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David’s Disposable Reviews

Published by on 2019-12-29

Hey, it’s David!! Let me know what you think of my new Disposable App. It’s super easy to use! Just open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop. At 9AM every day, you will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras...

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David’s Disposable Reviews

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    Thank you David!

    So, finally got my first photo ready! it is good! I love that I can save it in my camera roll and it doesn’t cost any money like most of others do. This app is everything what disposable camera has to be. Raw vintage photos without any fake effects and all this for free! I read some reviews complaining about taking it time to be ready and they don’t know if photo comes out good. Well that’s exactly how disposable cameras work, if you don’t know. Personally for me there is only 1 thing, how can I delete photos? the delete button isn’t working, I accidentally took two photos and i want to delete but when I am pressing button it’s not working... To conclude thank you David, again you made this world better place and brought joy to people’s lives!

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    i’ll open up the app again

    you can tell the app wasn’t half assed. the attention to detail is outstanding and the app gives off the same type of energy david does. maybe he helped make it?? not sure but whatever. but here’s an example of what i’m talking ab. ex: the premium upgrade. it says a cheesy advertisement line. see? same vibe. also,, i love that you have to wait until morning to get your pictures. it makes it like christmas in a way. ppl who say otherwise probably have no sense of fun lol. one last thing, the camera click and processing sound effect is perfect because it’s clean and clear. there are smooth transitions all throughout the app as well, like when ur clicking buttons and such. -Ellie

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    Some of y’all are missing the point of the app

    This app is trying to make it just as close to being relatable to an actually disposable camera. It’s about taking the photo and then moving on with the day. Living in the moment. You get one chance on the photo so it’s raw and real unlike the camera on your phone where you take multiple selfies trying to get the “perfect” one. (There is nothing wrong with that tho) this app is just a different concept. Don’t get mad is there isn’t a selfie setting or that you have to wait until the next day for your photos. That’s the point of the app. If you’re mad about these setting then just use your regular phone camera.

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    Not a good update...

    When the app first came out it was great and worked really well - it wouldn’t crash or anything of the sort. But recently, with the new update and other added features such as ads, the app crashes constantly. I took some pictures yesterday (for the new year) and it keeps on taking me out of the app and not letting me view all the pictures I took. Most of the pictures I took on New Year’s Eve, I took them on the app because I genuinely enjoyed the quality and what it offered (I know I should’ve had a backup plan, that’s my fault) but am disappointed in the continuous inconvenience of having to re-open the app and having it push me out... P.S I love David and his work, in no way am I trying to bash this app as it has great potential. However, as aforementioned, I did come across that ‘bug’ / inconvenience with the disposable app.

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    stan 1888

    got this app thinking i’d just try it out. i was originally a huge fan of huiji until 1888 was released and i’ve been a huge fan since. figured i would try out david’s seeing if it was similar or (possibly??) better than 1888. whoooeeee i was wrong, lol. i’ll say, the app has potential. i don’t like that you have to wait upwards of 13 hours to get your photos. how do i know if they’re coming out okay??? the reason why i love disposable camera apps is because it doesn’t cost money to develop & you can make sure you’re actually taking good pics. what happens when i take a photo but it ends up the lighting would have been better facing the other direction, but i didn’t know because i cant see the photo until 9a the next day. also, the fact that the screen to see the pics your taking is like 1mm x 1mm i cant make sure everything is in focus and looks good. Sticking to 1888.

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    Okay first of all, i love DAVID DOBRIK!!!! He’s the best and coming into this app i thought it wouldn’t be that much different from the iphone camera and i’m pleased to say it is so much better. the camera quality is nice and has a melancholy darkish filter that makes everything look authentic and real. It almost gives a polaroid feel and all the details about the “disposable” makes it so much cooler to take the picture. I also loved that you could only get the pictures the next morning at 9 AM, it’s fun to look forward to and adds another special quality about this app. I totally recommend this app and remember to keep the flash on🤪

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    Am I the only one with this problem?

    I love using this app but I’ve ran into a problem:/ Since I don’t know the outcome of the photos I’m taking until 9am the next day, I take multiple photos. Although, for some reason I am not able to delete the unwanted pictures afterwards. It shows the trash can icon but when I press on it nothing happens and I’m pretty sure it’s not my phone bc it’s pretty new. Am I the only one with this problem? Please help!

