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Published by on 2021-06-02 has the most homes for sale nationwide than any competing real
estate app. Our award-winning app is the best homes for sale and
rentals finder app to help you find the home of your dreams! Remotely explore
homes for sale with virtual tours, including 3D tours, d...

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    Usually my go-to but its glitchy

    This has the best general layout and interface of any of the house hunter apps. Just wish a couple things were different. Information not on the website version is not here, and vice versa. Second, most annoyingly the map pins have TERRIBLE touch sensitivity. I try to select one pin on the map and it chooses a house not even close to what I selected. Try to select the pin again, and the displayed house jumps to another random pin I didn’t select. Try again, and it usually goes back to the first house, and back and forth. Just refuses to select and display the ACTUAL house I was selecting from the map. And finally, the map is slow to update listings after filtering. It will say X amount of houses met the filters, but then the map doesn’t display that. Have to zoom in and out of the map a few times to get it to update and display the correct listings. I do like the new green shading for schools. The previous colors made it seem like there were few good schools anywhere. I take school ratings with a grain of salt like that anyways.

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    Many missing features

    The accuracy of data in this app is awful. As a former Realtor, I know that the company called MLS (Multiple Listing Service) requires all Realtors to UPDATE all listings with current status (option, contingent, pending, etc.) within a certain time frame. Many Realtors do NOT do this, because they are “farming for Buyers.” When a Buyer is searching, there is absolutely no way to determine if a property is actually still available. If you are looking to relocate, the lack of timely reporting is frustrating. It is worthless to call every Realtor to find out if the property is still available. Also, when you have “viewed” a listing, there used to be the words “viewed” on the listing within this app. When you are looking at 20-30 properties in a county, it gets confusing to not be able to remember what you have previously looked at, and maybe bypassed for a reason. The “heart” ❤️ feature is nice,,but again...totally worthless when the listings is not updated to reflect proper status. If the data in this app is updated every 15 minutes, and actual property status is missing, then the Realtors are playing the system.

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    Retired realtor

    You asked ...I miss being able to get the mileage & time from my place of work to the houses I’m looking at...And it really bothers me a lot that the living & family room sizes are not listed... to me, these are much more important than the bedroom sizes...It also would be helpful to be able to Have the option for the buyers to search homes with First floor bedrooms ..Or master suites... The most current taxes should be a requirement, currently we have to go to several websites to get accurate information ..the list agent’s website or Zillow to get current tax records (or do a tax records search, by address)...You should also add another field for additional taxes when there are multiple lots involved in a listing... none of these items are too much to ask for! And I think the association should consider offering a class on photography because some of the pictures are awful… I don’t want to see a blurry corner of every room in the house - I want to see the rooms! Thanks!

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    Started out my Go-To, now lacking.

    While zillow's estimates are hugely inaccurate, Realtor misses the mark by not including FSBO listings, and direct links to the county records. Also, when a house sells, it just disappears now, where it use to say "recently sold" for a time. While I prefer the format and map drawing etc to others, it could be improved. I also wish that it would add the option to search my school district! UPDATE: where it use to say “recently sold” now it shows active way past when it is pending and then disappears. Also, less previously sold at information has been available for some time. It’s gotten worse instead of better. 😞 UPDATE after programmer response: I don’t believe it is because incorrectly labeled, but not updated and out of date information. I have not seen a “recently sold” for many many months. I have turned to other apps more frequently. Maybe with all the celebrity ads you can’t afford to keep the app relevant?

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    Update has improved

    Update 2: Finally fixed and working like it used to. No errors and able to easily search for homes in specific areas that I draw on the map. Great app again! Update: The app is still buggy and frequently tells me that something is wrong. But if I delete and reinstall, I can get it to work for those settings and for days it will work properly. If I want to change any of the filters o the map then I have to delete and reinstall again. It has improved The update broke my app. It can’t find properties. If it does find properties it completely ignores the map you’ve drawn. It also refuses to let you change any filter before it gives you the “oops... something’s wrong” sign. So annoyed Update: Deleted and reinstalled three times. Same issues. I won’t reinstall until it’s fixed

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    Love this app!

    It’s the perfect app for anyone on the hunt. Picture quality is excellent- listing details, property history and school info, etc., are spot on. App is also extremely easy to use without ANY pressure to buy or annoying phone calls. They really leave all control in our hands and let us set the pace. Love it! Map is interactive, listing and search radius are helpful. The only drawback is increasing number of 3D tour listings. I’d like to see an option to view pictures OR tour the listing. The 3D aspect isn’t all that user friendly and is time consuming. Viewing pictures is my preferred method. If I’m ready to tour a home, I’d just as soon tour in person. Still, this is my absolute favorite house shopping app. And, I love knowing I can find a house before a “Not Me” finds it. :)

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    Finding home

    Very easy to use app. My husband and I share it, that way we have one list. Dislike: The first problem is getting rid of homes we are no longer interested in, if you remove the heart “like” button, they still continue to show up in your list and you continue to receive updated information, even when they are in contingent status or off the market. So I had to give it a 4. Also , in my iPad more than one house details will be open at one time, one left and one on right , and it’s annoying and distracting. One last thing: if you fond the 360 videos bothersome, let’s face it sometimes a god send , sometimes horrible waste of time. If you see 360 available, and you don’t want to deal , just go directly to the second photo and start your photo image search there, the first photo is a 360 looping trap, you’re welcome. :) Likes: I do like to open the 3D and satellite view at the same time ( oddly found under the nearby school area, should be just an option right on the photo area). This ( 3D/satellite) viewing option gives me an idea of roads, highways, bridges, town center, and immediate neighborhood configuration; because I love a birds eye view of my next home. Yes, I know about Google, but I don’t want to have to go out of the app ( while searching) to view my potential new home.

