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About: Alcom is a telecommunications company that distributes 3G, GSM, and LTE mobile phones.
Headquarters: Mariehamn, NA - Åland Islands, Åland Islands.


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A fresh, redesigned app experience, making your timely, reliable and local news faster and easier to read.

In this release, we've focused on the reading experience: easier-to-read resizable text, support for dark mode, richer layouts, and improved performance throughout. Thank you for reading!

Top Reviews

  • By Shibby_Dude :D

    Great Alabama News Source!!

    This is a great app and news source for keeping up with the state. It’s nice to see something for Alabama not be vehemently conservative biased. There are always timely topics and deep thought put into much of their stories and it’s a great place to keep up with events in the state, since our state isn’t exactly very noteworthy among other apps. All in all, I can’t really find anything to gripe about.

  • By #HopeApproved

    #HopeApproved #Hope4Alabama

    Thank you for keeping me up on the latest of all the news. The news shows up in my notifications, so I know what is going on in the state. Jessica McCrary

  • By CarltonR55

    A Fresh Breeze Across Alabama

    It is exciting if not exhilarating to run across anything “Alabama” that is intelligent as well as non-extremist and of which I’m not embarrassed to refer to with friends and acquaintances outside our state and region. Great insightful site!

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