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Rating 4/5 | 2 Votes | 2019-08-12

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About: ReverbNation connects Artists to the Music Industry.
Headquarters: Durham, North Carolina, United States.

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Product Details and Description of ReverbNation for Artists

It's never been easier to manage your ReverbNation account. Grow your career right from your phone with these advanced app features: • Add new songs, shows, videos, and photos with just a tap • Submit to exclusive, career-advancing opportunities • Know who’s listening to your music with detailed fan and play stats • View and edit your artist profile • Review and reply to fan and artist comments • Stay up to date with important account information With the ReverbNation for Artists App, you have control of your artist profile – even when you’re in the studio or out on tour. Need help? Check out or email our Support Team at [email protected]

Top ReverbNation for Artists Reviews

  • By RocWitChevySongz

    The Basic Plan is good but you need a free account for brand new artist.

    Most brand new artist are coined the term starving artist. I think it would be really dope if you still had opportunities (maybe not as many as the basic plan but still quality) opportunities that help the artist get to the next level of basic. SoundCloud helps you build a fan base for free. You wouldn't know this but artist pay out a lot of money. Yes, of course you should get paid too and that's where the free works up to the basic from the opprtunities you have presented. Look at it like this. Artist get gigs you get paid. Money is made to be spent but if you don't have it? How can you spend it? A free option with limited boundaries would probably make your company grow a lot more. Think of how many people would choose ReverbNation over another platform.

  • By ClaybayMarkley

    Lifelong fan

    Seriously, where do I?........ I’m a lifetimer of RN. Seriously this app (and service) is so underrated! Every time I login I feel a sense of nostalgia. I have grown up with revernation. All I got to say is thank you, I’m number 2 in songwriting in Memphis TN and I about to be number 1. Since I was a teen y’all have helped me tremendously. You have Encouraged me and given me the resources to be heard, as well as how user friendly the app is. I could say so much. Seriously though, fires on all cylinders, I cannot thank you enough RN. Thanks for the constant encouragement and support. It keep me going! Much love and god vibes

  • By Artist 502

    Only reason I’m giving 3 stars.

    I just received an email from RN saying the app is Now Better, one thing it lists that “makes it better” is you can now submit to opportunities from the app/phone. I have Never been able to do this as when you hit submit it says “Song upload not available on mobile devices”. Fix that and I’ll update my review. Other than that it’s a nice app although I feel RN is being neglected by many artist. I still have a decent fan base using the platform, just doesn’t get the traffic it used to. Updated 6-6-18 I am now able to upload for opportunities via mobile. Therefore my only complaint was resolved. I thank the team for making this happen. Cheers