PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Reviews

PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-19

Create studio-quality images in seconds. In one tap, remove the background and
compose an image that will showcase a product or a model. PhotoRoom gives design
super powers to everyone because you edit objects and not pixels PhotoRoom is
an image editing app that lets you capture, edit,...

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Best I’ve found for easy white background swap!

I don’t bother writing reviews for apps. Seriously, I think this might be my first ever. Needed a tool to give products plain white background. That’s’d think that would be easy to find a good tool for this application but most were either very complicated or the auto object detection was so poor that it took forever to manually clean it up. At that point I might as well just use photoshop. This tool usually does a pretty good job on the auto detection but most of my images require a little finessing however it’s pretty easy. Sometimes it NAILS it immediately and I do a silent cheer in my head. The only improvement I might suggest (it may already be possible but my tech challenged self hasn’t found it) would be the ability to adjust the degree of opacity when filling in areas that should be filled. Fantastic tool for me and I am looking at whether the Pro version would offer any significant benefits for the types of editing I am doing. The sub price is much more economical for me than other apps that charge a per photo fee.


Why do you keep changing things??

I was a huge fan of PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor and gladly paid for a year subscription, but then there have been tweaks and changes that began to frustrate me, and now you’ve made changes today that have made this once a simplistic tool I was happy to use into something ridiculous, WHY did you change the format?! Why can I no longer edit my background horizontal vertical levels anymore and WHY did you replace these tools with animated glitches?? This is NOT I paid for, these silly things are useless for the everyday seller, if it’s something people use for social media then make it separate, don’t take away and change the format, plus the layout is now odd and it’s adding my QR code’s automatically and I don’t need or want it…ughhhh! Please change it back so I can use this again! I rarely write reviews and funny enough I had to seek you out unsolicited to leave a review because I’m so pleased! I am using the pro version and so far it’s worth every penny as I use it daily for editing pictures of things I sell online and just for fun creative projects! There are a few quirks here and there but for the most part this is by far the most simplistic (user friendly for all) yet highly capable photo app editor in it’s category so far, keep adding more features and make a desktop version 😁


This is a great app but...

I really like PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. It quickly became my 3rd most daily used app. Unfortunately I had to cancel my subscription. Not for the cost, even tho it isn’t cheap. When your putting together an image the layers tool is totally in the way and can’t be minimized, moved or customized to a different side place so it when it cover the spot your working on it becomes a pain. Having the layer title always up saying “object” beside the highlighted layer tab Is totally in the way. Then having to begin the process of sending it to get that preview screen just to have to go back and adjust it (With the layer bar still in the way) trying to manipulate it where you want. Having to adjust it and preview again. Totally ruined the experience and adds a layer of difficulty to something that’s already tedious. I’ll still be using PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor because it makes my store look great. For anything besides making the background of a single individual item white I’ll have to go elsewhere.


Latest update kills usefulness for CDs and DVDs

Until recently, I loved PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. However, recent changes are forcing me to consider abandoning it. It seems to want to remove everything around a person, which for some types of product is not a good thing. I sell a lot of media online and with CDs almost every one has people on it. In the last few weeks, following their updates, havoc has been wreaked upon my product photos.I cringe when I see a CD that has a person on a somewhat white background anymore, something that never happened. In fact, I cringe every time I see a person at all. Whatever recent changes occurred have not been for the better for my product needs. It’s frustrating because I know what PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor used to do but I’m left now with what it does currently, which is: causing me to take multiple photographs to finally get one that takes, or sometimes not photograph an inventory item at all because no matter how many times I try to photograph it it won’t take. Very disheartening. If not fixed soon I will be canceling my subscription, which is not something I planned to do. This was my go to app and now it’s virtually unusable.


Love the app

This is great for removing backgrounds. I like the different features it provides. However, there is one little caveat that I dislike about the scanning. Obviously lighting is very key to the scanning process but if your product has a shadow underneath (or maybe it doesn’t) it will remove it. For example, I tried to scan a car. There is enough lighting foe the product to show up all its features including its legs. However, when PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor scans, it will leave out one leg or not scan them at all. I’ve read the articles and I don’t see mention of this issue. Unless of course you buy their PRO. Maybe in the near future I may do that, but for now - the features they provide for free are more than enough for what I need. It saves me so much time in removing backgrounds and if it scans and leaves something out then I go to another app to adjust it and come back to this one to remove the rest. Highly recommend PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor!



I have NEVER wrote a review for an app partly because I don’t really care about these things but PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor is AMAZING. I have used SO many apps in the past to try and get a white background and PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor BLOWS my mind. I’m literally screaming inside right now because I’m so happy with PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. I am a seller and I take pictures of my items and post them online and it’s so hard to get a professional looking white background( PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor has MANY different backgrounds but I needed white). PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor is so easy to use. Literally I upload the picture and it takes a quick scan of the picture and automatically clears the background for me and gives me other options but I always choose white. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor is actually amazing. You can pay for a premium membership but even the FREE membership is AMAZING. I am so so happy right now because all my pictures look soo professional props to PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor!!


