BUBU - Meet New People Nearby Reviews

BUBU - Meet New People Nearby Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-29

BUBU is your number one app to find and meet new people nearby! Create your
profile, add your social media accounts and start connecting with others. You
can pass entertaining quizzes about your preferences and personality to help us
find the best match for you! BUBU has so much to o...

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Reviews (33)


Matching based on expectations and interests, good pairing logic

I installed this app last april. Matched and date someone really amazing for several months. We ended up splitting after getting to know each other better. But I was optimistic, downloaded BUBU again, updated my pics and within few weeks I met someone great! I think they are a doing a great job by matching you with suitable candidates. Almost all of my matches were solid. I used tinder before and it was all about hookups and ons, but here you write ahead what you want and can filter out who wants a different thing. Before I wrote that I am interested in everything and was matching also with people that did not want something serious. Now I changed it and basically most of my matches want a long-term relationship or marriage. Really love it. It saves so much time and effort and heart break. I recommend this app if you are single.


Thinking about paying their premium read first!

I usually don’t write reviews! But I decided to give BUBU a try and see how it was. To begin if you match any one in the free version you can’t message them or anything and you are bombarded with their paid version in other words it’s useless to use without you paying! Okay cool so I decided to pay their membership must be better right NOPE!! after I pay their membership you can see who likes you but guess what you can’t match with them you have to find them by swiping I have been swiping for 2 days and still have yet to find someone who “likes me according to app” out of 40 plus likes to me. I tried to reach their customer service but good luck finding a support email or settings on BUBU . Better apps out there!


Fake Reviews, Fake Profiles, Waste of Time

Like all the dating apps nowadays this one is full of fake profiles. I’d say 95 percent of all the profiles on this site of women fake. I live in a town of about 300 people. Yet there were endless profiles of people less than 5 miles away that I’ve never seen before. And several of the profiles popped up repetitively when I just kept liking all the profiles. It has none of the nice features of say Tinder, Bumble, or other big name apps. It’s more like a poor beta version of an app that keeps pushing you to purchase for unlimited likes but you don’t get free messaging. There is no rewind button if you accidentally hit the reject button on a profile. The distance is completely inaccurate. BUBU is just a money grab. Do not waste your time.



I tried BUBU out because I’ve gotten tired of Tinder and Bumble but it honestly is gonna make me go back. You have to pay to be able to even talk to people, and if you do pay you can see who likes you but you can’t swipe on them right then and there or swipe through a lot of people to try to get to them (I have 40 people who have liked me and I’ve only come across 1). There’s no point in boosting your profile either because of the before mentioned issue. There is also no settings or really any way to change distance preferences, age (or see someone else’s age), or even just general settings. As of right now BUBU isn’t worth the download or money spent, don’t listen to the fake 5 star reviews


Don’t use

I didn’t even post a picture and I had 69 people want to chat and definitely do not call or Snapchat the ones that they say r ready for hookup first the will ask where you from and amazingly they r from same area that should be a red flag Also on this site say they r close too anther red flag I should have seen was when the wanted paid for the hookup and wanted half paid gift card or PayPal then then she wanted me to send I said no then all of a sudden she needed a $300 deposit which was refundable of course after the meet so I was a fool here is your red flag in advance it a shame there are probably some real people here but to many want to take the easy road From me the fool


User friendly suggestions

There’s definitely somethings that could be done to make it more user friendly. For example, a button to go back on a profile after you’ve accidentally pushed “nope” and you didn’t mean to. Also if you already have elite and you seen someone that’s already liked you on the activity page, you be able to like them right there instead of having to keep swiping. Maybe that should be a used when someone is not an elite to make them swipe more.



Practically all the profiles on BUBU are fake, the five star reviews as well. Almost 30 matches (female matches) and only 1 response I know it’s a numbers game but na, nope, nuh-uh, I’m not buying it it’s just ridiculous. Remarkable how apps like this get away with stealing peoples photos and actually get money from lonely people, I’m lonely but I’m naturally pessimistic so I wasn’t gunna pay even if they paid me. Would do no stars if I could i’m disgusted, pass on this and don’t look back. Ps. Apparently most dating apps and sites use fake profiles to enhance the user experience to egg users to subscribe and/or until the member base grows and the bot profiles are no longer needed.


