The Bible Memory App Reviews

The Bible Memory App Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-16

The Bible Memory App is the ONLY complete, all-inclusive Bible memory system
that equips you to easily MEMORIZE, ORGANIZE, & REVIEW verses on your own,
customizable review schedule. You can even memorize & review verses while
READING your Bible, all in one app! (*In-app purchase required...

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The Bible Memory App Reviews

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    Keeps me coming back

    I have tried several different apps for scripture memory and this is by far the best. I have memorized over 500 verses in less than 2 years. I almost never miss a day. I really appreciate that when I get a word wrong, my phone vibrates and the correct word goes right in. On the other app I was using I had to keep guessing until I got it right. I also appreciate that the place where I got the word wrong stays shaded in for a few reviews to help me remember. I appreciate that the app gives grace for typos. The other app didn't and I would be so tense during review, worried about not hitting the key exactly. It became more about finger placement and less about learning verses. The other app made me feel like I was always being tested. This one makes me feel like I'm being instructed. Huge difference. I LOVE the review schedule. Every morning I wake up and my verses for the day are waiting. As I master them and recall them accurately, they are scheduled for review less and less frequently. That way I can concentrate on the ones I am learning. update: still love it but lately my longer passages (whole chapters) have started disappearing during review. The page goes blank and I have to start over. So I contacted support and they fixed it with their next update. These guys are amazing. And they added a lock button. I love the lock button!!

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    This is truly an excellent app!

    I have always loved the idea of being able to rattle off Bible verses from memory and apply them to various situations in life. I had seen others do it and admired them for their memory. Memory verses get stuck in my head as pictures or concepts but I had trouble recalling the precise wording. Partly due to exposure from different translations. I decided to try using this app to memorize 14 verses from the book of Romans to help in presenting the gospel. It ended up being so easy and fun with this app that I set my sights on memorizing a collection of 100 verses that were put together for witnessing to Mormons. Those were going so well that I threw in some more verses along the way. I am now up to 63 verses. Not only can I recite them precisely I can do it with the reference and can even do it in random order. I look forward to finishing off the rest in my list (130 in all) and then I plan on adding some more! This has helped encourage me to have very regular daily devotions memorizing the Word and learning the context of the verses. I don't typically write reviews and I am not very good at remembering details but this app is worth a 5 star review and has helped even a guy like me memorize scripture. Give it a try!!!

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    Great app!

    Scripture Typer is the first app that I bought and I have been using it since October 2015. After I reached 50 verses (you can keep it free by deleting verses that you've memorized and learning new ones), I wanted to keep track of what I had learned. ST can be really motivating to learn scripture when you're keeping track of your rank and stats (that can be addicting and stressful) or you can just memorize to get the scripture in you and not worry about the rest. I like the fact that I can get credit for hitting the right letter even though I hit the wrong adjacent letter accidentally. It's easy to do on a small phone or with big clumsy fingers. It's not a perfect system because only you know whether or not you truly have it memorized. There are other apps out there that make you have to be perfect in order to get credit for memorizing. This was precisely why I changed to Scripture Typer, I didn't like that frustration of hitting the wrong letter accidentally. I will say though, when using your computer you do have to hit the right letter. Over all, ST is a great helper when it comes to memorizing scripture and I have memorized more than I ever thought I could!

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    Scripture Memorization Made Easy

    I have made several attempts to re-establish the habit of scripture memorization but would end up getting bogged down as I added more texts to my list. I would get to the point where I didn't look forward to reviewing and would eventually stop. With this app, the review is staggered and you become part of a community of believers working toward the same goal. With many approaches to memorization made available, this app makes the process fun, inspiring and challenging at the same time. Rather than walk around with 3x5 cards or a notebook, everything is right at your fingertips wherever you go. I like the heat map, drawing and collections features and the fact that you can chart your progress. You can purchase the Pro version and share it with 4 other people for free! However, if you are a bit hesitant, download the free version. I'm pretty sure you will want to upgrade soon. I don't have the time to share all the great features about this app. You will just have to try it for yourself.

