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1. getquin is your free investing companion that enables you to take your financial investments into your own hands, even if you have no prior knowledge.

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Join the +10,000 investors who are monitoring their portfolio with getquin. getquin is everything you need as an investor to monitor your portfolio - in one app. Start today and let the community inspire you to new investment opportunities.

Developed by investors for investors.

Don't have a portfolio yet? No problem. getquin is your free investing companion that enables you to take your financial investments into your own hands, even if you have no prior knowledge. 100% free of charge.

Connect & monitor your existing portfolio

- See in your dashboard which regions, asset classes and positions you have invested in

- Create individual watchlists and never miss investment opportunities again

Find new investment opportunities through the community

- See which hot stocks and ETF's are popular with analysts and the community

- Find new trending sectors with the ETF search and filter ETFs by region

See market developments & financial news in real time

- Receive personalized news about your portfolio on stocks, stock market and finances

Buy ETF products from your broker

- Buy your personal ETF portfolio in just a few clicks at the bank of your choice - whether at comdirect, consorbank, Trade Replublic, flatex, Smartbroker, ING, DKB and many more

Learn more about Finance & Investing

- Our podcasts, videos and blog articles will help you learn about finance, because it's important to us that you understand what we do - and why

- Learn from finance experts and influencers who share their investment strategy on getquin

Create your first portfolio

- Support in building your first ETF portfolio - set your savings goals and risk preference and we'll find the right products for you and help you choose the most cost-effective bank

- Starting from 25€ per month or 500€ one-time investment for your retirement ETF savings plan

- Sustainability is important to you? You have the option to invest exclusively in sustainable products.


Our investment approach

- We recommend only commission-free ETFs - because low costs are essential for your returns

- Global diversification through ETF's to spread your risk

- Our algorithms suggest you an ideal ETF portfolio out of more than 1500 ETF's

Let's talk money - because transparency is important to us!

Our goal is to make investing accessible to everyone by offering you free advice. Banks pay us a commission for opening an account, which does not fall back on you. Since we are completely independent, our only interest is to find you the best broker.

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