Fake profiles

All the hot girls are fake. They all have 2 photos ( maybe they caught on that having 1 photo was a giveaway that its a fake profile). BUBU shows you who liked u and says “ go swipe to come across these profiles and match. “ I swiped way over 100 women and only 1 out of 25 showed in my stack and matched. Fake profile. Or maybe hooking men in so theyll watch their live vids and pay them. Idk. I sent her a message and her reply was generic, it did not mention what i said to her at all. I regretfully paid $20 for a month to be able to message the fake. Theres no way to change distance settings. No FAQ or Help section.


Looking for my SOULMATE!

This is different than most dating apps. Seems like more is designed to help you find the perfect match. With the different tools that they use it makes it much more interesting than other dating apps. I’m still waiting on the outcome but I have confidence that it’s gonna be worth it! Thank you for giving me the chance!! Brady1706



This shouldn’t even be an app in the Apple Store. They’re supposed to be bringing people together but all they’re doing is making men like me feel sad for being nice to women. I don’t even think these women are real. It’s all a computer. This is the worst app ever. I hope apple finds out what they’re really doing with BUBU. Please Apple; delete this from your store! Their are other things going on on BUBU that I just will not mention in this review because they disgust me so much. Apple I hope you’re reading this. This makes your App Store look unprofessional.


Better than most

If you go at this online method of meeting people and just know your gonna pay something it’s better than most. Know what your getting or paying for however, you pay but then would have to pay more in order to get to send messages before getting a like back first. Annoying. Once your past that it seems to actual work pretty well.



Great app but noticing a lot of issues besides matching with a bunch of people who want me to sign up for their premium whatever I matched now with a few people who it show are 10 miles away or so but they in complete different states like I mean just like over the the border like matched with one girl I’m on east coast she on west coast and it shows 35 miles away please fix


This is an unreliable app

First off I paid 68 dollars when I thought I was going to pay 5.75 second when someone like you you can tap on their profile and match with them and if you want to match with them you got to pray that their profile pops up in your swipe feed by the way it’s been 6 days and I haven’t match with anyone who likes me so I can’t like them back they need to do major change to BUBU otherwise don’t download or spend your money on here not worth the time and effort!!!!


Worst money pit app ever

Been on it for 2 months and have not matched with a single person. I paid for the “elite” service and absolutely nothing. Then I paid for the ability to message before matching thinking that would work and still nothing. Not a single reply from any girls on here. And about 20 girls who messaged me before I paid for the “elite” who disappeared right after. BUBU is a crock. Don’t buy it and lose your money like I did. Oh also absolutely no reply from the company when I sent an e-mail asking for an explanation.


Got bored

I got bored to see what BUBU was about because Apple suggested it to me and the first 50 girls I saw were obviously fake , if you think a problem is fake take a screenshot of it and go on Twitter or instagram I be you’ll find the girl from the profile in no time . I also find it laughable that the have live streams and and all the people that do them don’t even live in America I don’t understand why BUBU has so many five stars but I honestly think those are fake just like 99% of the profiles on BUBU



You have to pay just to use basic features, you can’t “like” anyone back that “likes” you…it says “keep swiping to match with them”…you have to pay to “flirt”…it doesn’t say where you’re located and EVERYONE is within 10miles of you and you can’t see where they are. 90% of profiles have one picture…and just read all the 4 and 5 star reviews, they don’t match up and all sound fake. Just thought I’d try it to say I did and I did and I deleted it in less than a few days….DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, lol



It’s an ok app, not to sure how I like it yet but we will see if we can get a good time in if that happens it’ll be a number one site, there should really be more free options though, it’s not fair to have to pay for BUBU and then pay these woman too, because 80 want money for sex.


