Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Reviews

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-11

Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re
looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to
book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat,
shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available...

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Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Reviews

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    New management is totally different, nice place to live for families

    It used to be horrible, all the elevators were broken, and service was the worst, now the new management is great, we have a beautiful lawn and park, flowers, playground and shake shack and taco food tracks come for family picnic nights, movie nights, great families and kids lie here, dog runs, it’s clean and for the price,nothing beats it, the rooms are huge, the one drawback, they seem to test and fix water lines five times a year, so they turn it off for an afternoon, and it happens at least 3-5x every year..other than that, ignore the bad reviews, those should all be from years ago, this place changed a couple of years ago..drastically, for the better, thank goodness..and it’s a wonderful place for young people,old or families

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    Yelp, what a joke

    I owned a restaurant and we had 4.5 to 4.75 rating on all other rating sites, except Yelp. On Yelp we had a 2.5. I went through the reviews and there were many that were 4 to 5 star reviews, but they were hidden on Yelp and not used in our rating. I contacted Yelp and they explained how these were not trustworthy reviews and that their system takes random reviews and creates our rating. Funny, there were two or three low reviews, they were all used, and /15-20 high reviews but only a few of those were used. Here the best part. Soon after I contacted them, i started getting calls from Yelp sales people wanting me to buy ads. I explained my issue with their rating system and they told me that if I bought ads, those negative reviews could be eliminated and more of the positive reviews used so that our overall rating would be better. It’s a scam and no one will ever change my mind on this. Just like Yahoo used to be. Yahoo advertised as this all knowing search engine, yet you had to pay to be on it, so it wasn’t search the web, it was searching its database. It’s just not honest. Yelp selects the reviews they use in the rating and if you pay them, they improve your rating. That too is just not honest. It’s a joke.

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    Worst place ever!! The MGR STAFF IS HORRIBLE!

    I placed an order on their website for delivery. When I received my order, the fries were missing from my combo and the wings were terribly under cooked. I called, spoke to the manager and he said they would make another order but it couldn’t be delivered. I told him I couldn’t come and he mentioned a store credit for when I do come. 5 mins later, I changed my mind...called back to I would indeed come pick it up and whenever I spoke he was speaking over me like maybe he thought I was upset. He kept talking about how he was just doing his job, whenever I spoke and I was only clarifying the order I place. Unfortunate for his karma...he abruptly told me that I would have to speak with his store manager (which he is) AND HE HUNG UP!! Lol I have to laugh because atleast my dog ate the wings, I’m only out of pocket maybe $25, for a person (not just a manager) to be so rude and cynical - there’s obviously something in this wings that I DO NOT need. They’d probably spit in my food. The audacity...this is the worst place ever.

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    Cannot see full phone number

    Yelp has 0 ways to contact them unless you want to report a specific business or are a business owner. Leaving this negative review is the only way I could think of to contact them about this issue. On some recent update they changed the layout on business pages where they put the phone number and a link to directions on the same line. This cuts off the last 5 digits of the phone number so you cannot see it. For phone users this isn't a problem because you can click and auto call, but for wifi or iPod users it just prevents us from getting the phone number in the app. Worse yet, the phone number is not included on the about page for businesses either which would be an easy fix! I now have to open yelp entries in Safari or google the business to get the phone number. This is really inconvenient and I'm considering deleting the app and just using the website, annoying!!!

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    Misleading, bookmarks not useful

    Yelp has to make money to stay in business, I get that. But I have witnessed the biased nature of ratings for official Yelp-affiliated businesses and those that are not. And it’s garbage. There must be a way to be fairer to new businesses and help them succeed instead of throwing them to the wolves and allowing calculated attacks from other business owners. Then there is the bookmark system. I felt better when it was all just in one giant folder and I could search the whole thing. Now I’ve only organized half of my bookmarks because it is SO tedious to do one at a time, instead of being able to select multiple for deletion or moving to another folder. There should also be a filter for businesses that are reported closed for purging lists. It seems Yelp wants you to use their app, but refuses to make it easier to form a routine.

