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Walmart - Save Time and Money Reviews

Published by on 2020-01-06

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store...

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Walmart - Save Time and Money Reviews

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    Don’t fall for “2 day shipping” or savings catcher

    Loved this app and Walmart. But a couple of the main things I liked have actually changed for the worse. First is the savings catcher. I’ve been using it for years. Matches the sale prices at other stores and puts them on a digital Walmart card for you. You used to be able to scan your receipt. But now they will only do it if you used Walmart pay and paid through the app. And Walmart pay has its own issues. First it’s slow and customers behind me in line tend to think I’m just playing on my phone. Even some of the cashiers don’t seem to understand. And sometimes I want cash back which doesn’t seem to be an option on Walmart pay. Next is their 2 day shipping. Things used to show up in the promised 2 days. But the last two things I’ve ordered have taken 4 days on one and 2 weeks on another. They are only counting actual transit time. NOT processing time! It’s not 2 day until Fed Ex actually receives it from Walmart. And both my items were sold shipped by Walmart. And both said 2 day shipping. And both promised a delivery date in 2 days before I hit the pay button. Then magically the date changes to four days or beyond. Keep that in mind for gifts. If it’s gonna take a week or so that’s fine. Just be upfront about it.

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    No Pay-and-Go

    I read an article that said that the Walmart Corporation planned to discontinue Pay-and-Go at Walmart but not at Sam’s Club. That was the first that I’d heard that Walmart has Pay-and-Go so I decided to try it. I was underwhelmed. First, it’s not called Pay-and-Go; it’s called WalmartPay or something like that. Next, there is no advertising or instructions in the stores to tell customers that it exists and how to use it. Finally, and worst of all, it isn’t anything like Pay-and-Go at Sam’s Club; instead of scanning one’s merchandise and going straight to the Exit, it's still necessary to stand in a checkout line and scan all of the purchases at a register. It’s not any wonder that nobody wants to use it. I can get my credit card out of my wallet as fast as I can fiddle with my smartphone. Given the way that this app works now, the only way that I would bother with using it to check out is if Walmart would give me the same 3% cash back on my Walmart credit card that they give for using it for online purchases. Unless they do that or make the app a true Pay-and-Go, I’ll never use it to check out. It’s pretty useful for price checking merchandise though now that they’ve removed all of the price check scanners from the stores.

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    Great hidden features

    Sometimes you find you can benefit from an app, I recently switched to using just mobile data which means large apps and updates sometimes don’t happen, normally that would mean a visit to my local Apple store 50 mile round trip or Starbucks and buy a coffee just to go the updates. By chance I was running the Walmart app, to find a product in the store and an assistant told me I could use the store WiFi that the app would identify my device and stop the network from dropping the connection. 1. I never knew they had guest WiFi 2. I didn’t realize how has the WiFi was. It downloaded two 1 GB apps and other updates while I was shopping. I don’t idle about and was in the store for less than 10 minutes. This new app version his far more friendly auto detecting the store (we have three stores within a few miles of each other) and in a second store I didn’t need to look for the WiFi I just ran the Walmart app and it connected it. I doubt I will be a Walmart store squatter any time soon but I’d gladly do my grocery shops in a Walmart and make use of WiFi for big downloads and updates while I buy my groceries than feel uncomfortable in a Starbucks with a coffee or drink I don’t like and don’t want to drink. I do wonder what data the collect, my movements in the store where I walked round the same 6 aisles before I realized the aisle I wanted wasn’t even in that part of the store. 🤣

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    I have been using the Walmart app, primarily for the use of Savings Catcher, for many years now. While I didn’t always get back tons of money, I always appreciated knowing that I was getting the best deal without shopping around while also being able to save my receipts digitally. I am incredibly disappointed in the recent move to linking receipt uploads ONLY through Walmart pay. I have chosen not to use Walmart Pay for personal and security reasons, not to mention that I also like to pay cash. This move (clearly to force users to use Walmart pay or miss out) disenfranchises so many users! There are many people who don’t feel comfortable using that pay method, or that just need to manually upload for many reasons. I know that you have lost me for sure from your app, and possibly from shopping as often, as receipt uploads to savings catcher made me shop there more often. If I can’t use Savings Catcher without being forced to use Walmart Pay, then this is no different than any other store... no more incentive to shop here. I genuinely want to use Savings Catcher and have the convenience of having receipts saved for me again. Bring manual uploads back and I’ll begin shopping here more frequently again.