My first day using this app

I feel like BUBU is made for users who are open and outgoing. It’s a creative approach when asking what are your likes and favorites. I read the reviews there are fake profiles, but the more open you make yourself and better your chances are with someone real.


Swiping no swiping

The never ending swiping gets on your nerves. BUBU says I have some girls that liked me and literally it takes forever to match with one of them and even if you have the membership it does not make it easier to get in contact with people unless you pay for fliers which are never answered back. And after swiping for 2 straight hours you finally get a match and it’s a fake account asking where you are from and they are “always from the same place” 🤣🤣🤣



I’m really not sure how BUBU has a decent rating. I’m assuming people were incentivized to rate them well. BUBU is a scam. It forces you to purchase messaging options because whoever likes you will not come up in your feed so to message them do you have to pay every time or buy in bulk which I did. Not a single one of these girls respond. It leads me to believe that there’s a ton of fake accounts on here. Seriously don’t waste your time or money I feel kind of stupid for even trying it.


Cool Concept

The ability to be able to connect different to social accounts to connect with people with similar interest is really unique. It’s been a good way to meet new people and develop friendships during covid.


Fake as F

Lol not only is every profile you see fake, you can only message one new person a day it’s literally the stupid app ive ever downloaded im going right back to Tinder this was just a waste of time. Only reason i downloaded it was bc it was an ad on Snapchat and i got fooled lol. I hope the owner reads this bc bro like what was the point of BUBU like its just Tinder but with Fake Profiles…. Got excited when i matched a pretty girl but jokes on me . Shes fake



Awesome app I would like to tell everyone about it but you know how much I don’t want to be single anymore gots to keep the competition low


Awful, fake profiles

BUBU is a money grab for them. Purely a scam app. You can go through the accounts that are on there and see repeats in the bios etc. It’s not like they are even trying. I downloaded it was got 10 likes within 20 minutes and was only able to send 1 message before they wanted me paying for stuff. DO NOT PAY THEM, 1000% scam


Fake accounts and untrue notifications

All matched accounts were fake and sent 18 notifications that someone liked me and it only show the 4 people have liked me. BUBU is sending you notifications that arnt true. That’s why the elite is a one time payment, so that way when you cancel you subscription they already got the money.


Your social assistant

BUBU allows you to make new friends and create long lasting friendships. thanks to the developer for BUBU.



Cool friendly app


Clearly just a cash grab

For starters, you’re limited to 1 message per day! Second, they constantly ask you to upgrade to premium and bombard you with clearly fake matches and profiles. After about 30 “matches” and not receiving a single message I caught on. Don’t even bother downloading.


Same ol app

I was hoping this would be different from all the other apps, oh well still impossible to use apps to meet people. Just another endless tease.


The app is BUBU just like the name.👎🏾

Didn’t even get to start a conversation to get to know someone. Without me having to pay to send the second reply. It has a really nice concept when you create an account. After that, it’s just horrible.


Just Bad

BUBU is unusable without paying, there should be more using BUBU without paying you only get to like maybe 10 people and message only one per day. Will change my review when they make BUBU useable.


Do not get it, it’s a scam and they are using profiles from people that didn’t even sign up

This is a scam do not pay for it, this requires legal action, they are using accounts and pictures of ppl that don’t even use BUBU


Horrible app.

App is literally filled with fake accounts as there’s no verification by email or anything. Whether this is by design to convince you to buy premium or not idk. Unusually high match rate too which leads me to believe that it’s by design.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact BUBU - Meet New People Nearby customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact BUBU - Meet New People Nearby directly

Is BUBU Safe?

Yes. BUBU - Meet New People Nearby is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,787 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BUBU - Meet New People Nearby Is 45.5/100.

Is BUBU Legit?

Yes. BUBU - Meet New People Nearby is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,787 BUBU - Meet New People Nearby User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BUBU - Meet New People Nearby Is 45.5/100.

Is BUBU - Meet New People Nearby not working?

BUBU - Meet New People Nearby works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 25 Comments

By robyn thieves
Sep 15 2022

Don't waist your time. Completely false advertising. Theres nothing free about it.
Just an app made to rob you.