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    The first update ruined it for me.

    When the app first came out, it worked perfectly. I love the simplicity of the app and it actually does take decent photos. No overwhelming filters. Lagged a little bit if you’re trying to take multiple but otherwise great. However, a new update came out this week and immediately I get an ad each time I open the app. Ok I can deal, I get it. But when I wait for the ad to finish, the app crashes. I haven’t been able to access any of my pictures since the most recent update. It crashes each time. Have deleted it, downloaded, and restarted my phone- still no luck. Oh well, guess I’ll wait for the next update. Till then I’ll give it 3 stars.

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    1888 is better

    i downloaded this app to see if it would be better than huji or 1888. i never really liked huji so when 1888 came out i was ecstatic. after trying david’s app i can say with a lot of confidence that i’ll be deleting it and sticking to 1888. the ads are annoyingly ridiculous, and having to wait till 9am the next day is stupid plain and simple. not sure if there’s a feature to upload pictures from your camera roll cause whenever i tried to find it a stupid ad would pop up (and they take up my entire screen to the point i can’t even click on the X to get rid of it i just have to exit the whole app). i also can barely see through the small hole that’s there to take a picture. if anyone is looking for a better app, download 1888. you won’t regret it.

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    It’s great but

    This is a really cool concept and I love the vintage vibe of it but most people want to see their right away and suff and if this was the only app like this I wouldn’t mind but I did find another app just like this with the camera and everything but on this app you can see your photos right away and also flip the camera and it has no flash and self timer and it’s like a better version of this app but I still take photos on this app to support David and maybe he could give me a Tesla and also the name of the app is called HUJI

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    Awesome app

    I love this app and it exceeded my expectations. It gives the presence of an actual disposal camera and is amazing in every way. One thing i wish it could have, hopefully on the next update is to have the date and time of when the picture was taken on the bottom right corner of the photo. That way when we look back on the photos we can remember when it was taken and look back on the memories we have!! Please make this a thing on the next update. Thank you!!!

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    As someone who frequently uses disposable cameras, I truly do not think this app is identical to the pictures you get with a physical disposable camera. I LOVE DAVID DOBRIK DO NOT GET MY WRONG, and I am so happy for him making this app! But I think if you’re looking for the true disposable camera effect, just buy the camera. Ultimately a physical camera ends up being cheaper anyways—$20 total to buy and then print the physical pictures at walmart. It is very expensive to print the pictures off this app. This app isn’t TERRIBLE—it does what it needs to do and it’s definitely convenient. But I just think a physical disposable camera is better.

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    David’s Disposables

    Okay once I got past the fact that I have a camera that is amazing and I can literally see whatever I snap a photo of instantly and not have to wait till the next morning... I loved this app!! I only had downloaded it in the first place because it was David Dobrik’s but I’m loving how good it is! Defiantly worth the wait if the one day to see your photos! It’s like Christmas, you don’t know what photo you’re going to unwrap!! Haha! Love you David if you’re reading this! :))

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    Not what i was expecting

    This is nothing like HUJI (a better disposable camera app in my opinion) this app doesn’t do anything to pictures they are just normal except, get this, you have to wait until the next day to see the pictures. lol i was expecting more from david. i love him but this could be so much better hun. still giving you 5 stars because i love you. but please do sowmthing other than make a camera app that has a flash lol.

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    i was spending so much money buying disposable cameras and getting the pictures developed so i’m super glad david came out with this app. it’s an incredible (and free) alternative to disposable cameras. the pictures even come out looking like pictures from a disposable camera. and it’s so exciting to see all of the pictures you took the night before the next morning because you don’t always remember what you took. A+ app

Is David’s Disposable Safe?

Yes. David’s Disposable is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,767 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for David’s Disposable Is 100/100.

Is David’s Disposable Legit?

Yes. David’s Disposable is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,767 David’s Disposable User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for David’s Disposable Is 90/100.

Is David’s Disposable not working?

David’s Disposable works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for David’s Disposable

@GerrardGoldfox David Walliams is *not* a racist, classist, indoctrinating book writer and it’s ludicrous to think so! Change my mind!

@MGastorf @Doctor_David It's ok. I told the medical director, and he said not to worry about it. He would have my back.