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    App is not that great

    I only downloaded the app for the savings catcher. At one point, you were able to submit printed receipts via the app. Then, it was changed to where you have to use Walmart pay to get rebates on competitors prices. Some weeks, no prices were better. Other weeks I was getting several dollars back per receipt! Walmart released an email yesterday stating they would end this in May because their prices were often cheaper than their competitors. I feel that is a lie considering I usually get cash back from the app on 3/4 of the receipts submitted. I will use the app until May but after that I will delete it and shop with the competitors as opposed to doing all my shopping with Walmart. Most of the said competitors allow digital manufacturers coupons on their apps or loyalty cards. Walmart doesn’t have a loyalty card or an option for digital coupons on the app. It is virtually useless as I can do anything else from the app on their website. Once savings catcher is gone, it is a waste of space. I will be using the balance left over from the savings catcher and deleting this app. It literally will no longer provide me with any benefits that I cannot get from using the general website. Your competitors will be thanking me when they start receiving more of my business!

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    I love using this app. It’s been so convenient so many times BUT when I’m trying to find a certain item and I’m inside a Walmart store, I can’t search other Walmart stores. Even if I change the location of “My Store” to the location I’m trying to search, and even turning off my location, it still keeps me at the current store I’m in. This makes it difficult to search other locations without having to first leave the local store I’m in. I’m trying to search a different store so I’ll know beforehand if I need to buy a different product or order online. I’d like to search other locations while standing in one already! This has been an issue SO many times! Also, why does the Savings Catcher keep cashing out my savings? I don’t want it to cash it out. I wanted to keep building it up for Christmas but it cashed it out without giving me an option of allowing it to cash it out or not. What’s the point in having a savings program if the customer isn’t in charge of their own savings? I’d prefer to save mine and then at MY PREFERENCE I’d like to be able to cash it out on one card or in one email!

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    Reward dollars

    Walmart has initiated this app to keep their prices lower than their competitors which the whole point was for the customer to have an extra incentive to buy from Walmart and also for Walmart to always have lower prices than the competitors. But.....again Walmart has won and now you don’t rack up the reward dollars like you used to. I spent $600-$1000 per month and would get a substantial amount accumulated and I would save it up and I would purchase a big item. I have used it toward a $70 iron to a $250 pool. I enjoyed scanning my receipts....waiting to see how much I was going to get in return.....then deciding how long I wanted to accumulate them. Now.... Not so much now ..... I still spend the same amount and in the past eight months I have only accumulated $7.89 🤗. Not much of an incentive to drive out of my way to a Walmart so I can save a dollar or two and then get to scan my receipt and then see that I didn’t even have any qualifying items. I will just support my small businesses because at least I know that all the registers will be open.....the employees will be friendly.....and the owners will desperately appreciate my business.

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    The change to Savings Catcher has me shopping elsewhere

    I’m a disabled stay at home mom to 6 kids, the eldest is grown & lives with her fiancé. My husband had to take over a year off work as I was too disabled to care for the kids, especially the 3 & 5 year olds. Our closest Wal-Mart is a 20 minute drive from our house. My husband & I would both make the drive specifically for Savings Catcher. With such a large family we obviously purchase a lot of food, toiletries, household items, clothes etc. With the change that now requires you to scan the screen at checkout changed a wonderful, customer loyalty benefit into something basically useless. Part of my disability includes memory issues, so I had a difficult time remembering to do it. The cashiers have never once asked about it or reminded me about it. We now frequently shop at a different large chain store and the cashiers ask every single time if we’d like to use our points card. We haven’t shopped at Walmart in months, there’s nothing special about them anymore. Bringing back the ability to get Savings Catcher rewards by simply scanning the receipt would be the only thing that would make me consider shopping there again.

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    New changes results in tons of lost savings

    This USED to be a great app to get the most out of your money. Submitting a receipt was super easy, and the process took less than 2 minutes. Now, you have to use Walmart pay which I’m sure has caused a ton of people to stop using the app altogether. Along with that, if you receive SNAP benefits, you can’t add your EBT card as a method of payment. Clearly the people using snap benefits needs the rewards/savings just as most if not more to maximize purchases. I had a lot of fun using this app before they switched it but unfortunately I do not feel comfortable linking my debit cards to pay at checkout, and I have to primarily rely on SNAP benefits at the time being to provide food for my family. I really hope Walmart steps up because that is discrimination towards people in poverty and members of the lower working class. Shame on them. A simply solution would be any savings rewarded from a purchase using EBT can only be redeemed for food items. Surely with the money Walmart makes they can afford to upgrade the platform to allow such purchases via this app. I’ll check back in a few months to see if they’ve worked this muck out. Disappointed!