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    Map search is flawed

    Summary: Map search results on iPhone include areas outside of map boundaries. I have had the Yelp app on several phones over the years and and I’m familiar with the website. I had it on my iPhone 6+ in the past but deleted it to save space about a year ago. Since then I have used the mobile website. I finally got tired of the nag screens telling me to view my search results on the app so I reloaded the app. When I search using map results I get places that are relatively nearby but not on the map. Very irritating to me. If I wanted results from other places I’d move the map or resize it. To Yelp: Stop giving me search results I don’t want or need. I just remembered another irritating thing about this app. Every time you change the search terms it resets the filters instead of keeping the previous ones.

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    Garbage app

    This is the worst app I have ever dealt with (and I was user for years). Only low class uneducated people would continuously use such an app, telling blatant lies. There are garbage write ups over brief interactions with a business, without actually wanting to resolve what their issue with the business is first. Yelp only cares about numbers, high traffic and increasing their profits and this is not a platform that creates any goodness in this world. If I could give zero stars, I would. I fell for this idiocy in the beginning, ignorant to the real lack of value it actually has in this world. Where did my reviews go? Why are businesses scammed into paying yelp to have their good reviews available to the public? Crazy. I will no longer be a part of the bashing and negativity. I will no longer debase others in a platform that does not allow them to defend themselves properly in the public forum that it is. Google reviews is where it’s at. Sorry yelp. I’m done.

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    Yelp is horrible to small businesses...

    Like many of the previous reviewers, I have experienced the same rotten treatment from Yelp. It is true. They do hide good reviews and post the bad ones. When I finally got a real person to talk to, the said my reviews in "queue" were questionable! There were 5 good, positive reviews and they would not post them! They said that if someone is not a "Yelper" and has only posted one review, it was not "credible"! I told them that my clientele was not of that generation who Yelp, do FB, Instagram, etc. and that if they were nice enough to take the time and learn how to write a review, it should be posted!!! I told them they were discriminating against the older generation as well as my business! I too asked to be removed from Yelp because I want no association with such an outfit and they said it was impossible to be taken off. YET, from people's reviews, they remove US for speaking up!! A big thumbs down for Yelp being so biased!!!!

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    Yelp the life blood of my admiration

    Woah inception... a review in a review. Before I started using yelp my life had very little meaning. Sure there was the occasional WWE Raw re-run (VHS tape from my childhood). Yet even Randy Savage, or as us true fans call him Randal Mario Poffo, cannot compare to the hours of value YELP has added to my life. For example, I am now the life of any situation I may find myself in. Whether a funeral or a Bat Mitzvah YELP has turned me into a regular good time guy. Little did I know that I was the ugly girl in some late 1990s romcom. All I needed was to put on my YELP glasses and everyone would behold my beautiful face. So if you want to be like me and attain “good time guy” status... Just hit that little download button... your life will never be the same, I promise.

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    I’m Yelp Elite...

    Love the app & the improvements made. Wish they’d make the following updates... 1. When you do a search, please automatically sort by distance, closest to furthest. Then, allow the list to be filtered again by: stars, etc. 2. Please expand your listing to the Bahamas. Your GPS is off and everything falls under Nassau, NY instead of Nassau, Bahamas. If Facebook can find me and I can check in there, it would behoove you to do the same. 3. When someone sends a complement based on a tip or a review, it’s helpful to know the context of the complement as the receiver. “Joe B sent you a complement from you review or tip at XYZ” 4. Please allow the about me section allowing it to be modified within the app. Please add more questions and please allow more characters to the comments. If I try to go online, it jumps to the app. 5. Please trigger notifications when you are active in the Talk section so you know there was a response. I don’t get notifications. I just have to keep checking back. 6. Please require a person to have at least 25 friends, 25 reviews and 25 pics WITH an actual pic before they are allowed to message anyone. I am beyond sick and tired of the stalkers and trolls. Men will troll to hit on women. This is not a dating site and creeps are getting in.

