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About: Colorcast is a mobile app that brings live audio commentary to the masses.
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, United States.


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Color commentary has never been easier, or more social. And let’s face it, you never had more to say. No expensive recording equipment—no problem. No makeup—no problem. No real plan—no problem. On Colorcast, sharing your hot take is as simple as downloading the app, turning on your TV, selecting the event you’re watching, talking about whatever you want (the players, actors, coaches, referees, commentators), and seeing who tunes in.

Hello armchair quarterback. Hello Hollywood gossip. We built this for you!

For the less chatty, just go see who’s casting. We’re talking former professional athletes and coaches, NFL superfans, fantasy sports experts, podcast personalities, celebrities, comedians, and the weirdo from your office who knows way too much about Dancing with the Stars. Whatever you’re watching, someone’s casting.

Connect with your friends, get alerted when your favorite personality goes live, “tune” (swipe left and right) until your heart’s content, and enjoy the future of real-time audio commentary. This time around, we’re all @TunedtoYou.

Oh, and everything is FREE. Like actually… FREE.

Top Colorcast: Drop-In Sports Talk Reviews

  • By Hang wild

    No more same old... same old.

    Used this app for the first time yesterday. It was great!!!!! The guy calling the game was just as frustrated as I was. If you are tired of hearing two over paid guys who get paid to call a game between two teams that they care nothing about, give it a try.

  • By GolfRaver

    Great App

    I love this app. This is a great way to connect with super fans and to hear different perspectives on games rather than being spoon fed by the same announcers every weekend. And I bubble feature is really neat too.

  • By Greatonnwnwn

    Game-changer (pardon the pun)

    This app has changed the way I watch games. It has never been easier to mute my tv and see what couch commentators like me have to say.

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