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    Needs to show everything not half the items

    When you try to find things in the store or scan things that are in the store because you just bought it and you want to buy more but your home not at the store it acts like it can’t find it or it’s not there even though if you go down to the store you can find it but it will show you the item that cost more so if I wanted to preset a few things for walmart and pick it up I wouldn’t be able to because according to the app Walmart don’t carry it but I can go to walmart look right at it and what do you know it’s there plus I can scan it to price check it or order it then and with the same app it then shows that’s it’s at walmart. Plus they needs to make the savings catcher work again since they stop price matching it stop working and if they plan not using it they should get ride of it. Other then that the app works fine as long as your willing to go to the store to look for 90% of what you want even though your looking on the app so you can order it not go wondering around walmart or your trying to buy something for family, Walmart needs to list everything in there store not half of it.

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    App and store don’t work well together for returns.

    I made a purchase using Walmart pay and all seemed good though I wish it would print a physical receipt. The big issue was when I had to make a return. I started my return on the app as it supposed to make things easier. When I get to the counter the lady is asking me why I’m returning for each item even though I answered all that on the app. Not only that but I had so wait and watch her open each and every single item. Once she finished she said I was getting a gift card. I said excuse me no. I used my card with ur app to pay I’m not accepting a gift card. She gets her lead who is rude and says the same thing and all she does is show me the screen that says gift card. I told her again I’m not accepting a gift card and she said it’s not our app. That’s why we don’t accept returns with purchases made using Walmart pay. I told her, Walmart owns the app and you work for Walmart and represent Walmart therefore you are Walmart and this is your app. Long story short I had to get two other managers before someone could figure out what to do. Not sure how this app is suppose to make things easier or faster but I’ll tell u that returns line only got longer while I waited to resolve my issue. Hate Walmart.

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    Just save the trouble and use Target

    Creating a baby registry on this app is a NIGHTMARE. I’ll start by saying that it’s very frustrating that the registry is not a separate app from the rest of Walmart shopping (like Target does), because it makes navigating back and forth to your registry SUPER inconvenient. Anyways, when first creating your registry, your first and last name is required, which is understandable, however, it will not let you create a custom name for the registry itself. So, you can’t match the name to any other registries you’ve created for your shower. Then, before you even get to look at any items for yourself, it adds a long list of things it “thinks” you may want instead of just suggesting them to you(LIKE TARGET DOES). Oh, but it doesn’t even end there! If you don’t like the certain brands of wipes/diapers, or prints of clothing it has chosen for your child, you’ll have to go through a 2-3 step process for EACH item to remove it from your registry. Not to mention, half the things it added to the list are out of stock! If I had not already put on my invitations that I am registered through Walmart and Target, I would delete this registry altogether. Complete headache.

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    See the stars falling off soon

    Hate the new system. It’s not like Walmart’s have WiFi. And most Walmart’s have really bad signals! Can’t bring up savings catcher/Walmart pay if you can’t get a signal to do so. I just went online to try to submit receipts because Walmart pay wouldn’t load, directed to a chat... waited..... waited. Then “Wendy” comes on tells me I have to email or call savings catcher bc she can’t help! But your system just directed me here. I TRULY feel.. like in my bones, they know the signals are bad in their stores, and the chances of you being able to actually bring up Walmart pay is very slim . So what are you gonna do... leave your basket full of groceries bc you can’t pull up Walmart pay? while other people in the line give you a ugly stare for taking to long (but it’s only ok when THEY take to long) ??? OR just bring out your debit card in hopes you can submit your receipt to get your $0.07 back, and then when you contact them about it .. nobody knows nothing. Listen... it’s no longer worth it to me. Clipping my OWN coupons and going to foodlion is a lot less work. and ill not only save money but time and my sanity!! -mom of 3 growing boys who don’t got the time no’mo

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    Invasion of Pivacy!

