Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Reviews

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-11

Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re
looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to
book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat,
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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Reviews: 20 Reviews


Do not download this app

The reviews are filtered by the workers of Yelp in an attempt to bribe the business owners into paying for advertising. There is no way to really know if a business is good or not through this site as it has also been found numerous times that workers of Yelp have even posted reviews. I am a licensed esthetician and they will try to charge you $1000 a month for their “advertising” on their site but the demographics they show you that will see your ads isn’t at all accurate and you NEVER will bring enough clientele in from their ads to make their prices worth it. The second you deny their advertising because the numbers don’t match up their professional mentality turns into a bully mentality and multiple bad reviews will show up on your business page- a page you cannot take down and didn’t ask to be put up. As you read through their reviews you will see this is persistent, you can also watch the documentary billion dollar bully to get a further in depth understanding of the scam they have running. Do yourself a favor and never trust a review coming from Yelp, never download the app just to read the reviews of a business because that makes no sense, and never pay for advertising through this company. Cancel Yelp.


What a piece of trash!

I’ve heavily depended on Yelp now for years… not because of the company itself but the insight shared by others. I don’t know why but I decided to pull quotes for movers on Yelp. The company selected was horrible (moving slow intentionally as stated by several others). I paid the amount the driver advised me to pay, showed him the amount to which he agreed, and I transferred it via Zelle to his boss. I gave him a $120 tip and went on my way… well that evening I start getting harassing calls saying I needed to pay more. I paid the additional and advised the boss never to call me again. The next day I get a text from the driver saying his boss wants MORE money… then a call from the boss again from a different number. Meanwhile Yelp is so set on their “elite” squad who only has positive reviews for their businesses… they did NOTHING to protect me as a longtime supporter. Yelp is a trash box, the employees are trash and the CEO is trash… you THINK you’re so important but google was before you and google will be after you! They can’t even figure out a real vs fake review… you are a clear example of the no child left behind act and why it didn’t last long.


Full of excuses for their mistakes

We placed an order for delivery through Favor because the restaurant was not within delivery range for our house. Prior to placing the order, we call the restaurant and spoke with Jessica, informing her of a change we wanted on our order, due to the fact that we can not make changes on the Favor app. She assured us it would get taken care of, and asked us what our order was going to be, and whose name it would be under. We informed her of that information, and that the order would be through Favor and coming right through. When we received the order, it was not correct. No changes were made, as Jessica told us would be. I phoned and asked to speak with a manager, and spoke with Chris. Chris said since the order came in through Favor, they had no idea which order was ours. I explained we had told Jessica what the order was going to be and who we were placing it through. Chris just made excuses, and no apologies. DO NOT PLACE ORDERS FOR CALL IN OR DELIVERY THROUGH ANOTHER COMPANY IF YOU HAVE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR ORDER, BECAUSE WALK ON’S DOESN’T CARE AND JUST MAKES EXCUSES!


Road tripping necessity. Great local tips

Using Yelp when we travel opens up a world of fantastic meals, always local spots that we would never have found passing through town on the highway. We turn to it for trip planning, and also browse it locally, looking for gems in our city. We live on the East Coast, and primarily travel between NY and North Carolina. The only recent trip where Yelp wasn’t helpful was to Oklahoma- I think it must just not be as popular out there, and there weren’t enough reviews to give useful guidance. Only complaint, really, is the layout of the page. Each listing is too busy, visually, with too much text. The way that paid ads come up looking like reviews for the place I’m trying to research is really irritating. Still, one of my most used apps.


Very rude stuff

I’m grubhub driver , I had on line order which I have to deliver to customer. I have instructions that my order awaits me in lobby and limited time to do my job. I parked my car and went to lobby which was closed. Then I decided to not drive- through, but walk -though because I had no time went back to the my car. I stood in line by myself, confirmed my order and when I suppose to pick up my online order, it wasn’t ready. More over, when I asked girl how it could be that online order still doesn’t ready to pick up, she just shutdown the window in front my face and refused to give me my customer’s food. When I asked about reason her behavior, she said because I wasn’t inside car she didn’t give me my client’s order. It’s insane. She also started threaten me to call to police. I was no time to continue this arguing, so I called to my support service and cancel the order. I so sorry that my customer didn’t receive their food. If you don’t want to be upset because of rude stuff, please, choose another place for having your dinner.