@Recovery_ABrown @wesxmichaels @mscharliegirl75 @davidthekick @realDonaldTrump To David's point, he's looking at mortality, not really recovery. He conflates one with the other. They're interdependent obviously, one must survive to recover. But anyone who says there's no evidence of science behind the 12-steps simply hasn't bothered to look or is biased.

@AprilLigeia @1pckt @Fr1nk3 @lindaz333 @brad_feinman @GregWasserman2 @BabaT55311315 @BritneyMorgan91 @TakeThatChem @PaulVCooper1 @NuckChorris16 @bikinatroll @davestewart4444 @rkdoctr @David_5705 @barryjohnreid21 @Cindy007JCsGirl @hugh_bothwell @TakeThatHistory @JaTapps @TakeThatEpi @ScientiaPercept @Ah_Science @bedouinprodigy1 @doctorbuttons @protecths @Dr_S_A_Malcolm @FrankDElia7 @svensrevenge @robertdutch87 @ScottoftheBruce @spikeinthemidge @SteveTiger999 @carlsmythe @DoubleDoubleJon @HaircutSpock @NoScienceDenial @Melanie33720945 @FrogTurds @HLebwohl @kmtildsley @evoisamyth @HELENO_T_HENZO @PierrotLL @eldrave20 @WoopsWoah @geraldpayne25 @JoeTheAtheist @HELENO_T_HENZO_ @NelsonMKerr @E_conRS You still can’t understand this? I see your problem. You seem to have a talent for rote memorization, but analysis and critical thinking have left you far behind. https://t.co/eC4NpT1uyl

@roywoodjr If I'm not a part of this 'Office' Spin-off as Stanley's nephew/son/brother...hell just let me be younger Stanley in flashback scenes. Fck a Kickstarter! Hollywood just needs to green light this Leslie David Baker idea. https://t.co/EE637hfNWx

@thebeatlesii @a_boss_sandwich @WajahatAli the fact that David Frum is one of the signatories is shameful, he's a man who would be rightfully shunned in any sane and decent society, the fact that he's still a member of the media elite is enough to tell you the system is working for these people they way they want it to

@LucidCaucasity @thejonmccoy @David_Leavitt @Costco the part that shows "elderly woman who asked him to please wear a mask" is missing from the video which tells me that's not what happened

@GraemeEdgeler @Publicwrongs I think an example of the concern they address is the firing of David Shor. I don't doubt some who signed it did so for reasons related to the one in your quote tweet, but the list of people who signed it is varied enough that it's not just that.

@trevorarrow98 No order, like everybody else: 1) Dr Chad Schrock 2) Dr Kevin Broan 3) Casey Cole 4) Dr Christopher Blake 5) Dr Jason Robinson (Dr David Broersma gets a special mention because he’s great, too, and it was a struggle to not put him in the 5) https://t.co/z6jo3OuCAi

@david_m1973 @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump When it comes to governors I feel you should look long and hard at our Governor Sisolak in our state. He was caught and it went viral he and not sure his wife or friends were having lunch or dinner no masks on and no hand sanitizer was around. I feel his excuse was b.s.

@David__Jupp @lindsayforsyth_ @all_velez @Crafty1994 @KasabianHQ The real question is why has he managed to avoid a prison term? When the incident is on camera how has a judge given him community service? If he wasn’t a celeb he would surely be doing time right now. Not really sure how that’s happened especially in this political climate. Grr.

@KStateTurk @Charitable_Fury @provaxtexan @OmgFacts350 @flitesurgn @doritmi @steven_l_cox @swedishchf @ChrisCasejp @MsTrixter @mcfunny @NottaLemming @MikeBlackmon1 @RisetteMD @Just4TheCause @MLAnder87321751 @StopCensorship7 @KatLaRue7 @_mamadeb @Golfergirl2018 @repr13 @crabb_vicki @Cyn9383Johnson @StahpL @InsideVaccines @handmadekathy @fuiwontdowhatu1 @AndrewLazarus4 @JestrBob @Bucklynn123 @SwordtheChemist @hendog451 @YellowSMama @runhack @jkellyca @rauolduke1975 @bigherm3953 @susan_welch7 @ChamberDisciple @lifebiomedguru @drbrignall @UFGator198589 @mission2heal @VeritasEver @Arbiter04032000 @fiski70 @David_5705 @kevinault @MonstaTofu @RogueTrader842 @LaughlandMorgan If you think the Chinese can control hurricanes, sars-cov-2 may be man made , pizza gate is real, Judy mikovits is credible, and Obama’s birth certificate is fake then you haven dug very deep. I’m sorry but you’re just wrong and have been mislead. Not sure what else to tell you.

