at all. I'm trying to lose weight - I don't want to plaster my ideal self with ill fitting clothes that make her look bigger than she is! I wish that the fashion items actually fit the avatar, and I wish that I could see a list of items to buy and save up my points to get the things I really want. Sometimes that would be all the motivation I would need to do a few extra squats or drink a little bit more water. Other than that, this app is a wonderful tool that has already helped me lose weight and be more mindful of myself.

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    Fun App

    So I started this app a at least three years ago. What really got me hooked were the clothes for the avatar. 😂I wanted more clothes so I did more of the healthy stuff under the challenges and I uploaded tones of workout motivation pictures. Long story short I lost 10 lbs and went from 130 to 120 in preparation for my wedding only to get pregnant shortly after my honeymoon. Ahh! Naturally, I didn’t want to gain a lot of weight but my pregnancy took its course and after having my son I used the app to help me lose the 17lbs to get back to 120. Unfortunately the app doesn’t offer any guidelines for pregnant women nor does it have a options for breastfeeding. I wish it did as I will likely have another baby and though I won’t be on a diet I would love a coach that can help me make healthy choices so I don’t have to lose 17 lbs after the next baby. 😊 regardless I lost the baby weight by using this app and got my body back. It’s really about the effort you put into it. I think the challenges are great and can help anyone even someone who is not trying to lose weight stay healthy. I wish there were more sexy avatar clothes, they certainly helps as a motivator!! I definitely recommend this app.

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    Good but needs work- updated

    Update two: definitely wasn't worth paying for the upgrade. Immediately regretted it and hit cancel but it will not refund your money. Since then I have downloaded other apps and even deleted this one. "Lose it!" is so much easier to use and works properly without having to spend five bucks a month or $20 a year. They do have premium options available, but what they do provide is good enough that I don't feel the need. UPDATE: I spent the five bucks to try it on premium for one month. I can see that all of the problems I had with the free version are solved by paying for the premium version. However, I really don't think even if the app is extremely good, that I want to be paying $30 a year (or $60 a year if you go month by month for an app.) If u quick add a food, the calories register, but the nutritional info doesn't. So, when you check your nutritional summary for the day, it is way off. Also, i can't find any place to track water other than my water challenge. If I choose a different challenge, I don't know how I'll track water. Finally, if you logged a food eaten and forgot to classify that food as a meal or give it a name before you push done, it won't let you go back in to add it as a meal or give it a name.

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    Revised review

    I’m revising my review because of poor customer support. For several months at several times I have tried contacting customer service. I receive a confirmation text that they received my text but nothing further to help resolve my issue. I tried the apps suggestions for no longer receiving notifications. None of the suggestions worked. The notifications for me was a big help in my weight loss journey. Without the notifications it put me in charge of searching for motivation vehement the notifications worked the program would notify me at the times I had requested. Without the notifications there is no reason to pay for the app. It was a combination of a lot of good motivational features that kept me using it for 424 days. I’m very sad to go but I’m only occasionally using the app without the notifications. I’m leaving my old review so that you can see the great features it has if they would fix there lack of customer support. ——-here is my old review——-Best app I’ve used for motivation. It has lots of different ways to be motivated plus reminders so you don’t forget your promises to yourself. Definitely try it. You won’t regret it. The only thing I’m not crazy about is that it doesn’t sinc with weight watchers. I’m a weight watchers member so in order to see patterns in eating and the emotional note I made in this app I need to input my food twice or toggle between the two apps. Even with this the app is still fantastic!!!

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    I am absolutely loving this app! i have tried a few before and never seem to stick with it, this app brings out my competitive nature with the rewards for my progress. It helps me see my progress with both the slimming down avatar and the ability to take real photos and store them on the app where no one but me will see them! I have been on this for a week so far and have lost 4.6 pounds, which is hard to do for me because I have 2 kids and I haven’t been able to lose a pound! I am also eating healthier because of this app, the panic button is great and it has helped me with my water intake like nothing before! I hate water but now i drink my full 8 cups a day with water flavor no problem!! I also do a cup of green tea and 1tbs of vinegar in the morning which is helping take away my fat for anyone who is interested! The only downfalls i have seen to this app if that the clothes i do not like to well for my avatar and the avatar of me now, i try to set it to the way my body is then the next day it jumps back to what it was. besides that this app is the best thing to happen to me when it comes to weight loss!!

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    Good but strange.

