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Published by on 2020-01-06

International Shopping Browse, search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products with Amazon International Shopping – now available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. Amazon packs a variety of features and functions into this ample app, whether you’re bu...

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Amazon - Shopping made easy Reviews

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    Drag And Drop Feature Removed

    One of the main reasons I used this app was to browse items while quickly and easily dragging and dropping them into the wish list of my choosing. Pressing down on an item would also make your wish list tray appear at the bottom of the screen, which could be changed. And to make things extra convenient, the latest items dropped in your wish list would be visible at the bottom of the screen. The recent update changed the function to touching a heart next to the image of the item and it apparently shows up in your current wish list that is at the bottom of the screen... but it doesn’t automatically show up in the tray unless you view the wish list. Another problem is if you decide to “hide list tray,” it will tell you to just press down on any item to make the list reappear... but it doesn’t. So once you hide it, you can apparently never get it back. After doing so, pressing the heart for an item will just automatically add the item to the latest wish list you have added to. The only way to change the wish list things are added to is by pressing the “add to wish list” button. Eliminating a function that made it easy and user friendly to shop and save items to wish lists is a big failure on Amazon’s part. I honestly see no real reason to use the app all that much anymore outside of checking my order statuses.

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    So many bad changes/updates

    Bring back the drag and drop save/compare option. It made it easy to scroll through other items in your wishlist. Now we have the heart button to add an item to save an compare but we have to actually pull up the list to look at the items. Instead of having easy access. Make it easier for us to browse through the customer review pictures. When I click on a single picture and then go back to the full list of pictures it takes me all the way back to the top of the list instead of taking me back to where I was. Imagine looking at products that have over 100 pics and you have scrolled through 50, you enlarge a picture, and when you’re done looking you hit the back button and they take you back to #1. That’s annoying if you plan to look at more than one picture up close. Also, please allow us to scroll through items we’ve searched for without having to press “next page” every 2 minutes. We used to be able to just scroll unlimited products all on one page

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    Loop after loop just to tell you they can’t do a thing!

    I have literally been waiting for my refund of like over a month I used my sisters card and she send to evidence that she never got the transaction. Then I was waiting on the line forever going through numerous people with the same loop of please wait a moment and that bull crap! People had me go to there website, then try calling them then back to text just to tell me it was my back fault when I had evidence the transaction was never made and at one point they wanted to see it then people switched and they didn’t!! It was as confusing as this comment discribes!! So I guess I am out 40 dollars all because Amazons customer service is a loop hole of disappointment! I mean for the time and effort I put to get a refund and then them not being able to do anything really sucked!! I tried being patient and waiting it out but nope it was a dead end which they should have told me maybe like a 1/2 prior so I didn’t just waste my time on it! Seriously people stay away from here

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    Don’t even know what’s going on with this app anymore...

    Let me start by saying I used to absolutely ADORE this app. However, in the last few updates everything has gone to hell in a hand basket. Adding items to the cart? Works just fine. Purchasing said items in cart? Nope. No can do. Every time I click on the place order button, it acts like it’s processing the order then just reverts back to my cart with the items still in it. The only way I can purchase anything is if I use the one click option. Also, the app will randomly ask me for my password when I have been logged in and using the app for some time and then tell me its wrong. Yet nothing changes except I have to force close the app and start all over because it's stuck in this stupid password glitch. Same thing happens whenever I try to look at anything with my account. It will ask for a password and tell me it’s wrong or that an error occurred and make me force close.

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    Issues with latest update

    Search feature brings back incorrect results when Im logged in with my account. When I try to search for a particular item and I am logged in to my account the search results are way off the mark. If I log out and search again for the same item I get the correct items in the search as well as the correct prices. This is also happening in the iPad. If I want to see the correct results I have to go through suggested items or sponsored items or items that I have previously bought and then search from there without using the search bar so the results are accurate. If I do not do this and go directly to the search bar the results to come back are incorrect. To the extent where the names of the items are wrong and the prices are way higher than if I search the item through sponsored or related results.

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    No Option for Review Writing etc

    sorry, but for some reason now it’s impossible to find a way to leave comments or write reviews - which i’m pretty sure has changed. (this is on the ipad app, & ipad apps are notorious for issues since developers only seem to care about iphone apps) there is no place to “write a review” on the product page, & there’s no option to choose on your orders page(s) either. you can try to return something, look at order details, but there’s nothing to click on to leave a review. you can’t even leave a reviewer a comment. when you have a question, the button to post doesn’t even work. now i finally found where i can leave a review - way down at the bottom of the page (past the reviews, not at the top of the reviews where you would expect it). same issue with comment or question leaving.

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    Hate hate hate changes

    I agree with the many reviewers, in that now, 1.I am unable to scroll down multiple choices instead of large few pics on screen.2. I’m exhausted and frustrated after less than ten minutes.3. It’s not easy anymore. 4.Search results are incorrect. Why must I look at cute, pink cat slippers, when I put in wool slipper socks? Really?5. With all this hassle, contributing to my other frustration is all the substandard Chinese goods, & poor packing here in USA. When I do order (tiredly), I often receive damaged goods or very low quality. Please put it back like it use to be or I, like others stating here, will stop ordering. And please, I’ve asked already twice, stop “reminding” me of what is in my cart, or what I need to buy or bought....I have a brain. I can use it to shop. But if you befuddle it with all this nonsense, I’m outta here. I hate it. Instead of buying up other companies, work on your own. Don’t get greedy.

