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About: SmartStudy is a global entertainment company. We make high-quality animated and gaming content such
as Pinkfong and Monster Super League.
Headquarters: Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, South Korea.


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1. You can read fun stories featuring the Shark Family and play interactive games at the same time.

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Product Details and Description of Pinkfong Baby Shark Storybook

Have an amazing reading experience with [Pinkfong Baby Shark Storybook]!

Join us in our underwater adventure with Baby Shark's family!

You can read fun stories featuring the Shark Family and play interactive games at the same time.

Touch and tap the characters, pop the bubbles on each page, and review each story with mini-games at the end of every book.

Let kids discover the fun in reading books!

[App Features]

1.Exiting underwater stories of BABY SHARK!

- Discover fun adventures of the Shark Family -- from the Red Riding Hood to the Police Shark!

- You can choose either "Read for me" or "I will Read" option.

2. Fun Mini Games & Puzzles

- Enjoy mini games after reading each story!

- 10 interactive games are waiting for you.

3. Automatic Read-for-me option

- Listen to all the Storybooks with the voices of Mom and Dad. Kids can also read by themselves.

4. Read in multiple languages!

- All the Storybooks and Mini Games are available in different languages.

(English, Korean, Chinese and Indonesian)

[List of Books Included]

1. The Shark Family Orchestra

2. Red Riding Hood

3. Police Shark

4. Colors in the Ocean

5. Hot Clam Buns

6. Baby Shark's Christmas

7. Baby Shark and the Tooth Fairy

8. Baby Shark and Little Pisces

9. Grandma Shark's Magic Wand

10. Smiles with Balloons

Have FUN reading and learning with Baby Shark!


• Pinkfong Plus Subscription:

- Join Pinkfong Plus membership and get unlimited access to Pinkfong's best apps!

- Watch videos and play games ad-free.

- Share membership with up to 6 family members.

- Sync devices such as smartphones and tablets using one account.

• Apps Available under Pinkfong Plus:

- Pinkfong Baby Shark, Baby Shark Storybook, Pinkfong Car Town, Pinkfong 123 Numbers, Pinkfong Tracing World


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Top Pinkfong Baby Shark Storybook Reviews

  • By EduTechNYC

    These books are in broken English

    What a terrible thing for children to read. These books use odd phrasing and vocabulary, and sometimes make no sense from sentence to sentence—perhaps something is being lost in translation from the original language. What a mess. I love the Baby Shark Meme like everyone else, but they should stick to nonsensical songs instead of making nonsensical books. WARNING: they state that they do not protect privacy and collect children’s information. How is this even allowed as a children’s app on the App Store?

  • By Knachy1

    Black screens

    Just one book works

  • By Ryosmom

    It s not in spanish

    The App saya it has severas idioms but it does not. A real fake.

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