    Walmart uses this app to SPY on you and here is how: every time you take your phone with this app downloaded in their store and you check out at all their self checkouts they have now and the cameras is A.I. Facial Recognition software and then send you SPAM Surveys for Walmart Gift-card “drawings”, you get your private information sold by the Waltons to 3rd party scam artist and they start calling you all day long (hundreds of calls in a month)! Total invasion of privacy and they illegally stop customers from Open Carry in Open Carry States, soon they will stop Conceal Carry and shopping will be like a Gangster’s Paradise for the Crinimals (100% unsafe to shop). I don’t like my face being recorded and my picture and personal information to include home address to be SOLD to more CROOKS aka SCAM ARTIST! It’s NOT RIGHT! Walmart should be a shamed of themselves for violating and not supporting the 2nd Amendment and asking the President to Disarm ALL Americans! DONT SUPPORT (Walton’s) CROOKS, a company that replaces Human Employees with AI Computers that sell your Personal Data without your permission, don’t support a company that makes it unsafe to Grocery Shop and puts lives in danger, don’t support a company that wants to take away every American’s Freedoms that I fought for! -Purple Heart Combat Veteran

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    I’m EXTREMELY disappointed that you took Savings Catcher away!! It was a truly wonderful system that GUARANTEED I did absolutely ALL of my shopping at Walmart! After experiencing only a couple of minor user issues, I had no problems or complaints and managed to get back OVER $100 IN SAVINGS!! Because I usually had anywhere from $3-$10 in S.C. money available on my WalMart account, whenever there was an emergency of some sort that left our checking account empty, I was still able to make essential purchases (such as MILK, BREAD, TP, etc.) to get my family through till payday! More than ONCE we were able to manage thanks entirely to the S. C. program and I’ve heard similar stories from friends who also utilized it. I was therefore SHOCKED and DISMAYED when I was told that the program had been terminated and no one could explain why. Not only THAT but WalMart doesn’t even do PRICE MATCHING anymore! Programs like the Savings Catcher & The Price Match Guarantee resulted in increased customer satisfaction, positive verbal AND online reviews and resulted in renewed/secured consumer loyalty so WHY on EARTH would you CANCEL IT??!!

Is Walmart - Save Time and Money Safe?

Yes. Walmart - Save Time and Money is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 858,532 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Walmart - Save Time and Money Is 70/100.

Is Walmart - Save Time and Money Legit?

Yes. Walmart - Save Time and Money is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 858,532 Walmart - Save Time and Money User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Walmart - Save Time and Money Is 50/100.

Is Walmart - Save Time and Money not working?

Walmart - Save Time and Money works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Walmart - Save Time and Money

@hada_nakul @_Kalyan_K @Flipkart @walmartindia @Walmart @PMOIndia @PiyushGoyal @amitabhk87 @narendramodi Cust care isn't talking on call, put there Mike on mute and enjoying the dead air sessions.. WOW. #patheticService. 2 times I saw that item is reached at my nearest hub on 1st & 6th bt not it's yet to reach. WTF?

@price1000000 @helpus2020 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart This is the problem with bs gossip that should have never made it to leaking clowns. Who will take a total bs story and make it into something.

@Michernandez An observation, today most if not all people I saw during my trip to @Target were wearing a mask, 30 minutes later during my visit to @Walmart located in the same shopping center, noticeably more people were not wearing a mask or wearing it improperly. I left within minutes.

@_RPTC4 @Walmart @CMNHospitals you are a racist retailer. Ignorance or knowledge of the Redskins name does not salvage you and I make it a point to avoid retailers to discriminate against native people. I encourage every @Redskins fan to do this same.

@SipheThe1nOnly @salty_roman @drewdrew9696 @trey_forde @Walmart Just because you came into my house and forcefully took up residence, that does not now make the house yours. In the eyes of justice it’s still my house. You just sour about that truth cause if the owner of the house obtained the power to kick you out, you’d be f#*ked.

@helpus2020 @price1000000 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart if youre training says if you ever for any reason feel threatened to shoot someone theres a problem

@AkhilJa60572569 @FlipkartStories @walmartindia @Flipkart @Walmart @Flipkart Please Unblock my account ASAP because last 6 months I'm not able to purchase anything about flipkart app

@RichBrummett @MarkArum @PaniniAmerica Wow! Sorry to see that bro! I’ve heard more and more re-sealing. @PaniniAmerica most likely not the issue, but the @Walmart and @Target of the world should step up. Would be nice if Panini did step up though!

@Chelsea85260168 @_RPTC4 @nbcwashington @Redskins @Walmart @Target It is really offensive so wear it just because it is offensive? This is just the saddest, most ignorant shit people do. Can not wait for you people to die off

@bickdaddy If @Walmart wants to compete with Prime, they're going to have to rework their app and online shopping experience. It is currently terrible

@TheRealKierston If I’m paying you money what’s the issue??? @Walmart If you’re going to tell us to get only one make sure you’re telling your employees too while they are selling them off the truck!

