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1. How does it work?
2. What is kurb N go?

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1. Commission-free, low-cost curbside pick up and delivery service.

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Commission-free, low-cost curbside pick up and delivery service. Experience flat rate pricing and hassle-free experience for your customers

Top kurb N go Reviews

  • By SanjeevGanatra

    KurbnGo comes to the rescue

    Great app! Easy to use and has unique views on the items! Some of my restaurant owner friends love the predictable pricing. They were getting hammered by other apps.

  • By Sam SEO

    Love how they are helping small businesses

    The flat rate structure is a game changer for local businesses. Use this app if you want to help local businesses.

  • By SocalNummies

    Great App

    GAME CHANGER! This app is so convenient easy to use. This app has made it so easy for me to support our local businesses.

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