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1. How does it work?
2. What is Hair Ninja?

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Product Details and Description of Hair Ninja

Want better hair? Losing your hair? On a hair journey?

Hair Ninja helps you visually monitor your hair growth!

See how treatments and hair products are affecting you over time!

Grow amazing hair and stay young and beautiful!

Top Hair Ninja Reviews

  • By nahsbwbddnsne

    Definitely Is Going To Work

    So earlier today , I had saw a tiktok promoting the app and the girl hair growth . WAS AMAZING 💯 !! so I was just being curious so I downloaded the app for fun but then , when I was setting it up they were giving me the run down of how the app works and it really got interesting . So I set everything up and I really see a difference in my hair because my hair is always dry so it definitely helped it get more moist so I guarantee you to get this app !

  • By Kikismotto


    This is an amazing app I love all the cool features that it has it also gives you the option to upload pictures of your hair to keep up with the progress it is very accurate and I will definitely recommend this app to all my friends and family who are looking to grow their hair. 10/10 this is my new favorite app. I can’t wait to see how long my hair gets :).

  • By al3xianna

    It’s An Grate App.

    Definitely recommend. It’s amazingly made for everything I need for my hair journey. It helps me a lot. I’ve had it for less than a month and it’s already great. It not only helps me a lot it makes me feel better about my hair and my hair growth. I love the logo also and the name. All above it’s just grate.

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