@GovMikeHuckabee As Gov of AR for almost 11 yrs, I defended @Walmart against unfair attacks. I don't even recognize who they are now. They won't sell DVD by @DennisPrager & @adamcarolla but do sell BLM; but not "blue lives matter." They should change name to "Wokemart."

@HighlanderICT @stujeffries @Walmart If you have made reasonable effort to get a resolution from the merchant and got nowhere then file a credit card chargeback with your provider for good/services not provided. I had to do this with an airline during this time and the bank were excellent. No more calls to be made.

@stujeffries Ordered 200 dollars worth of stuff from @Walmart when my wife was sick 3 months ago. Order never arrived. Money not refunded. Trying for weeks to get things right and was told today that the best they could offer was a 20 dollar gift card as ‘too much time has passed’. ???

@helpus2020 @price1000000 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart if your first instict is shoot then you need to not be a cop end of story

@billatq @Walmart My grocery order (7449203343450) last week was given to someone else, but no sign of a refund yet, even though both the store and CS said I'd get one. Should I just click through "start a return"? Do I lose the $20 code from my order being cancelled the week before that?

@Cgmpowers Just saw @BrooksBrothers is going bankrupt. Read an article that they blame casual attire and covid. I went to their website & saw not one dress shirt under $130. Went to @Walmart and didn't see one dress shirt over $50. Pricing killed your business not Covid nor casual attire.

@krystalknopf @penisstagegirl @LCBO @Walmart This is what I’m not understanding. I read that it’s mandatory, however places can enforce at their own discretion... like how is it “mandatory” if places can choose to be compliant and there are no consequences for not wearing one? 🤦🏼‍♀️

@wdwgirl28 @Walmart JaneyWhiteside. I have been dealing w/ an issue for 1 week as of today. I have repeatedly asked for a supervisor to contact me. I have STILL not be in contact with anyone. Please reach out to me. I am requesting a high level official from Walmart to discuss this issue

@wdwgirl28 @dougmcmillon @Walmart #CustomerService should say #customerdisservice I have tried for over a week to address my issue w Walmart with no response. Please message me with contact info to address my concerns. I have called customer service many times and have had no response

@firedupinpa @CitizenDonna @GovernorTomWolf @Walmart I feel for them though. I could not stand to wear that all day. Makes me so hot. I thought the main thing the masks help with is the droplets coming out of the mouth so under the nose seems like it shouldn’t be so bad.

@problydave @frankmundo @SenSanders @Walmart yeah, youd think. except it doesnt work like that which walmart and every poor person thats had to contemplate working at walmart knows. do you think target has unlimited openings? cause they dont. not everyone in the world can work at target.

@_RPTC4 @nbcwashington @redskins fans don't shop at @Walmart almart or @Target Straight up. Do not bow to these corporations. Just buy your products somewhere else. There are plenty of small businesses online. The people have the power. Corporations are running scared.

@Alsjtbgdb @Walmart so is it normal for Walmart to ignore people when being called out?? Not suprised!

@helpus2020 @price1000000 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart because he is supposed to be trained for this but clearly youre not going to budge so no point in arguing anymore

@price1000000 @helpus2020 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart Not to jump us off topic but back to main one from something I just found out very interesting.

@BehaVR_al "while Walmart is opening more '@Walmart Health' centers that feature an array of primary medical services, dental care, and #behavioralhealth services as part of a new model" by @brucejapsen.

@helpus2020 @price1000000 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart the bounties trump was briefed about in march and did nothing about oh wait you would only know about that if you actually listened to the news but you dont do that becase theyre fake. and if you are holding me to the same standard as the president theres the problem

@JuddLegum 7. One more note. @Walmart tells me that it decided earlier this year to no longer have @mschlapp represent the company as a lobbyist But it will continue to pay Schlapp's firm, working with one of his partners This doesn't seem like a meaningful change

@azzir80 @Casey It’s stupid @Walmart was allowed to stay open but small shops selling the same things were not.

@TommysLib @WajahatAli 1. My local @Walmart: 6pm, 2 lines open, no A/C 2. My local @littlecaesars: used the app to order, went to pick up pizza, pizza wasn't done. Place was a mess. 3. Kid in my neighborhood who steals per another kid. Someone's lying and Someone's stealing so they're both cancelled.