@Charitable_Fury @KStateTurk @provaxtexan @OmgFacts350 @flitesurgn @doritmi @steven_l_cox @swedishchf @ChrisCasejp @MsTrixter @mcfunny @NottaLemming @MikeBlackmon1 @RisetteMD @Just4TheCause @MLAnder87321751 @StopCensorship7 @KatLaRue7 @_mamadeb @Golfergirl2018 @repr13 @crabb_vicki @Cyn9383Johnson @StahpL @InsideVaccines @handmadekathy @fuiwontdowhatu1 @AndrewLazarus4 @JestrBob @Bucklynn123 @SwordtheChemist @hendog451 @YellowSMama @runhack @jkellyca @rauolduke1975 @bigherm3953 @susan_welch7 @ChamberDisciple @lifebiomedguru @drbrignall @UFGator198589 @mission2heal @VeritasEver @Arbiter04032000 @fiski70 @David_5705 @kevinault @MonstaTofu @RogueTrader842 @LaughlandMorgan You asked me questions...I answered them...I hope you don’t stay insulated from the abundant information that’s available to you, if you choose to locate it...You have to decide for yourself, what you believe and not...You’d have to validate and re-validate the data for yourself.

@david_lemon67 @AnotherVx @rationallity @AngusMacNeilSNP @RichardJMurphy @StephanieKelton Cant speak a word of German so that's not helpful. But at least we can agree that the money supply didnt cause the hyperinflation. The root cause was that Germany had to pay massive war reparations which it could not afford. Germany defaulted leading to France occupying the Ruhr.

@GerardMB7 @MlNAJSZN @Natxshha @davidbunmii1 Ratings to Tinashe then. I’m not backing David Bunmi, I’m just saying there’s no point in bringing up his old tweets, especially when it came from a time when many other people were saying it too.

@David_Leavitt Over 133,000 Americans have died from #COVID19 & #TraitorTrump doesn’t care. Not caring is @realDonaldTrump's official policy, hoping Americans "will grow numb to the escalating death toll." One Hundred and Thirty Three THOUSAND. #coronavirus #covid #COVIDー19 #TrumpVirus https://t.co/BPDaH0NFs7 https://t.co/KxgeKo5e85

@DanielJosephFa1 @mickr48 @BobCrilly2 @CelticEddy67 @celticbible It's not just banter saying Rangers died, they cheated pretty much the entire time David Murray was there and deserved what they got, but for me we're 2 sides of the same coin and always will be, duality, good and evil, it wasn't the same without them. We need each other to exist

@tottinge @frontendez Your formulation was: * you know that Charlotte is working on the top priority task * and you know that this task is not blocked * you are available to switch to this task if needed That's good stuff, David. Very good stuff.

@mrvanart @AmazingAmori @painefulthinkin @maryinsouthie @thejonmccoy @David_Leavitt @Costco Ok so all is forgiven now? Mob action complete? That’s not how this works. You have done more damage to this person than he ever did. Whatever happened to equal and just punishment? An eye for an eye? It is clear you don’t put much thought in your actions.

@David_Charts @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Yes, when it's safe to do so: 1. Fewer than 500 new cases per day, not 50,000. 2. Plenty of PPE, not a shortage. 3. Everyone is wearing masks, even Republicans. 4. Shut down in August-October.

@vogeliowa @4020FarmBoy @cattleandcorn @BenHollingshead Ok David my entire point is how many acres you really talking? If it’s 20% of just your bottom ground not many. Important to you sure. But I think nationally and globally.

@wildxwired @mariss_ugh Just seeing how David just cracks open, especially after seeing how much love he already found in this town and the family he came to be a part of and then he’s able to be shown that love publicly

@CoxHelp @solrvc That's not the way we want you to feel. Please let us know if you change your mind. -David

@EarlKubin @KaufmanDavidNYC @Medium @levelmag David; good grief that’s just nuts. Why do you want to sow so much hate and division? Only you’re silly bubble is going to be moved by such nonsense and young man, I’m trying to be kind and point out how decisive your position is, you’re not helping anyone. Seriously!

