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About: WebID Solutions provider of legally-compliant online contract conclusion and accurate personal
identification products.
Headquarters: Berlin, Berlin, Germany.


How it works

1. Instead of presenting your identity card at the nearest post office or bank, you can simply show your ID to one of our trained employees via a secure and encrypted video connection.

2. The only requirements are a sound internet connection (preferably WLAN), a working mobile phone camera and your valid identity card or passport.

3. WebID Solutions GmbH is the inventor of the video identification process and has already carried out more than 4.2 million identifications (as of May 2019).

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My WebID • all identification procedures and e-signature via one app • data protection compliant according to GDPR, server in Germany • from the inventor of online video identification for the highest level of security (anti money laundering law-compliant video identification for banks) With the My WebID app you carry out every identification - with video, online banking, ID card photos, digital identity or eID function - in just a few steps. 1. Download the app 2. Follow the instructions 3. Enter your TAN - done. Your legally valid electronic signature with e-signature is just as easy. The My WebID app only needs authorization for the camera. Tips: • Make sure you have a stable internet connection to ensure smooth operation. WiFi is better than mobile data. • Good lighting helps to identify the ID card. • The ID document should be clean and undamaged and not covered by your hand.

Top My WebID Reviews

  • By joe xxiii

    Worst system I have seen

    The system is awful. I had to call several times because the connection was very bad and they could not hear me. Then I was connected to people that only spoke German. Then the person on the phone could not certify the validity of my document because he was not able to see a hologram. Terrible app, terrible identity verification system and terrible service overall.

  • By Mack6712

    This service wasted my time

    I waited 3 days after I purchased my SIM card to be able to finally register my information. After that, I proceeded to try and video call, which was not open. I made an appointment to try again at 8 am the following day, yet when video called, nobody was there to answer. I spent 15 euros to try and get some cell service in Europe, but this company ripped me off.

  • By ponkysmosquera

    Colombian passport isn’t accepted

    First time I had problems while identifying myself with my passport via video. I did activate my bank account with another service but now I can’t activate a SIM card.

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