@TheRealKierston @ardennaye @Walmart And they know that shit!!! There’s NO reason for a truck to come in and it’s only not even 10 things of wipes

@Rooster0620 @vodka_vision_ @sean_antrim @SenSanders @Walmart Jesus. I’m now officially talking to the village idiot. You do realize your numbers would put unemployment at 55%? But since you obviously have no sense, I’ll try to help you. How many of your 350 million people are retired, not working age, choose to stay home, etc.

@1bad19d @Walmart @Target @dickssportingss grow a pair and quit bowing down to the terrorists. Which way the wind the blows is not going to gain anyone’s respect, or make anyone want to ship at your stores. I don’t watch @NFL I will stop shopping at your stores. #CancelCulture

@ShubhAgrahari92 Thank you @Flipkart as you have taken my old working washing machine as exchange and delivered me damaged washing mother need to wash the clothes by herself.... It's so disappointing @Flipkart @flipkartsupport @_Kalyan_K @Walmart @walmartindia

@SoFi 📢 #SoFiNews Update: 🍏@Walmart plans to start @Amazon Prime competitor ☀️@Sunrun acquires energy company Vivint Solar 🚗@Uber launches grocery delivery service in South America and Canada Want more news? Check out our daily podcast in the SoFi app:

@dkallootwit63 @SenSanders @Walmart There should be a risk benefit added to the employees working there and they should share in the profits made because of the pandemic ..

@newssux @no_silenced Ridiculous, half these Walmart employees only have a mask over their mouths, not their whole face. Hypocrites [email protected] is this how you treat your customers? Let the guy go, ask him not to come back next time. Assault by [email protected] employees is a thing now.

@helpus2020 @price1000000 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart im not a cop im not trained to do that like they should be

@dadbodsnacks The #new @quaker cocoa and sea salt oatmeal is on @Walmart shelves but I’ll be honest. It doesn’t sound NEARLY as good as the peanut butter and banana one next to it. That one is new-er but not as new. So, which one would you choose?! . . . #oatmeal #new…

@salty_roman @SipheThe1nOnly @drewdrew9696 @trey_forde @Walmart ...But this is my native land. My ancestors made it our native land when we conquered the warring tribes and subjugated the lands. This whole "not your land" bullshit has to stop.

@PopovianPharmD @cap_rx and @walmart partner to shed light on specialty and mail order drug prices. Again, being transparent, patient focused, supporting HCPs, lowering spending and making money are NOT mutually exclusive principles.

@_Taya1129 My new 43'' inch Smart TV for only $192 that I got at @Walmart The picture sucks BUT here ya go. I love that I can watch @netflix @hulu @disneyplus and @YouTube on my TV so I don't have to use my PS4 all the time :) @XteaNahX @ZeroSJH97 @Doctor_JodieW @WyldGade @martin198727

@DeanDeena @CitizenDonna @GovernorTomWolf @Walmart Do a pickup at Walmart. Believe it or not, they are very efficient. Why would you want to go in the store?

@rishidemoapp @Flipkart @flipkartsupport @Walmart @WalmartWorld @walmartindia Plz shut selling of product with false description -your false description has damaged my passport n clothes, also it did huge lose to my appliance n still after rasing my request no one cares

@RealAverageDad @Walmart most people go to shop on a budget like okay 20 is all I have for dinner tonight but end up over spending having to put some things back making returns a mess but with smart shopper app you can scan an item with your smartphone and add it to your smart cart. Good idea?

@helpus2020 @price1000000 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart he didnt know that but he also didnt make an attempt to figure out if he was or not

@price1000000 @helpus2020 @TylerBlystone1 @nbcwashington @Target @Nike @Walmart When you’re trying to call it murder, say what the cop should have done blah blah blah yea, you should start giving your entire opinion and not just your bias one. If you can only give your bias one save that bs.

@PuntaVerdeBK @ASlavitt @wegmans and @Walmart in @SUNYGeneseo land allow their essential workers to be exposed to covid by customers who find it inconvenient to wear masks. Masks optional policies are a political statement not a scientific response.

@AdumStrange @PixelDan @craigtello @dan_brooks @toybroreviews @ShadyGFella @Walmart @preterniadotcom @dveese @toyreviewsbyll @NECA_TOYS @KathleenForGood @Mbbiggs No Retweets ?? Smh > I thought You All cared about @Walmart Toy failures (Failing in multiple ways).. I'm trying to reach out too Walmart Execs. TO LET THEM KNOW- THERE'S TOY PROBLEMS. Thus, their Not going to take this to seriously IF NOBODY RETWEETS &/OR ADDS ON. C'mon People!