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Published by on 2022-09-29

Have trouble sleeping? Sleep better with ShutEye's relaxing sounds and sleep
tracker. When you lay in bed after a hectic day, does sleep seem just out of
reach? ShutEye is here to help.

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Reported Issues: 27 Comments

By Trish Jeffries
Oct 29 2022

App works fine for awhile, but when I get up the middle of the night it stops recording even though it says it's working.

By Patricia Peach
Oct 04 2022

Could using a humidifier in my bedroom interfere with the recordings .
I have had much lower snoring and suspected sleep apnea episodes since using it for the past two nights.
Would it block out the snore sound?

By Valerie Curtis
Sep 25 2022

When I nothing works. Recordings don’t play . Not even 24 hours. Garbage.

By Maya
Sep 24 2022

The app won’t open. I click on it and it automatically closes again. I’ve had it for nearly a full year with no issues and now it just won’t open?

By Karen Pennington
Sep 24 2022

The app will no longer open. I don’t want to delete and reload as I’ve already paid for it.

By Dylan
Sep 23 2022

I click on it then it auto shuts off

By Lisa Lewis
Sep 23 2022

I’ve been using it for a few months and now it will not open. When you click to open it, it just closes automatically

By Longze Cui
Sep 22 2022

Only after two days, my app doesn’t work. When I click the app, it does not show anything which means I cannot open the app. I have tried to shut my iPhone down completely and re-started the phone and tried again with no luck.
Please let me know what should I do?

By Longze Cui
Sep 22 2022

Only after two days, my app doesn’t work. When I click the app, it does not show anything which means I cannot open the app. I have tried to shut my iPhone down completely and re-started the phone and tried again with no luck.
Please let me know what should I do?

By Melissa Widup
Sep 19 2022

I downloaded the app last week and today and have only been able to get one nights worth of recording. I turn the app on when I go to bed and wake up in the morning and check it and always get the same error code. It just states that sleep app shut down unexpectedly but don’t worry your information with them. When I look at the information nothing was actually saved. What can I do to get this to work? The one night at work I like the format of information.

By Marion Reynolds
Aug 23 2022

Until last night it was gathering statistic but Sunday night it did not. Was it something I did or what do you think the issue is?

By Joanne Sutton
Aug 16 2022

I downloaded the Shut Eye app last week but if it is to believed I have had about 30 minutes sleep for the last 5 nights. I am following the instructions to record but in the morning it gives the time I switched it on and off but says I’ve been awake the whole time. Feel like I have been ripped off

By Jacquelin Klein
Jul 10 2022

No volume

By Dena Hanold
Jun 26 2022

The app is no longer accurate. It records awake time when I was asleep and deep sleep after I’m up, walking around, making coffee, and doing email. Should I uninstall and reinstall app?

By Franciaco
Jun 09 2022

Where do I swipe?

By Gg
May 21 2022

The volume button on my iPhone does not adjust the volume on shuteye…it use too but it has stopped…it’s either too loud or too low…cannot be adjusted…my other sleep app volume is fine but shut eye is my favourite…plz help

By Pamela
May 07 2022

Cannot replay any recording. Press play and nothing happens. Stopped working 2 days ago.

By April
Apr 23 2022

For two of my last sleep tracking’s I have not been able to hear the recordings. They are there but when I hit play it does nothing. I can’t even go back to previous night that I’ve listened to before and hear them Again. It just is silent when I hit play but I can see the audio file but hear Morning.

By Renee Holmes
Apr 16 2022

My app is frozen on the weather
What should I do

By Victoria Grantham
Apr 15 2022

My Shut Eye App is stuck on weather report mode and cannot change

By Joyce Tafoya
Apr 07 2022

Shut Eye is not showing my report. It goes right to my local weather report and stays there. I see lots of people with the same issue. Help please?

By Martha Moore
Apr 07 2022

My app gone to weather report and frozen. Unable to move-

By Carolyn Bischof
Apr 05 2022

My app has also gone to weather and is frozen on it

By Matt A Maxwell
Apr 04 2022

My app has gone to weather and wont change

By Nicola Morgan
Apr 04 2022

My app has gone to weather mode and won’t change

By Dick King
Mar 27 2022

I have no sound and the 'fall asleep' record of how long it takes me to fall asleep is always wrong

By Myrna Nunez
Mar 03 2022

The Shut she app has stopped working on my ipad and in addition it has rendered my ipad unusable. What am I suppose to do?. This app's screen has taken over the home screen and wont allow me to access the home screen. It's like a frozen app that has crashed my ipad.

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