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    Best Ever

    If you want to memorize scripture, I strongly encourage you to download The Bible Memory app. It took me a few weeks to really get the hang of how to use it but once I did I’ve never had a more powerful tool in my memorization belt. After trying out the free version, we paid for the upgrade. It provides a rich assortment of visual, auditory, and kinetic tools to reinforce learning/memorization. My wife and I are memorizing the book of Ephesians now and this tool makes it so much easier. My wife is very good at memorizing scriptures and references while I have difficulty remembering numbers and references. So over the years I’ve had more success just memorizing a whole book without the references. Whichever style suits you best, this tool makes the whole process much easier. The first one I memorized was the book of James over 30 years and without any tools it took over a year. I’m expecting the process to be shorter now and for the memorization to go deeper so I retain it without any errors for much longer.

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    Disappointed at cost to upgrade

    I was getting to like the app and decided to upgrade. But the cost to get it adding NASB was too much when it didn’t even allow you to listen to the Bible when driving, mowing the lawn, working in the garage. It is not just important to memorize the Bible but also to understand all of God’s nature. I hold reading and listening higher then memorizing. With my Bible app I can look up a verse by knowing a part of the verse and search for a word or phase. But I would love to be able to have verses memorized also. Let me know when you have added the ability to listen to the Bible. I will keep your app on the back burner for now. I am using an app that allows me to record and play back. A have recorded 20 verses I want to memorize. I have made up flash cards also by pasting a verse into a label printing software and printing the label to put on index cards. I really like your concept better as it is all together. I am retired so I can’t spend the money on top of tithing like I used too. I have to save back for it and it needs to be worth it. Hope you can get the audio version on your app for that big a price.

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    Finally, A tool to help me keep The Word in my Heart

    I don't know about you, but I have memorized Scripture in the past, only to forget it within a month. Well, Scripture Writer has figured out what is needed. It seems that the more accurately I can quote the verse determines the next time I need to review it, so I don't have to review 20 scriptures in one day to keep them in my heart, nor do I need to set a reminder for a particular verse. Scripture Writer does all of that for me. Now I will admit, I first thought it odd and a waste of time to have 3 levels of memorization. But now that I have used it on several verses, I can't see a better way to memorize the Word of God. What is really amazing is that now that Scripture is "staying"in my heart and mind, I'm able to spend more time understanding what the LORD wants me to gleam from His word for my life. Radically changed my life, and I needed to change. I hope you enjoy this life changing app as much as I have.

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    I Wish I Could Pay More

    This app has been such an awesome encouragement. I have never been a big memorizer but somehow memorized almost a verse a day in 2017. Now I find myself using Scripture to encourage people much more often — God can just bring it to mind with clarity and specificity. I’ve added a little memorization session to my daily devotions. But maybe the best thing is that it is counter programming — when your little addictions to Facebook or the ESPN app (or whatever your digital drug of choice is), you can instead reach for a little memorization boost. Pick your version (I’m old school with NIV84), define success for yourself (I use 94%). My kids even love seeing me try to remember my verses — what a great example for them to see their dad working to get the Word into his heart! My only critique: I want to donate to this app for all the good it’s done in my life but can’t figure out how!

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    Excellent scripture memory app

    Some features I particularly like: -vibration instantly signaling a mistake during the memory exercises--instant feedback. -the pop-up notifications that remind you to study verses you are less familiar with (the more times you successfully type a verse, the less frequently it will come up for review in the future). -auto-splitting up of longer sections of text into verses. -having to only type the first letter of each word--makes much more efficient (you can type the whole word if you want--just change the settings). -the whole 3 part training process. Some features that could use improvement: -when you enter two verses in, it does not auto split them. Not sure how many you have to have for auto split to work. -when I tried to change some of the text manually (for instance, increase a dash from one "-" to "--") it unaligned the whole verse from the red text in the back. Had to delete and re-add the verse. (And this is a small thing, but it would be great to have a longer dash mark.) This app is also very good for memorizing other things, like lines from a script, if you use the audio-recording feature with auto-repeat and speed up. Overall, very pleased to spend 10$ on purchase, especially after using the trial, which is very effective.

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    I've mastered over 700 verses in two years!

