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About: NearGroup is a chatbot that allows to connect with like-minded people based on proximity,
personality, and their creative content.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.


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1. How does it work?
2. What is Profoundly?

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1. Share Profoundly with your friends and who knows you might receive that message from your crush next time? Also leave a review on App Store and Facebook to help us make Profoundly even more fun and secure.

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Product Details and Description of Profoundly

Join 12 million+ people who are making new friends with Profoundly, all over the world. Profoundly is not just another social networking app. We at Profoundly believe that humans are much more than just images and true relationships start with conversations, not swiping.


• We help you break the ice with fun and interesting icebreakers where only your imagination is the limit.

• We help you match with people nearby who have similar interests so you never run out of words and ideas to talk.

• Rediscover your friendships by sharing anonymous confessions, secrets and life experiences with your Facebook friends.

• Engage in long conversations to collect hearts and reveal your partner’s photos.

Profoundly has millions of users from around the world (with 800k new users joining every month), exchanging over 40 million messages every day.


• As a PREMIUM member, you can create unlimited stories and icebreakers.

• Unlimited replies to interesting icebreakers and stories.

• Find new matches 578% faster.

• 4x more random daily chats to make even more friends.

• Skip the wait and view your partner’s photos upfront.

• Send unlimited private replies and anonymous texts to your Facebook friends.

1 week subscription : $9.99

1 month subscription : $19.9

3 months subscription : $29.9

6 months subscription : $49.9

Share Profoundly with your friends and who knows you might receive that message from your crush next time? Also leave a review on App Store and Facebook to help us make Profoundly even more fun and secure.


Your personal information is securely stored and not shared with any other user or third parties.

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Top Profoundly Reviews

  • By Nicklaus Alter

    Great improvement

    I dunno how much the update changed, but I can tell that the app is functioning well and isn’t clunky to navigate. I suggest making a list of icebreakers that a poster can choose from while having the option to randomly look for icebreakers in case the poster wants a specific type of icebreaker. Also, perhaps try making the options at the top of the screen more noticeable? It might mess up with the minimalistic feel though, so maybe not.

  • By Theroxbaby1

    I hate beginning stages.

    I see that it was updated but what about the anonymous message that already happened? Still not feeling this.

  • By Captian Kirk :(


    I too fell for the one of your facebook friends sent you an anonymous message. And so I downloaded the app logged into it through Facebook and let me tell you it was a mess. For one going into my profile it had my age as 18, I’m 22 and it won’t let you change it. Two you can’t choose who you want to talk to. You have this tinderesk swiping and they’re all of the opposite sex. Even though it says you can just be there for friends. Also know way to pick your preferences either. So even if you wanted to use it as a dating site. If you’re gay good luck. And finally the message I got was from some person I probably don’t even know. How do I know that you ask? Because I’m engaged and all of my friends know this. This app is a train wreck full of false advertisements and just an overall money grab. Save yourself the download if you can

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