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Rating 5/5 | 310 Votes | 2020-01-07

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● Pro-network - Loop in the professionals around you Invite the contacts from your address book and Email list into your own pro-network and ready to be surprised by the outstanding roles which you never notice from all your friends! With BrandU, expand your pro-network with 3-degree connections and only cooperate with reliable ones! ● Role Cards - Your visual personal brand BrandU uses images, videos, paragraph and links of your greatest achievements to create your personal brand - a Role Card, which is an invitation-only portfolio to showcase your professional skills. Let others to get to know you in 60 seconds! ● Real-time AI data analysis - Indicator of social activities Visualize your social presentation with BrandU AI data analysis system, monitor the data feedback from all connections in real-time, increase the efficiency and accuracy of social activities, every spread counts!

Top BrandU - Professional Network Reviews

  • By LarissaRobb

    Awesome Interactive Business to Business & Prospect Social Connection.

    The past couple of weeks my app data is not loading. I love BrandU it works great on my laptop and used to work great on my phone I'm not sure if there was an update that made it super buggy but I can not use the app anymore. I will update this review when the issue gets resolved. UPDATE: the uninstalled and reinstall worked I can see my data again. I will let you know if it happens again. Has this issue happened before?

  • By LeonjCorredor

    Great application, amazing interface

    Rating 5 but I have a problem with viewing images on background section, some pictures are blurry and it won't get loaded, the problem actually exist on the website as well, I'm not sure why this is happening, i constantly upload images on background section to showcase my work but the blurry images won't actually help the viewersto understand the work. Thank you for the great service and idea.

  • By FelixMigacz

    Good features, easy...

    I believe this is the first time I've ever given anything 5 stars before on here. Samsung Galaxy s8+ is what I own. I do get the occasional add from a marketer on there who didn't read my profile but overall, the professionals I've had added me are intimidating but just what I needed to boost my confidence and career for the industry I'm going into. It's UI is easy to use, seamlessly integrates with the website and is easy to update. Beginners and Advanced users alike can use it.