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    Easy to use

    Great app to search homes all around. Used it to find the home we bought just about a year ago. Our realtor actually said this is one of the few online real estate sites/apps that are actually up to date as far as properties going on sale and also being taken off the market. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because it would be better if there were some changes to the filters you can apply. For example we’re looking at a home in Florida. We would like a home with a pool or a home in a community that has a pool but it seems like you can filter only one or the other. Also with that same search we keep coming across what look to be great homes only to find out they are 55+ communities so a filter to exclude those types would be helpful. Even with that though still a great app and tool.

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    Pretty good

    I’ve used this app so much over the past decade. A couple of things that could be improved are that sometimes not all schools are listed, sometimes a home will appear available but hasn’t actually been built yet. I also see homes for sale in our area that do not show up on the map. I was using it intensely for a while when making a long distance move about 4 years ago and noticed that after so much use it would log me out and not allow me back on for about a day without any explanation, just kind of like my time was up. I do like how everything else works. It would also be nice if realtors weren’t allowed to submit photos where they have altered the pic by widening a room. It’s dishonest. It can usually be spotted but in some cases it wasted our time with showing for narrow kitchens and baths and bedrooms.

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    Most Accurate Home Site I’ve Seen

    I’ve been using Realtor for well over two years now to browse homes and of the five different sites I’ve used this is by far the most functional and up to date of any. The layout of information and the way the maps work make for great ease of use but it is the accuracy of the listings that makes it hands down a first class site for those searching for homes. I’ll always use Realtor first and foremost if I’m really seeking information I can be confident in when home searching. I just wish the front picture when signing on would get changed more often to varying beautiful homes. Gets really boring and old for us who use a lot to see the same thing for months on end.

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    One of the best. Could be better

    Out of all the real-estate apps (and as an app developer) this is one of the best. It’s a bit lower to update than others but it’s worth it. The information is presented is a good format. There are some features missing. Hiding houses would be great. Houses that i exclude even though they are with my search params would be great. This would minimize repeat clicking. Comparison: would be better to have an ability to compare listings side by side. Dynamic view: allow me to see the information i want first. Creat different lists not just search/saved lists. I’d like to be able to save houses based on what I’ve seen with filter ability to liked/disliked as well as not show in search results unless changes to listing made. A list of those I’m scheduled to see and able to order by location so i can map a route to see them in. The website has a key feature; to map out a school district that the mobile app does not. It would be great to have this feature in the app. Notes are great, lists are better. A pro/con list would be idea. As well as a way to upload pictures against that pro/con list as a reminder why. I have seen 20 houses in the past few weeks and although i remember the jist of many i can’t remember it all. Having it all in this app would be great.

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    Most updated......needs improvement !!!

    I really enjoy having the convenience of the app, however we are looking at properties out of town and we are relying on the accuracy of the listed properties on the app and have come across several listings that are still showing active on the app and come to find out the home is either under contract or has been sold. We recently took a trip to one of the locations we are considering moving too and ran into those circumstances on two out of the five homes that interested us, which overall isn’t very good odds. So I am not sure if it’s the realtors who aren’t communicating or ??? But if this could be updated to represent the commercials that are being aired that would be a wonderful improvement. Because I seriously doubt we are the only ones relying on the accuracy of the listings being provided on the app.

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    Best realty app!

    I have had this app for years just playing around dreaming of a time when I can buy a beautiful new home. About a year ago my husband and I decided to upgrade to a larger home, so we started looking through the Realtor app. We used a highly awarded local realtor as well but found more success in this app. I was able to locate our new home before it went on our realtor’s radar. Because of this, we were able to prepare our mortgage preapproval and put in an offer within 2 days of the home going on the market. We won the bid, obviously, and were in our home in less than a month. We commend our realtor but owe our happiness in this new home to the Realtor app. I still find myself browsing homes on this app just for fun.

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    President Wrege’s Fish CO.

    The best of the best! This app has so many useful features. The search feature is so well Designed it crushes any other App hands down. The my listing feature stores your favorite homes; specific searches You choose. Homes you have made Contact for more information and or Viewing. As information on homes Available change ie:price reductions Or whether it has a pending offer Or is no longer available for sale It updates and allows you to view new information on stored properties. Your favorites are sorted by recently Added lowest or highest or if you choose by city. It even gives you The sold price as property is marked As not for sale. The notifications feature if chosen Will send a notification to you as Price reductions happen. The news feature is especially useful for those moving to a new City or state. With articles on renting Verses buying trends. Endless information for investors or buyers And renters! Another feature found under the more section is sign snap where That is just what you do take a picture of the realtor for sale sign And it takes you to the property Information! I Highly recommend this app

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    Helpful, But...

    It’s kinda slow. Also, MANY established listings are not included with no obvious reason that I can figure out. The filters need an update from IT or the developer as they are not reliable and need more applicable options such as keywords or ways to search “beach” homes with more ease regardless of where the homes are located.... just give me ALL my beach options throughout the country! What I do like is the aerial view that shows price and location. Many Americans are approaching retirement and looking for attractive options outside of our areas or regions. We want to search the USA. We want to MOVE, but don’t know where? Looking for properties based on desirable lifestyles. Can the developers add more filters such as “beach” or “farm” or “cabin,” etc., that populate results per the whole USA vs. certain zips and radius?

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Is Real Estate Legit?

Yes. Real Estate is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 277,536 Real Estate User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Real Estate Is 63.0/100.

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