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    My Amazing Experience

    A couple of weeks back I had the chance to visit planet Toyota in Matteson with my daughter Michaela Sorokas. I was looking for a used car. I did not really have an idea as to what kind or what your car I was looking for. The salesman that helped me was absolutely wonderful, kind, and extremely patient with me! It took me over four hours to make a decision. I was never pressured!! I was shown cars that I had questions on and when I finally decided on a car I was able to take it for a test drive. I could not say enough positive things over how grateful I am to planet Toyota. I have given out recommendations left and right to go visit planet Toyota in Mattson. I am extremely thankful and happy with the purchase I made.

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    Good but could use improvements

    Still my preferred app to check out restaurants. A couple of suggestions. I like that people can check in. It would make more sense if there was an option to geographically base the check ins. Say for example you go a business trip and there was an awesome restaurant you visited but couldn't remember what the name was or where it was located. While you remembered to check in, it was roughly about 3 years ago. You have to spend several minutes scrolling and scrolling through your saved check ins to find the general timeframe of when you went there. More often than not, I will skip over it and it just leads to frustration. Make check ins more useful. The same repetitive questions keep coming up. For attire, answering either casual or formal would generally suffice. I don't think people filter places specifically looking for a divvy or hipster venue. I think one of the more useful things you could add is average wait time and harness the database of loyal users. If you could ask if wait time is less than 5 min, less than 30 min, or greater than an hour for walk ins, that would help users prioritize their list of possible selections. Hope these suggestions make it to the next update.

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    Why I’m Addicted to Yelp Now

    After being in marketing for years I always understand what Yelp is, how it’s great for business, how to set up profiles, what it costs to list yourself on there as a premium account, etc etc. Up until recently I never used the app and never really thought it would be useful to me. I preached about, and helped with developing processes to get consumers to write good reviews.... did I mention for quite a few years? Meanwhile I was over here never writing any reviews myself or using the tool to my advantage! I’ve saved money, visited little places I didn’t know existed and have settled food decision wars in my house. I love Yelp now and told my husband I may be headed toward becoming a full on “Yelper” soon. 🤔😊

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    Automatic opening of app- STOP

    UPDATE: Nothing has changed. I give the app a chance by clicking on a link in safari, knowing I will be redirected. I don’t get redirected to what I was previously reading. This is so ridiculous and tiresome. Clearly y’all don’t want people to use your site. ******* I am so tired of you guys forcing me to use this app while I am browsing on safari. It should be an option we can turn off. And if it's not offered, you do a great job of hiding the ball and making people search to figure it out. My use of this app is a choice. If I want to visit the website, I should not be forced to interact with the app. I thought you would have addressed this by now but nope. One star for tone deafness and really messed up advertising. Also: If you're going to force people to open the app when using safari and looking at the mobile site, make sure it works and people are actually directed to the site they were looking at on safari.

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    World Class Thrift

    This store is the Gold Standard of The Thrift World! The quality, value and selection are superior to competitors. The layout is arranged with rack room easy to browse. The clothes are organized in a predictable and logical manner that adds ease & flow to the shopping experience! The staff are enthusiastically welcoming & attentively engaged with the customers. As an added bonus for participating you get a feel good incentive for Reuse Recycle and Repurpose. When the staff need to decline on your buy they use plain gracious and kind language and do not insult you or patronize you; they also offer to haul it into donate for you if you’d like them to do so. I’m excited to welcome UC to College Station & I’m looking forward to shopping here often!

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Is Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Safe?

Yes. Yelp Food, Delivery & Services is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 426,457 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Is 64.1/100.

Is Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Legit?

Yes. Yelp Food, Delivery & Services is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 426,457 Yelp Food, Delivery & Services User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Is 64.1/100.

Is Yelp Food, Delivery & Services not working?

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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