    This App is great! I've tried many ways over the years, but this method beats them all! The first few weeks, I mastered 50+ verses, mostly old favorites. I think the best way to start is to use those familiar verses you love and have come to know over the years. Then add to that. I'm so pleased and thankful that after two years, I have mastered over 800 verses! I'm 67 years old, and can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but God helps me memorize His precious Words!! The review system is amazing! ST keeps up with when you need to review certain verses, and voila...they appear on your review list, ready to work on. I use my cell almost exclusively! It's my favorite 'game' and the way I love to fill up empty minutes in the waiting room or waiting in line. You may want to simply brush up on your favorites or encourage your kids or grandkids to hide God's Word in their hearts! Your goal might be low or high, try ST! You'll have a song in your heart before long! God's Word is so important to me. I want to keep it close to my heart and soul! ST helps me hide His Word in my heart on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit then pulls these verses out of my soul when I need them or when I am helping someone during difficult times. I highly recommend ST Pro! So Blessed! 'Dot'

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    Free is what I need

    Everything that is free: including the app itself, the KJV of the Bible and that is pretty much it. It reminds you when to study your verse, but when I click on the notification, it wants me to pay for something and I have to close the app and reopen it to get to the verse. Besides that issue I think it is a pretty awesome app for memorizing verses. The level system is my favorite part. Every time you memorize or practice a verse you get points depending on how well you memorized it. If you get a certain amount of points you level up. This levels system is only for an achievement idea rather than actually changing anything in the app itself. But it is kind of motivating. And if you like video games and leveling up, like I do, this is a fun way to memorize verses. It really helps and is a fun way to memorize verses.

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    Wonderful Bible memory tool

    First, thank you to the developers of this app! I don’t remember for sure how long I’ve been using ScriptureTyper, but when I started a few years ago, I really thought I was too old to memorize Scripture. My boss told me about the app & I decided to give it a shot. Now a few years later, I’ve memorized AND RETAINED 352 verses! Now I have immediate access to so many scriptures when I face temptation or difficult situations & I can meditate on a verse when I’m driving or washing dishes or doing other things where I can’t read my Bible. One suggestion/request: would it be possible to add a review mode that gives the text of the verse first & requires us to supply the reference? I find I can remember the verse but sometimes can’t remember the scripture address when I’m not using the app.

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    Love and so much more!

    I started using this app about a year and a half ago as a way to be held accountable for my memorization. I didn’t want to be a hypocrite to the ladies that I was helping at that time. Once I started I just couldn’t get enough. My hunger for hiding God’s Word in my heart grew and grew. I will take the verses and put them into little songs and then go over them. It’s such a fantastic tool for those of us who struggle with memorization. I tell everyone about this app and have gifted it to quite a few along the way...whether it was family or friends. I just wanted them to enjoy it like I do. I can’t let a day go by without going over the verses and adding more verses when I can. Praise the Lord for this app and those who created it! Thank you! May God bless you all!

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    Love It

    I have felt inept at being able to commit scripture to memory...and with Scripture Typer, I am having success for the first time! Are there things I would like to be able to do?....Absolutely! I would like more versions to be available, or at least have the ability to label the source for a version I have manually imported with something besides "other", but it is fabulous as it is. The rapid fire for learning and reviewing the bible reference...the ability to draw a picture (which I use to reflect the context of the verse) are amazing. The ability to now meditate upon God's word while I am not holding my phone (or Bible), has had a profound impact on my spiritual life, my peace, and my ability to integrate my spirituality into everyday activities. Thank you!

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    Effective tool for memorizing Bible verses

    I looked at all of the popular apps for memorizing Bible verses, and this one seemed to have the best combination of features. I started memorizing verses in late September and now 4 months later, I have over 50 completely memorized. That's probably more than I memorized in the past 40 years! You can choose to type the entire verse or just the first letter of each word. It will ding you if you forget an "and" or a "but" or if you type "Jesus Christ" instead of "Christ Jesus." It seems harsh but it forces you to truly memorize the verse, not just get the gist of it. It makes you really think about every single word of the verse. I personally have found it beneficial. The key is consistency. I try to review verses at least once a day, but preferably 2-3 times a day. Update: I memorized over 230 verses in the first year. I work on the most recent new verses on the weekends and I try to review all of my memorized verses over the course of the weekend. It's so good to know verses that help me in my everyday life and which come in handy for teaching my children or encouraging others. Update: Now 2 years later, I have over 400 memorized verses!

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Is The Bible Memory App Safe?

Yes. The Bible Memory App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,067 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Bible Memory App Is 64.5/100.

Is The Bible Memory App Legit?

Yes. The Bible Memory App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,067 The Bible Memory App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Bible Memory App Is 64.5/100.

Is The Bible Memory App not working?

The Bible Memory App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Chris Groff
Oct 25 2020

Is upgrade to pro a monthly subscription?

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