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2. What is EPFL Campus?

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1. EPFL Campus by PocketCampus is the official app for the EPFL community.

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Product Details and Description of EPFL Campus

EPFL Campus by PocketCampus is the official app for the EPFL community. It makes life on EPFL campus easier and more fun! It tells when and where your next class is, helps you find the best place to eat, gives you access to your course documents, tells you how much money you have on your Camipro card, pinpoints your location on a detailed campus map, allows you to print easily, searches through the directory of EPFL people, and more!

If you are an Alumnus of the school, browse the Alumni directory, learn about the upcoming events, update your profile, and more!

All the features:

- Personal course schedule and exam results

- Restaurants menus

- Moodle: documents, assignments, grades, and forums

- Print PDFs at EPFL and recharge your print credit

- Camipro card balance, history, statistics, (un)block card, send money

- Campus map with search

- Search in EPFL's library

- Transport schedules

- Parking Authorizations

- EPFL email automatic configuration

- EPFL news

- EPFL people directory

- EPFL Alumni

- EPFL useful phone numbers

- Current & upcoming events on campus

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