I’m not giving it another chance…

I’m not here to bash anyone and I am not angry… But I’m very disappointed…. There are many reasons but I’ll share my recent experience. My telehealth appointment was canceled without my knowledge. I was stuck on a video call…. By myself for 40 minutes!… After the 15 minute mark, I called the office and the auto message announced that they were CLOSED for the day…I asked questions without a response, sent a message to the doctor without a response and called the on call staff and all they did was take a message after my 2nd call. ( I have screenshots). I am still waiting on a call back. You can’t play with matters of health. It’s not a life threatening emergency room type of issue but an urgent issue that I hung on for until our appointment that MUST be addressed. As I grow wiser, I really can not accept this treatment. I’m not coming back. I’ll have to find a more reliable practice. Forget about 10 years of loyalty to a practice that really could give a dang about your life…..


Pods moving and storing

Just a shout out to PODS moving and storage. The experience was amazing from beginning to end. It was our first time using this type of movers, but they were right on, from drop off ,to load, pick up to transfer out of state, and then deliver to new home. Always were there when they said they would be. Let’s us know the night before of the estimated window time, then driver called with ETA when he was about an hour away. Both times ,they were right on time. The drivers that dropped them were very knowledgeable and helpful, and an extra big thank you to Justin W. The final driver, for being courteous and careful when placing the POD exactly where we needed it on the driveway. Sorry I didn’t get the first drivers name, to mention him as well. Will use PODS again for final move.🌴🌴Cher🌴🌴CC


Left Wing Slander Forum

I do believe at one point in history, Yelp was an innovative and useful platform for consumers to make decisions on how and where to spend their money and time. However, with time, it has become insanely polarized politically. From wild accusations of racism against businesses everywhere, to tattle tailing about “mask enforcement” and health passes during the pandemic. I can’t tell you how many bars, restaurants, and stores have one star ratings dragging them down with claims of racism that are unsubstantiated by any fact or evidence. Had a bad experience with customer service? Must be racism. There couldn’t possibly be another explanation to these people. It’s sad because a lot of businesses probably lose money over these unverifiable claims. I will no longer use the platform because it has become too time consuming to wade through the trash reviews. Not sure what the alternative is, but I suggest everyone jump ship. It doesn’t matter where you fall politically, this kind of behavior is helping no one, and hurting everyone.


Great way to find some POPular places!

Yelp is a tremendous help for people who need to find their way around town. Reviews can also change though in a heartbeat when there is a new owner, chef, assistant, hairstylist, etc. If it’s the same cast, there may be consistency but you have to keep in mind that there could have been a recent life change to your favorite person or company too with a milestone event occurrence (ie. Got married, had baby, went to school, someone died, partied the night before, medication after effects) and it impacted their mentality to operate normally. That’s the risk you take but generally it’s a wonderful resource to pinpoint the best place to eat, drink, and be merry with an oil change and:or get those fancy nails done…the whole shabang!!! Enjoy but please don’t take me word for word on my review.


Park Place Car wash

I have been going to Olsen's/Park Place car wash forever Stuck through that bad times when they've had a change of ownership trying to support the people that work there… The other negative reports you've read about on yelp are accurate or even a little on the nice side I paid for another 10 gold car washes which is supposed to be their top one The exception of the hand wash and detail in a note one time in my past six visits have my seats underneath the carpet's or anything remotely close to what you would expect from a Me or basic car wash has been performed in all honesty I have way better results if I go through a drive-through car wash in a gas station with the exception of the armor all on my tires I am beyond frustrated If you are going to go there you may as well by the lowestPackage if you're getting your car detailed go to a professional not to mention how many pairs of shades and other things that have come up missing in the past year that were in my car


Not bad but...

