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About: Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise known for Italian-American
cuisine including pizza and pasta.
Headquarters: Plano, Texas, United States.

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1. Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so you and your family can get the pizza you love without worry.

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Billed Once $39.33
Weekly Subscription $70.00
Monthly Subscription $18.00
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Product Details and Description of Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout

Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so you and your family can get the pizza you love without worry. Our app is designed for pizza lovers, making fast food delivery and takeout even easier. Check out our menu, find deals, save orders and earn free pizza with Hut Rewards®.

• Order contactless delivery, takeout or curbside pickup

• Check in for curbside pickup with one simple click

• Access the full Pizza Hut menu, discover new menu items and view local deals

• Stay up-to-date with your Hut Rewards® points and redeem free pizza, wings and more with ease

• Customize your own pizzas with the easy-to-use Pizza Builder

• Reorder in three easy taps

• Track your order with the Pizza Hut Delivery Tracker

• Place future orders up to 7 days in advance

• Use guest checkout to easily order without an account

• Find Pizza Hut locations near you

• Pay with cash, card or Pizza Hut gift card

• Order within the 50 United States territories and possessions excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Top Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Reviews

  • By JozemiteApps

    First time user, bad experience.

    I was at the checkout screen and it kept saying my zipcode was invalid. It asked me to find a Pizza Hut when I started and it did so I continued through the process. So how was it wrong? I go back to edit the address. Turns out you can’t. You get a window that says changing the order might cancel it. So okay. I went back and added my primary address directly in the profile tab. I go back to checkout and it lets me select the address I added. Cool. Then I try to finish and now it said I don’t have any items?? So the pizzas count as nothing? And the $35+ came from nowhere? So I tried to delete an item and it said an error occurred and the entire order was empty. I had to restart all over again. PLEASE make the text fields show the autocomplete. It’s annoying having to type all the fields especially the card number when it’s already saved in iOS (picture wasn’t working on Citi Double Cash card). Bad user experience.

  • By jsin1368

    Disappointed customer

    We ordered the $7.99 two pizza special some wings and desert for delivery. Because of the extreme high delivery orders I received a call from the manager Caesar asking me if we would prefer to come and pickup the order instead and he would remove the delivery surcharge, now this wasn’t the issue... the issue started when the my spouse went to pickup the order. Because my spouse wasn’t aware of the complete order the female employee handed her only half the order prompting me to have to contact the establishment again. Upon returning back to the store the same female associate again appeared to be confused and unsure of our order nor what I was there for after I told her the name on the order. After it was all said and done they still failed to give us all of our order. I highly suggest if your planning on visiting this establishment to check your order throughly because the employees don’t seem to care.

  • By Dr. J. Herbox

    Awesome for frequent customers

    I have been using the Pizza Hut app now and we order about 2-3 times per month. It’s a great way to get their best deals, order from your favorite location, and save your favorite items for a quick reorder the next time you’re having a “Hut Craving”! On average, the wait times the app has given me are about 2 minutes earlier than average. My favorite part is that it tracks my purchases and saves my points so that when I get enough for a free item, it will populate that first so I can save money on my order. It’s one of the best ordering apps I have used. We have consistently accurate orders, quick pick-up/delivery times, and the best deals coming up every time we order (or reorder). Give it a try. Most “big corp” apps are really not as user friendly as this one is. I will continue to use it as long as the user interface stays as useful as it has been.

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