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1. How does it work?
2. What is Wendy’s?

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1. It’s your fast food faves at your fingertips - plus earn rewards, exclusive deals and coupons, ordering ahead and more.

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Product Details and Description of Wendy’s

If ya love Wendy’s ya gotta have the app. It’s your fast food faves at your fingertips - plus earn rewards, exclusive deals and coupons, ordering ahead and more. Check out the deets:

Earn Rewards

Where can ya score free food? Right here. With the app all ya gotta do to get FREE Wendy’s is eat your faves. Eat, earn loyalty rewards points, and trade ‘em in for anything on our menu in that Rewards Store.

Exclusive Deals & Offers

Wondering where to score the most food for $5? How ‘bout the hottest fast food deals around? We got the hookup. Get exclusive offers only found in-app on breakfast, dinner and everything in between. All the deals and coupons - zero FOMO.

Order Ahead

Skip that line! Pick the Wendy’s you want and order straight from our app.

Customize Your Order

No mayo? No problem. Choose what ya want and what ya don’t - we’ll make it happen. We got you like that.

Save Your Faves

Have a go-to Wendy’s order? Save items and orders to your faves for fast and easy re-ordering.

Mobile Pay

Forget ‘bout cash. Load $$$ or use a credit card and pay right from the app. You can also add a gift card so no more guessing that balance!

Get Menu & Nutrition Info

Find the deets in local pricing, ingredient lists, allergens, nutritional info, and even count calories & carbs.

Support Foster Care Adoption

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s mission is to find forever families for children waiting in foster care. Every donation helps. Show your support!

We always love hearing from you. Let us know what’s on your mind by:

• Live chatting in-app

• Leaving us a message in-app

• Texting or calling us at 888-624-8140


For more information about the Wendy’s Rewards program, please see our complete terms and conditions at https://www.wendys.com/rewards-terms-and-conditions

For details on the personal information Wendy’s collects and the purposes for its collection, visit here: https://www.wendys.com/privacy-policy

For California consumers, you can find information about your CCPA rights and how to exercise them here: https://www.wendys.com/privacy-policy#CCPA

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Top Wendy’s Reviews

  • By senor #uno the boss

    New changes

    Dear sir (s) I would like to speak about the new changes you have included in the Wendy’s app. I’m not a favorite of the mobile pay app. It’s Incredibly easy to hack. Not just yours mind you but all of them. Five family members accounts were hacked. Money stolen and had to get new cards from their backs. This isn’t only in CA but three different states. I also our choices of meal discounts are dwindling. More app only deals have taken over. We don’t want delivery meals, when we’re out we like a sit down experience. Apparently our choices on your app will be severely limited, or completely go to mobile order only. That, will limit our Wendy’s experience tremendously. Sorry, I know the mobile app is the new “hot idea” to drum up new business. But in our case it will do just the opposite. Good luck we do love Wendy’s “fresh” menu and freshly prepared meals (hot) hopefully our type of business won’t be excluded.

  • By Bpancoast02

    Great, just missing ONE thing.

    I downloaded this app and I really like it. It’s super convenient and you can pretty thoroughly customize your order. The only complaint I have thus far is there’s no option to put in your order and just pay cash when you get to the drive-thru. I’m still a little more old-school as far as money goes and prefer to use cash. So if there were a way I could still put in an order without it immediately charging a card of mine and pay cash at the restaurant, this app would be five stars for me.

  • By AngryMom2

    Ok but still has some kinks

    I really hoped to use the mobile app today, but there are still a couple of kinks in the ordering process. Why is there no sweet tea? The only option is unsweetened. A comment section might even remedy this, but there isn’t one. I think the app could also benefit from an arrival time specification, similar to the sonic app, so I could go ahead and order now for my food to be ready an hour from now. When these very small problems are worked out, I’m certain my kids and I will be using this app a lot, because we love some Wendy’s and eat take out a lot during the busy school week.

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