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    Needs Revision of Filter & Sort Options

    It’s confusing when I sort items by price: low to high and my results go from 800 down to 67?? Why are hundreds of items removed simply by re-sorting them in a different order? When narrowing searched items down by using the filters I wish there were more options such as where Items are SHIPPED FROM-North America, China, Global etc. like you can on eBay. When looking at an item the only way I can tell if something's not being shipped within the U.S. is the estimated arrival date is 1+ weeks from the order date. The other option I'd like to see is Free Shipping. There's the option to choose items that ship free with Prime but what about other items that ship for free that aren't Prime?

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    Subscribe and Save is a rip-off

    This review isn’t about the app. The app is fine with me. This is about Amazon’s subscribe and save. I had many items on it and realized the item was cheaper if I had ordered it myself. I contacted custom service and was told to wait until I receive the item before they would give me the cheaper price. I’m figuring when I did receive it, the cheaper price would be gone and they wouldn’t refund or they count on a customer forgetting to contact them. I canceled my five year prime membership along with canceling all subscribe and saves. Prime has gotten to be a joke, too. I loved the music. Now they want to you pay MORE to hear up-to-date good music by subscribing to their music service. The only reason I had prime was for the shipping and the music. Now we’re down to one and I’ve been finding better pricing on items I buy elsewhere. Prime is no longer worth it for me. So disappointed.

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    Payment glitch

    I don’t understand why this happens but if you have old payment information, your item will not be purchased or shipped and the app will not notify you. Also even if you update your payment, you have to delete all other previous payment card or else your order won’t be processed. Also the app will register that your item has been purchased but will not be updated until later. Extremely frustrating when using your 1- click button only for the item not to be bought when I look at my orders tab. I have been cheated on overnight shipping two times already because the app will not select my new payment information. Maybe have the app select your most recent or previous payment.

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    Needs a Forward button.

    I use the app a lot, and it’s great for shopping, but I get frustrated because of the combination of no forward button and slow response. If I have gone to several screens looking for something, and want to go back one screen, I hit the back button. Because of slow response, it looks like I miss-hit the back button. I instinctively hit it again and I am returned back to the beginning screen of the session. I cannot forward back, so I am forced to try to recreate my previous searches. Ugh. If no forward button, I need an instant indication that back is actually in progress so I won’t be tempted to hit back again. Or, stop going back to the beginning with two presses of back.

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    Seems much slower and have to reload

    This latest version seems like it has introduced some very pesky flaws. First issue is when I open the app, start typing into the search window and the letters are not showing up as I type them. Example if I’m trying to search for “generator” and after typing “generator” into the window, It used to automatically fill in as I type but now it misses the “ge” part of the word and the word “nerator” is showing in the search window. Obviously there is nothing called a “nerator” so it doesn’t show any search results. The other issue I (and others I know) are having is when you have an order in shipped status, the tracking link shows up for a split second and just goes blank, if you go back and hit the update link a second time it is fine but this is annoying.

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    I’m already disappointed!

    Okay so I ordered a collapsible metal straw and payed for two day express shipping, and it was letting me track my package just fine but it just never seemed to move past the “packaging” stage. Well I go to check it just now and it says “payment revised”, I was upset and confused as to why it hadn’t been shipped so I ask around and found some more stuff out. My mom had ordered a movie off of this app a month or two ago and it said the same “payment revised” and she thought that she would just keep repaying to see if it would work. After finally getting it to work and then weeks later getting the package my mom got an email saying that they were holding over $200 in the app because she overpayed for the item!! So needless to say...I’m just gunna wait it out to see if my package comes in and hope for the best

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    Problems with iPhone X??

    I’ve used your app since you ever had an app! Never ever had issues! Because of that I give 4 stars. It worked a couple weeks back but been having problems the last two weeks. I can search and look up items as normal but when I click on one of the thumb links to read details about a product or buy a product. It’s a blank white screen that dimly flashes. (White and grey)?? I restarted my phone and everything else I think to do on my part. Nothing works. I understand it may also be problems with current bugs on iOS 11? Either way. If this isn’t just me, I can see it seriously being a problem. Anyway, Thank you, and everyone have a Happy New Year!

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    I love this app for the on-the-go use; using my phone instead of having to be at a desktop. However, there are many features that seem to not appear anymore. For example, when multiple items ship together - clicking on “orders” shows you the individual items. Once you click an item that shipped with others, it sometimes says “+2 more” (or however many extra items). You used to be able to click that to see what other items were in that shipment. I’m trying to track when certain items will get to me, but I can’t see what shipped with what, therefore leaving me unable to know when I can expect those items. It’s frustrating because it’s something so small that I used so often, but know it’s gone.

Is Amazon - Shopping made easy Safe?

No. Amazon - Shopping made easy does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 208,763 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Amazon - Shopping made easy Is 20/100.

Is Amazon - Shopping made easy Legit?

No. Amazon - Shopping made easy does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 208,763 Amazon - Shopping made easy User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Amazon - Shopping made easy Is 10/100.

Is Amazon - Shopping made easy not working?

Amazon - Shopping made easy works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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@losangelesram Worth RTing many times! They go out of the way to issue credit even outside their return windows. This is CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS PEAK! No wonder they're where they're. At #1. Thanks again @amazon @JeffBezos

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