    There's a lot good in it. Definitely love the app and what it has to offer. But sometimes when you insert food or even scan the items, the calories are off. For example I scanned a bag that said 4 pieces were 160. But the app said 4 pieces are 155 or other times it will say different in the idea of 4 pieces and 160. But the app will say 5 pieces are 160. It's a bit weird. The other thing that throws me off is that the exercise kinda adds to calorie. So let's say 2000. You exercise to burn 200 calories. And it will add to 2200 on the app. Which is fine but if you're watching calorie intake I'd suggest not adding in the exercise. Just do the exercises but do not add to the app and continue watching the natural calorie intake your app tells you. I could be wrong for suggesting that. But I felt more change and result doing the latter. One last thing though, the app is pretty great. I like the idea and how diverse you can find a lot of the meals or food, even if you're at a restaurant you can type it! Example being things like red lobster! Or to be more accurate cheddar biscuits red lobster. And when you scan or insert something that doesn't add to the calorie intake that it says on (let's say a bag or menu), you can always change it. It doesn't force it upon you as if you'd be wrong.

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    Loving this app!

    This app is very user friendly, and so much fun! I don't normally spend money on apps, but I decided to buy the 1 year subscription and honestly, it keeps me even more accountable to follow my diet and exercise, because after all, I paid for it, I better use it! I love that I can setup reminders and earn points and fashion rewards when I accomplish a task or complete a challenge. Everything on this app is so pleasing to the eye. From the colors, to the avatar, to the little icons you press to complete a task. I like watching the glass of water empty when I complete a water challenge and I like watching the tiny icon doing situps or pushups when I complete a task. Just little things like that are fun, enjoyable to watch, and satisfying! I love that the panic button is readily accessible right on the main screen when you open the app. The tips and daily motivational quotes are useful and I like that I can add motivational photos of myself to remind me why I am working to improve myself! I am having a lot of fun with this app and I would recommend it.

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    Keeps me from fading; promotes exercise

    I’m not into the avatar, the clothes, or the bling. What I love about this app is that when I add in exercise, it adds in the appropriate amount of calories. In the past when I’ve tried counting calories the amount would be fixed, so the more I’d exercise, the more I’d either fade or crash. This one actually inspires me to exercise: if I get really hungry, I go out and exercise so I can add in a little snack, and actually find my appetite assuaged by the exercise itself. I’m not dropping pounds quickly, which is no doubt a healthier way to lose weight, and I feel like this is helping me learn modified, sustainable life habits since I’ve gotten older and neither my lifestyle nor my metabolism are as active as they used to be! This app is also easy to use, and I love that I can modify the calories of a given food if it’s off in their database. I highly recommend this app.

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    Move along if you aren’t a girl or have a different schedule

    Each person is different. Different needs. Different schedules. Etc. this doesn’t allow any of that. First of all the avatar can ONLY be customized for females. I dunno, that tells me that if you aren’t a girl they don’t think you should care about yourself. Heck you can’t even set how the weight and body looks, let along clothes options. And that right there would drop it t two stars. Just cause I’m not a girl doesn’t mean I don’t need help loosing weight. Plus I might have the dietary needs of one gender but I don’t want that avatar. It’s supposed to be motivational. Instead it makes me unmotivated. Secondly and this is even bigger. NOT EVERYONE SLEEPS AT NIGHT!!!! There is no reason that it can’t let you choose when to restart the day when it comes to daily goals. Heck even my sleep app can figure it out. Why can’t this? I work overnights. A LOT of people do nowadays. What, are we not allowed to be healthy? No it is NOT a new day for me, don’t reset my dang challenges and calorie sheet. That would drop this negative stars if I could. Simply cause the two of these issues drop this from a competent app that would be nice to use and keep track of things to a piece of garbage that’s no better than a notebook and a pen.

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    It is pretty, but glitchy and Fitbit does not sync

    I love the aesthetics of this app. It is fun to play with, and very rewarding for the visually motivated. One star for that. I was impressed with customer service- they got back to me multiple times to solve my problem, and even did follow up. One star for that. So, here is where it is falling short: FitBit does not sync (does not track my steps or my exercise), there are many programming glitches (mainly with reminders that I can see), and the app does not sync reliably across devices. A few examples: recipes created on one device remain local to that device, some avatar rewards are localized (petty, I know, but still), motivational photos are localized- kind of defeats the purpose of multi-device sync. This is the FIRST AND ONLY app that I have ever paid a subscription for, and I did it precisely for the features that DO NOT work. I’d love for this app to work as described. The idea, format, and rewards ideology are exactly the kind of motivation that I respond well to, and I give props to the developers for what they have created thus far- however I think they were premature to offer this as a premium app- it should still be in the testing phase.

