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About: Abacus Insights designs and operates data management platform as a service and analytics application
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States.


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Product Details and Description of Abacus HQ Parent Portal

The Abacus HQ Parent Portal will provide information on how to download the appropriate Abacus Brands VR app based on the physical kit purchased. Additionally, Abacus HQ provides reporting for parents as your child works their way through the VR kit.

Abacus HQ is the parent app for Bill Nye's VR Science Kit, Professor Maxwell's VR Junior Chef, Professor Maxwell's VR Magic, Professor Maxwell's VR Universe and Professor Maxwell's VR Science Lab.

Top Abacus HQ Parent Portal Reviews

  • By SteveRad

    Nice Catalogue

    Great way to keep track of progress!

  • By clhiltz

    Can’t get email to register

    I want to be able to experience everything. This stinks that it won’t work and others have the same issue.

  • By Shibbymcpot

    Email Verification never sending

    Waited 4 hours for the email verification to come through never did. Not able to do anything else on app till verified.... such a “great” app

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