By robyn thieves
Sep 15 2022

Don't waist your time. Completely false advertising. Theres nothing free about it.
Just an app made to rob you.

By Isaac Golding
Sep 11 2022

I have paid 150 dollars last night to use the app and I cannot swipe to make a match. If this is the case I would like to be refunded and I won't use it

By Ozzie
Sep 07 2022

I want my 42 pounds money back u all funking cheat how can u just cheating ppl like this how can contact them all funking cheat

By Ozzie
Sep 07 2022

This app is the worse ever they just too my 42 pound without even chatting to bo one is funking fake am fuming I need my funking money u all cheats

By Chris Lozier
Aug 31 2022

Fake ass app
It's all total bullshit
Waste time & money 🤑

By Sam
Jul 19 2022

This app should be made illegal as it is simply a cash grabbing machine. As everyone has said, they give you endless matches to like but in reality zero fucking real links.
I do feel very stupid having signed up before reading reviews, but at least I am doing my bit here to warn others.

Fuck you everyone at BUBU. Scam fucking pigs.

By Daniel Frederick
Jul 04 2022

This whole thing is a scam and I was charged over $100 for NOTHING. You are stealing money from ppl trying to make connections like wtf is wrong with you guys.

I know this is fake because all the other reviews have the same issues I do. I want a refund or I’m going to slander the heck outta this god forsaken app so no one else downloads it.

By David Suliman
Jun 30 2022

During spins not once does the message icons. Drop to give any free chats. Just proves the spin machine is rigged not to give out any free chats. messages.

By Johnny5by5
Jun 11 2022

Do not waste your money
Endless matches with no one responding

By Malistglr
Jun 07 2022

DONT USE!! It’s not a real app. IVE MATCHED WITH 40 girls and none of them actually msg u

By Marie
May 28 2022

I am able to see who liked me, but I am not able to like them back.

By Bob
May 10 2022

This app sucks and is fake, it should be shut down. Total waste of time

By Alexander
May 08 2022

Scumers once you download the app it will automatically take £.94.99 . Even after paying you won’t be able to comunicate with anyone unles you pay again.. this app took my my Mou without a proper process of payment.. bad enough you will never get connected with anyone.

By Damon
May 02 2022

Was useing it seemed legit so fo the first time I paid twice to be able to talk to at least 45 woman for 2 days not 1 of them have replied anything begging to think I got scammed not good makes me unhappy every thing is a scam now a day's.

By Sayed
Apr 19 2022

I want the app for

By Isi
Apr 07 2022

Please I want a refund of my 1hr at subscription I just paid today! I don’t want it I was fooled!

By Joe C
Apr 05 2022

I want a refund, flase advertising ! Such BS

By Mat
Mar 21 2022

Nothing free here another scam 💯 I’m sitting in the middle of the country but some how girls are only a few kms away 🤣 waste of time !

By Konnos
Feb 13 2022

Fake all the way. Some of the negative comments I read are 100% accurate. The thing that did it for me, other than having lots of likes and no attempt to contact me, was that I found a photo of a porn star. The other thing is that all those gorgeous women live 5 Km. away fro me in a small suburb, in Canada . How lucky am I?

By Elias
Feb 13 2022

I want a refund. How can I do it?

Jan 16 2022

Need I say more —total ripoff

By Marc vanic
Jan 12 2022

Total scam and i want refund , i just signed up and its crazy

By Jc
Jan 07 2022

Yeah this app is so full of crap, fake profiles, an lots of restrooms, you can’t like any of the girls unless they show up in the “ match “ part of the app, on top of that you can’t message anyone without paying to “ flirt “ with them!

I sh*+ you not you have to pay $48.99 to flirt with the girl who you like.

This is the same bs, pay to talk an text girls! Oh an it’s owned by Match dating !

Just another scam to get your cash an absurd restrictions!

Don’t buy it don’t pay for it an don’t believe the Paid 5 star rating!

By Steve
Dec 20 2021

I paid for bubu..but I’m still not getting paid services… how do I rectify this problem?

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