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    Can’t do without

    There’s a place where you wish you were and you’re working hard to get to it. In the meanwhile however, this app is excellent to have and use daily for motivation, the look and feel of that wonderful future and to keep up and ensure you’re on track. Idk about you, but for me, it helps it’s my self confidence. I dress Jessica Sasha up, my alter ego, with the state of mind that’s me in the hopefully not so far future. Sure it only shows us the outside, as in clothing but I do think of how my agility will increase, my energy and my perspective on life with all the positive changes. So yes I rate this app 5 stars and I think it helps you catch a glimpse of what your future could look like helping your journey along the way. Who said the walk has to be all pain for gain? You can have a little fun and enjoyment while in the process. This is mine. Lol

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    Motivational app with great features

    I am mostly happy with MyDietCoach as a weight-loss app. It has lots of helpful features and motivational aspects to it. The graphics and cute animations are fantastic and it’s clear the developers know what it takes to help keep people on the right path. I love the idea of a “panic button” and the opportunity to load our own motivational photos and images. I appreciate how the app works to develop habits needed to succeed. The ease of entering foods and nutritional info just once is also really well done. I wish the exercise section allowed for us to enter STEPS and not just minutes walked - because my Fitbit does steps. And the only downside so far to the app - which maybe I just haven’t figured out - is syncing my Fitbit to the app so that it auto tracks my exercise. The app says the devices are synced. But they aren’t working together. So I’m not able to easily figure out within the app what additional calories I’ve burned and can therefore consume. I did reach out to support, and I was provided ideas for getting the FitBit and app to function together, but the ideas so far haven’t worked. (And I can’t figure out where that message was sent, so I’m having trouble retrieving it again). It would be very helpful if this issue was added as part of the troubleshooting section. If my FitBit worked with the app seamlessly, this would be 5 Stars for me.

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    My diet coach

    This app has a lot of features I like - lots of motivational push notifications, great place to keep all sorts of weight loss data, and even a panic button and lots of motivation for when you are struggling with lots of different “traps” and cravings. Lots of ways to customize. The down side is that it does seem made for teenagers or maybe younger - the possibly biggest motivator, earning points by checking in, completing self-made challenges, etc only earn you virtual clothes for an avatar. Hardly motivating for anyone, let alone an adult. I would much rather be able to choose my “rewards” after earning a certain amount of points - the app could suggest some ideas or you could make your own. I would also love to have a picture of my actual body instead of an avatar - to watch it “shrink” would be really cool (even if it was just theoretical, obviously everyone loses weight differently).

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    Great App - Awful Clothes

    I love a great food diary app, and this one has to be one of my favorites! It’s very inspirational and it does its job fairly well. I really enjoy the idea of having an avatar that loses weight as I do, but I find myself agreeing with many of the other reviews on here... The clothes you receive for your avatar as a reward for logging food, overcoming cravings, etc. are awful! Most of them are baggy, outdated, and don’t fit the avatar at all. To the developers — I think it would be much better if the system gave you a whole outfit (that you still have the option to mix and match) as you level up, with the outfit actually fitting the avatar with a more modern look. It might also be nice to give users the opportunity to pick their own style (minimalist, comfy, bohemian, hip, etc.), and provide clothes that match their style! In the end, it’s a great app with a lot of useful tools, especially that panic button.

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    Just started using the app, but

    I see a huge difference between this app and others. The concept seems so simple, yet most apps miss it. This app reminds you not only if your goal, but WHY you want to achieve your goal. Linking the goal with purpose was genius. This one little aspect made a huge difference for me. Most of the time I get annoyed when apps send me notifications because they're pointless and unhelpful to me so I turn them off, but not with this app. The notification reminder of my goal and purpose makes me feel motivated. It's seriously simple, but effective. I've had the app for a week and have lost almost 3 lbs just by being more mindful. I haven't logged into the app for a week...the mindfulness is coming just from those goal/purpose reminders. Imagine what will happen when I start fully using the app!

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Is My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Safe?

No. My Diet Coach - Weight Loss does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,475 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Is 16.3/100.

Is My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Legit?

No. My Diet Coach - Weight Loss does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,475 My Diet Coach - Weight Loss User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Is 16.3/100.

Is My Diet Coach - Weight Loss not working?

My Diet Coach - Weight Loss works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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