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1. JIM is a social fitness app where you and your friends will play games to workout.

2. The games use your phone camera to display what you need to do on your screen.

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Product Details and Description of JIM: Remote private coaching

Get your own private coach on JIM!

Beginner or experienced, we can help you reach your goal. One of our certified coaches will work with your schedule and structure your workouts at home or at your favorite gym!

Each day, discover the class prepared for you. Some classes use motion tracking technology developed by JIM for better tracking of your progress!


On JIM, you benefit from personalized and HUMAN monitoring. A real coach answers your questions, gives you the motivation you need, and builds your workout day after day.


Get access to all of the coaching classes recorded by JIM coaches. You will be able to have a TRUE class (video and audio) with the coaches and benefit from their explanations and advice to make your workout a success. You sweat and they sweat with you! For beginners or athletes returning from injury, the coaches will explain variations during the class!


Weight training, cardio, yoga, stretching, etc. Find all the disciplines in a single application. Do you have muscle pain? Our coaches will recommend stretching and muscle strengthening to make your pain disappear. For example, our special “home office” class will help you strengthen and relax your back.


To achieve results, you must never be alone, your coach is always in your pocket and you can contact him or her by messages on the application. You can contact him or and when you need advice, to motivate yourself, and whatever you want (training , food, nutrition, recovery, etc.)! Your coach will talk to you regularly to send you your program and check how your training is going.


Review your performance history in your profile. Your coach will use your activity to adjust your training program. Using JIM motion tracking technology, your coach will be able to send you an assessment class where the JIM app counts your number of reps (squats, push-ups, and several other movements)!


Do you prefer to workout at the gym? Do you want to alternate gym workout and at home workout? No problem, your coach adapts your training to you. Are you traveling? No problem, your coach is preparing a workout without equipment that can be easily done at the hotel. Do you have muscle pain? No problem, many stretching and relaxation classes are available on the application!


JIM COACHING costs 149.99 euros per year (equivalent to 12.49€ per month) or 74.99 euros for 3 months without commitment. The features are:

- personalized coaching by a real coach

- training & nutrition program

- your coach available 7/7 through the chat

JIM PREMIUM costs 49.99 euros per year (equivalent to 4.16€ per month) or 24.99 euros for 3 months without commitment. The features are:

- training programs

- nutrition programs

JIM also offers a free version in which you can find the classes recorded by the coaches. In this version, you will not be able to benefit from personalized coaching and you will not be able to join a training plan. The chat remains available to answer your questions.


Download the app and contact us on the app chat.

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