I used to love this app. It did everything you could want for searching for reviews for almost anything. Well they keep changing the algorithm and it's getting annoying. Now when u search by distance it's not automatically set to closest to farthest. When u put that in, it still gives u somewhat random distances. Then it doesn't load all the closest first so u have to keep looking a couple of times to get places that u know are close but didn't come up the first time. Also the search by rating is the same way. You search and the ratings aren't all in order from most to least. They still throw some 3 star reviews when your still in the midst of 5 star reviews. I swear they're giving people preferential treatment based on ad revenue or something. It's really annoying and wish they would go back to the way it was a long time ago.


Read privacy policy first, no web functions

I deleted this app after reading their privacy policy and using one of their functions that helps you get quotes from businesses. The app asks for a lot of your information like address and phone number, that they do not pass on to the businesses, so there is absolutely no reason they need that information other then they want it. Their privacy policy is horrible as well, they have no respect for anyone’s privacy. I always read the reviews they say are not recommended, the ones they claim do not meet their standards, whatever those are. These are usually the best and most honest reviews. I’ve been told by a lot of business owners that if they do not pay, their reviews are not always posted. Occasionally I use the version through the web browser, that intentionally has very little function to it. When you try to look at anything you get directed to the App Store to download the app. Maybe one day when they learn what privacy means.


Can’t search within bookmarks

There’s no easy way to contact yelp directly so this is the only way that I know of where I can report an issue or request a feature. I have a LOT of bookmarks. I want to be able to search within my bookmarks to narrow down my results by city. Currently, it only searches the business title of whatever I want to find. However, if I do not know the business title or if I just want to look at my bookmarks within a city, I can’t narrow the results unless I go to map view where I then have to click each one individually to see what it is. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to filter my bookmarks to a specific city and then I want to further filter by a category within that city, say restaurants. I bookmark a lot of things other than just restaurants and Yelp makes it very difficult to search within your bookmarks. Also: please add a “request a feature” option within the app!


Bad customer service

My son went to sushi sho yesterday to order take out got his dinner . The person who took his order made a mistake and ordered 8 rolls instead of 8 pieces and charged my Apple Pay 95 $ instead of 37$ He couldn’t cancel the transaction so told him to come back the next day to get the cash in bills as he didn’t have enough cash then , after giving him 7$ that night We were in a rush to go Hollywood bowl so I called the restaurant on our way since my son wasnt even given a receipt for the order . When i called the restaurant Perron blamed my son for ordering 8 rolls then was annoyed when I asked for a receipt and hang up on me telling me yo gone back at noon the next day. When we came the next day , he gave me 8 $ in cash and a check got 50$ . Made a receipt but didn’t give it to me . When I said I will cash the check now on my smartphone app in front of him , he said he was too busy and asked that I do that outside ( restaurant was empty) . I refused as I wanted to make sure this was done in front of each other. He threatened me and said that he will call the cops now . I replied yes please go ahead , that way I can explain what is going on. He didn’t. I am waiting to see with my bank if the check is valid tomorrow Monday . Conclusion : restaurant makes a mistake and is really outrageously mean and discourteous about it. Never setting a foot back in there . Their Sushis are not even good . Be aware everyone


Going Downhill

I had yelp for years and used it almost for everything. Today I decided to finally delete it. First, the reviews are not accurate. They censor a lot of reviews. They hide real reviews from real customers. They manipulate the feedback based on how much the businesses spend go advertise. When I started my business I had many people in my industry advise me to not spend a penny on yelp. I haven’t any money on yelp. I have real clients that have left me 5 star reviews. Some show up on my account but the majority are hidden. Many others in my industry have had to pay lots of money for the deceiving way in which yelp charges them for advertising. Great for big business, but screws over small business. As a consumer, I think it’s very deceiving. They manipulate the data. It’s like paying for reviews. And recently they announced they are now going to start doing socially policing businesses. I’m done with this company. I hope another competitor comes out. I’m done with yelp. Bye scammer.


