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1. Want to know what tweets your heroes are reading? What Tiktoks they are watching? What memes they are giggling at? On Faves, creators and experts recommend their favorite content so you can see what they’re seeing and consume what they’re consuming.

2. With renowned entrepreneurs, board members of multibillion dollar companies, professional athletes, bestselling authors, top venture capitalists and investors, and more, Faves is bound to level up your content diet.

3. Faves curators share their favorite tweets, memes, articles, videos and podcasts so you can find all the best content on a subject in just one place.

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Never lose track of anything. this app is all your saved content in one place, organized exactly how you want it. The coolest part? Nothing gets deleted Fave from anywhere Tiktoks, IG posts, tweets--so you can always come back to them. Even if they're deleted on the original platform Shows and movies--so you actually end up watching them Books, articles, and podcasts--to keep track of your learning and growth And much, much more. If it has a link, then you can fave it. Keep your this app forever Nothing you save gets deleted. Tiktok unavailable? Not if you saved it on this app. Tweet deleted? Nah, you have this app. Organize your this app with stacks Organize anything you fave into a stack. You can even store different types of content in a single stack. Mix and match tiktoks, tweets, songs and more into collections curated by you. Search through everything What's the last time you tried to find something but couldn't? We know how frustrating it is. this app makes it easy to search through your favorite content. Want to find that cute puppy video you saw a month ago? All you need to do is type in a description of what you want, and this app pulls it up for you. Discover cool new stuff Discover the coolest new content through stacks on the explore page. Enjoy curated playlists, bucketlist items, meme collections, and more. You can even refave content to save it on your own profile Show your personality Your profile can be anything you want so make your interests shine. Into fashion? Show us your favorite fit inspo. Into anime? We want to see your favorite shows. Into standup comedy? We can't wait to see the funniest performances you've watched. Have any questions or ideas? We'd love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at [email protected] Maybe your idea will turn into a this app feature.

Top faves - save content forever Reviews

  • By 원경나연현정

    Amazing app

    Just got this app and I’m already in love. It’s such an easy on boarding process and then you dive straight into the good stuff. The content is golden, I haven’t had one post I didn’t like this whole day. There are no ads and you can filter by content type so the experience is smooth and also very customizable which is a big selling point for me. The app’s idea is starting to grow on me quite a lot—I love not having to switch between five different apps to find good content! Im really excited about what the future holds for this app—maybe it is the future. I’ve also started using this app to make group chats with my friends and we enjoyed the ease by which we can share funny videos and memes. In general a really cool app and I recommend it to anyone!

  • By emanicke

    Nice app

    Wow! This app is dope! I absolutely love the designs, and having a personal feed is so cool! Catching up on all my this app has never been easier, and I’m inspired by the daily feed I see every morning when I open my app. Definitely has changed my daily routine! It’s such an amazing app that I think it has the potential to become the next Facebook. It’s a revolution in how we do social media, and a revolution that is much needed. Plus, there are no ads, so my experience has never been better. If you’re into any type of social media, I recommend this app. It has everything I want and some more. Soon, everyone will be on here.

  • By joosh62697

    Hands down, the best solution for social media!

    This is by far one of my favorite social media apps. It has awesome full screen content and none of the clutter from other social media apps. It’s nice that I can just see the best content from other sources. Honestly,I didn’t use to look around for very many different types of content before. I usually just stuck with content from the few platforms I was already on. But now I can get the best content from a variety of sources that I don’t usually look at. It’s made discovering new things way better!

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