@ItsMeSheilaP253 @carterdsmom @SamHeughan @MrStevenCree @grahammctavish I love the banter between the cast 😄 Tim and David's podcast, Star Force... it's making this Drought so much easier to bear!

@zwoodford Coun. David Hendsbee says he has an issue with how far this agenda goes with respect to the municipality's relationship with NATO and sister cities like Norfolk, VA.

@sozekeyser “I am not going fishing, mom!" David Lynch’s New Short Film ‘Alan R’ Has a Heartfelt Connection to ‘Eraserhead’ — Watch https://t.co/NfjrHpg2hK via @IndieWire

@JacquiWilkie2 @dgooch38 @David__Osland @firtyfreefousan Plan for their later years? Most people live hand to mouth these days two adults working in a household just managing that's the reality. And how is planning for later years going to help someone earning min wage in care home?

@YoungBoyBool @Gamer_Girl_149 Besides minor things, the important characters to the plot are Javi, David, and the villains, that's really it. Kate and Gabe mainly exist to drive a wedge between the brothers not gonna lie.

@KatLaRue7 @seraphina416 @runhack @handmadekathy @crabb_vicki @sardines777 @Charitable_Fury @mcfunny @MsTrixter @StahpL @swedishchf @SmokeyMtnStrong @flitesurgn @RobertANugent1 @fiski70 @alexbellesme @krebiozen @cuspenamente @Golfergirl2018 @RisetteMD @MikeBlackmon1 @JestrBob @Just4TheCause @MLAnder87321751 @KStateTurk @StopCensorship7 @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @repr13 @Cyn9383Johnson @InsideVaccines @fuiwontdowhatu1 @AndrewLazarus4 @doritmi @Bucklynn123 @SwordtheChemist @hendog451 @YellowSMama @jkellyca @rauolduke1975 @bigherm3953 @susan_welch7 @ChamberDisciple @lifebiomedguru @drbrignall @UFGator198589 @mission2heal @VeritasEver @Arbiter04032000 @David_5705 @kevinault Again- that’s a description. Not an explaination for how it works. It is simple and is taught to just about everyone in HC. Why can’t you answer. Especially when you implied you order tests on a unit...

@AngelLadeebug74 @davidmweissman Yo... DAVID IS THE MAN!!! Why? Not because he’s now ridin with Biden. But because when he began to see the things that were untrue, the slander, the lies, and the dirty deeds, he called ppl out on it. And when he saw that it was part of the playbook he researched, acknowledged,

@traydominic instead of being outraged by David Bunmi i suggest you guys just block and unfollow him. he evidently does not care and is even treating this as a joke. i do hope the people he’s hurt make it legal because in a few weeks it’ll be back to how it was.

@EdwardHMO London’s New Scene: Art and Culture in the 1960s by Lisa Tickner "From the pop art of Peter Blake, Pauline Boty and David Hockney to Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up, we are drawn into experiences that smashed through the old ways of doing things..." https://t.co/rPwHOq4gx0 https://t.co/B35vBToS91

@spthejock @danomomentum @kelseyyaustinn @Rolltide1224 @MatthewBerryTMR Also by that definition of a movement, Trump supporters are a movement. You’ll gladly go out and call all of them racist just because he is supported by wingnuts like David Duke, I just think it’s hypocritical to not hold yourself to the same definition

@David_Mayo Why is it necessary to conduct a "review" about the Washington Redskins' nickname? The issue has been there my entire life. What's left to review?

@KatLaRue7 @runhack @seraphina416 @jkellyca @handmadekathy @mcfunny @crabb_vicki @sardines777 @Charitable_Fury @MsTrixter @StahpL @swedishchf @SmokeyMtnStrong @flitesurgn @RobertANugent1 @fiski70 @alexbellesme @krebiozen @cuspenamente @Golfergirl2018 @RisetteMD @MikeBlackmon1 @JestrBob @Just4TheCause @MLAnder87321751 @KStateTurk @StopCensorship7 @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @repr13 @Cyn9383Johnson @InsideVaccines @fuiwontdowhatu1 @AndrewLazarus4 @doritmi @Bucklynn123 @SwordtheChemist @hendog451 @YellowSMama @rauolduke1975 @bigherm3953 @susan_welch7 @ChamberDisciple @lifebiomedguru @drbrignall @UFGator198589 @mission2heal @VeritasEver @Arbiter04032000 @David_5705 @kevinault I’d guess that’s a no as well. These are very, very basic questions. Surprising that someone who claims to work on a “unit” ordering tests can’t answer easily. It’s not even a complicated answer.