Bobs furniture

Worst customer service EVER by an old lady named Pam, she likes to belittle and talk down to customers while she’s trying to make a sale, ordered a sectional sofa back in November and every month they stretch the date of when it’s coming in, my husband and I were upset because in the beginning they said for sure in January we will have it so we planned a birthday party for him February and now they tell us it’ll come In till April, we now have to cancel the whole party, we asked to talk to a “manager” and they brought Pam out so naturally we would think she would be understanding and talk to us to solve the problem, the total opposite she came with an attitude and even told us to take our business somewhere else, PLEASE AVOID HER IF SHE APPROACHES YOU. On a positive note there was this lady that was totally professional,nice, patient and understanding, her name is Anitta or Annette, now she should take Pam’s position. Good thing the store manager got involved and deescalated the situation and hopefully we’ll get our furniture in April.


Don't bother

This app doesn't work well for me. Clunky interface, search just seems to leave things out. The regular site is way better (but apparently no longer accessible using my iPhone ). And while I do use Yelp sometimes, I have noticed some shady goings on, where reviews are removed or hidden for mysterious reasons. And if you want to contact Yelp? Sorry, no can do. Only review their "support" area. I find that outrageous. If you search generally for a review with your phone, and end up on the Yelp site, it will offer to "open in the Yelp app". However, if you choose that option it will just open the app -- but not to the company you are searching for. If you don’t use that, but cheers continue, he does exactly the same thing. You have to re-search. AND now, in summer 2021, there is no way to access reviews using an iPhone, unless you download this bad app. Company started out good, is now terrible.


Bad Customer Service

So the first time I came here they took forever to see me took me back and forth with I wasn’t assigned to their network I needed a root canal done the female dentist I feel she just starting she really didn’t know what she was doing she kept hurting me then the male dentist came and finish me because the female dentist I felt use me as a Ginny pig so far forward I went in today to get crown I specifically told the representative I wanted the male doctor to do my crown so I’m there 15-20 mins early they take me in the male dr numb and shot me up to do the procedure he asked me to go ride my mouth and come back I did then I’m just waiting 20 mins goes by then the female dentist come in there saying she’s going to do my crown I told her nope I’m not comfortable with her doing it I want the male he comes in saying she’s his associate I don’t give a dam I said I wasn’t comfortable with her touching my mouth THIS PLACE HAS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A PLACE SO UN ORGANIZE I WOULDNT REFER NO ONE TO THIS PLACE I DONT KNOW WHY ITS IN THE NETWORK STILL DIDNT GET MY CROWN


Poor Service

Tried to place my order over the phone. He could not take the order and hung up. For some reason they’re in a hurry. I walk in only two customers. Placed my order to go, very simple, requested order be split in half . In stead they place the rice in one box and the entrée in another. I tried to explain to the young man, I requested the order be split in half. He could not understand then the young lady, came over and I explained. She said you asked for two orders. I try and explain again. Saying no just split the order in half 1/2, one half in one box the other half in another box. She then says do you want your money back. I say you keep my money I don’t want your food I never come back. Bad karma , if you can’t take an order you better question your staff. it wasn’t the first time its happened. I’m a very patient, people tell me, but you draw the line someplace, I’ve work very hard all my life, to earn my cash and my stuff. If they can turn away my business they must be doing well. Insult me once shame on you, insult me twice, shame on you and me. It’s all about the attitude and karma, this place gave me bad karma ! I gave them business last year every week plus tip, and the orders were to go. Also told my friends foods was Very good. So now I tell all friends go elsewhere . You make your bed you sleep in it ! You make me feel bad, shame on you. bad karma !


Parade rest guest ranch

We enjoyed an amazing week at this authentic ranch. Each day Marge, manager and key to whole operations, would check in and make sure we were signed up for our horse rides and tours. We are honored to call her our friend. The all inclusive package is exactly what it boasts and beyond. The wranglers were experienced and patient making each ride special. Our Guide into Yellowstone,Barny,was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We saw the whole lower loop in one day. Buffaloes and elk , the thermals and waterfalls were breathtaking. Our cabin, Yellowstone, was cozy and had plenty of space inside and out on the huge porch. The chef and staff satisfied our every need with good food and service also very entertaining. Thank you Gary!!! We look forward to returning!!! Best trip ever !!

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