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1. Focused on weather in the Knoxville area and throughout East Tennessee.

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Focused on weather in the Knoxville area and throughout East Tennessee.

Top Captain Accurate Weather Reviews

  • By Judy Carr

    Thank You

    David so happy too have your app and get a regular accurate weather report. No one has been so missed as a weather forcaster in years in Knoxville as you. Our news was always on you but since you left we boycotted WVLT. Thank you Fox Toyoto! And by the way my first car came from Fox in 1970. Happy Holidays To All!🦃🤗☔️⛄️🎅🏻🤶🏻

  • By jbogott

    Expertise Excellence

    Always relied on David to provide most accurate weather in East TN. He is truly gifted in being able to interpret weather conditions and not just repeat what others are saying. I’m so glad to have him again watching out for me and my loved ones.


    Quality App

    Looks like a well made app. Love that Fox Toyota is supporting David to make this happen. Love my Toyota currently and will keep them in mind when it is time for a new one. But really, the app seems to work well and I’ll definitely be trying it out as opposed to the other weather app.

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