@gazza60three It's Brilliant to be white. I'm all white, you all white? David Lammy is a Bloody Racist Wanker. Tell me I'm not white. https://t.co/Ke0xyWn9Kk

@wildxwired Love of my entire life. I’ve never been able to relate to a fictional character more in my entire life. David’s character growth and journey into finding love for himself, his family and friends is my favorite thing I’ve ever experienced in tv NO ONE LOOK AT ME WHILE I SOB https://t.co/yXdgzuvBFb

@JimPerkins1908 @JustinSowles 99.9 % of Americans do not know this. Joe Biden needs to read David Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies, Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson. Cannot stomach that buffoon’s bashing of one our finest President.

@KitKatisWeird7 https://t.co/9b7THnllBN Yeah... That is not what she said. She playfully teased Matt, as a friend, and then said “I’m inviting everyone”. Stop trying to get the NMDs riled up more than they already are. She said it’s down to the producers. Clickbait bollocks.

@cherryxcrawf I’m hope to work I hope everyone had a great day! I love David and David’s bullies only 🤍

@DirtyStew69 @DavidBCollum David.. I’ve recently started seeing an older man who shears a similar interest in green tea and art to myself. We’ve made love on his mother’s couch and while your name never came up in conversation you were certainly in my thoughts. Thank you.

@kimberp2005 @kaycemick @thejonmccoy @David_Leavitt @Costco Good question. All these people that say it’s their right to not wear a mask- what about the rights of the people who care about their (and others’) health??

@david_osborn The more I think about fake journos writing op-eds, the more Qs it raises. They placed 90 op-eds in 40 pubs, a record any agency would be proud of. I don’t think that’s the work of a local Gulf agency - they’re just not up to that. Guess US agency given targets. cc @marcowenjones

@MissQueenieJ DAVID BUMNI SEXUAL ASSAULT A YOUNG LADY. That’s what the blogs need to write. Not “ALLEGED”

@adamdirks @Jim_OConnell @JustinMartini8 @goingbananas117 @DamarajuVenu @ethereal226 @David_Leavitt If it’s not fear driven, economy driven, presidential election circus politics with the MSM, than what was the point? The virus has now become a cold at best. Hospitalizations and deaths are way down and Covid is about to lose epidemic status. Why masks? Why now?

@CBCNL It's not every day you see an iceberg in Trinity Bay ... and a surfer, too! Thanks to David Hebbard for the share. See our gallery: https://t.co/KZUtRnEmxv https://t.co/8TUMVEODKt

@BostonHassle “If a poet’s job is to make space, then @BlairWalkAround accomplishes this and then some.” @crsjh_ reviews David Blair’s new book ‘Barbarian Seasons’ off Madhat Press. https://t.co/hwduEmqas3

@David_R_Feather @moncartoons Hey that’s derogatory to Rocks !!!! There’s lots of Rocks ( and not the Actor ) who are way smarter than Justin Skippy Trudeau!!!!!!

@JestrBob @crabb_vicki @seraphina416 @KatLaRue7 @sardines777 @Charitable_Fury @handmadekathy @mcfunny @MsTrixter @StahpL @swedishchf @SmokeyMtnStrong @flitesurgn @RobertANugent1 @fiski70 @alexbellesme @krebiozen @cuspenamente @Golfergirl2018 @RisetteMD @MikeBlackmon1 @Just4TheCause @MLAnder87321751 @KStateTurk @StopCensorship7 @_mamadeb @provaxtexan @repr13 @Cyn9383Johnson @InsideVaccines @fuiwontdowhatu1 @AndrewLazarus4 @doritmi @Bucklynn123 @SwordtheChemist @hendog451 @YellowSMama @runhack @jkellyca @rauolduke1975 @bigherm3953 @susan_welch7 @ChamberDisciple @lifebiomedguru @drbrignall @UFGator198589 @mission2heal @VeritasEver @Arbiter04032000 @David_5705 @kevinault The Sensor was not under the Mask nor was it connected to the person supposedly being tested. The wire for the sensor led off the screen to Del’s right hand Side. The kidswas laughing all the time.