Absolutely Love It!!

I don’t think I’ve ever wrote a review for any apps before and I had to do it for this one. I sell online and I have downloaded probably 10 or more apps because I was looking to edit my photos and really didn’t like any of them. I happen to come across PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor from a YouTuber so I decided to try it out. What a game changer! I was so happy that I bought the Pro Version because this company deserves it! It’s absolutely Amazing! Gives a white background right away or you can add a different background like brick, color, design. Contrast the picture and then contrast the background separately. You can start your picture from square for Poshmark, Instagram size, FB ad size pictures. If too much of the picture was whitened you can paint that back in the picture or erase parts that you want whitened. If you sell online you MUST have PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor!!


Best App Ever!

I’ve tried for 4 years now to find an app that will allow me to easily remove the background for my Poshmark closet listings and PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor takes just seconds to the job and even has a number of free additional features that I will use frequently that are amazing! I’ve only used this for 2 days now and I’m going to go ahead and subscribe for the PRO edition, not because the free version doesn’t do most everything I need it for, but there’s so many additional features I’d love to use that the $10 monthly fee is more than worth it! I have about 1,000 listings in my Poshmark closet and at least 1,500 more to list and I’m going to update all of my photos this week to finally give me closet a cleaner and more uniform look. It’s completely changed the look of my listings and I can’twait to update the rest of my closet!!


Fantastic app for product photos! However, I wish it didn’t crash every 2 seconds.

I absolutely adore PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. What would usually take hours gets cut down to just minutes. It recognizes items extremely well, so you don’t need to go through the tedious process of editing the background and item for a white background. I use PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor almost every day for work. I work for a small business shoe company and I have to take photos and put them in a product line sheet for our company. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor is a true life saver (and time saver). I would highly recommend PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor worked flawlessly for months but is now crashing a lot after a recent update. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. Your draft is saved, so you can come back to wherever you were when it crashes.


Endless Possibilities

Pleasantly surprised by PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. What you get for a fair price, is a very accurate background eraser and a whole bunch of tools to help you create any layout you desire. The interface is super easy to navigate and within seconds, I had removed the backgrounds from 15 pictures and ended up creating a new facebook profile picture and modified several pictures using their ebay picture tool that made my ebay listings look instantly much more professional. This is such a great app compared to three other background remover apps I tried before this one. First time in a while I feel like I m getting more than expected from an app that can actually really do what it says it can. TRY IT.


New Batch Update issues

Updated PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor but prefer the old batch mode look. Where I'm editing one and I can still see all the other photos above and can scroll through them instead of having to exit out of my editing and see a full page of photos. The large "apply to others" banner also gets in the way of clicking the other photos when you exit the editing. Also being able to export indivial photos from the batch was great from the previous batch mode layout too. Used the new batch update and finished editing multiple photo. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor exports most of them to my photo gallery but not all. The ones not exported show an empty X square next to the checked list of exported photos at the end. (Ex: I edit a batch of 30 photos. Click export to gallery and only 25 show up even though PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor shows that all have been exported .)


Love Love Love 💕

This is a lifesaver if you have an online business! It has everything you need to make your photos the way you want them, without all the hassle of setting different scenes up on your own! The best thing about it is, it’s simple to use, whereas a lot of apps are a pain in the *#%, to use! If your like me and you just don’t like to take all the photos of you product, because it takes half of your day up… you need PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor! I actually look forward to taking the pictures and editing them now! I 100 percent recommend PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor! It’s great even if you don’t have a business. It’s fun to play around with it, and give your photos a new look!!


New update is bad and seems to cause my app to crash

Since your new update, I cannot as easily batch edit my photos. I’ve tried many apps and this one has been the best but I don’t understand why the format for batch editing needed to change. Before I would edit the picture and apply to many and background too would carry over to all and now you have to select a background to the photos twice and it is slower and not as intuitive. Also It works with maybe 8-10 photos and now PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor crashes if you select more. Essentially adding time to what used to be simple job. This company needs to remember that when they offer a paid app, a small business has invested money for the extra ease and has built it into their business model and relies on it but when the ease goes away it is a huge wrench put into your workflow. PhotoRoom, I look forward to you improving so I don’t have to leave you. Thanks


Seller’s Dream App!

I am so excited about PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor!! I’ve tried sooo many different apps to get a clean white background and most of them are time consuming. Not PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor! Plus it even has templates for certain selling apps like Poshmark and Depop and I think some others. But, hands down this is the BEST app for seller’s to make their photos look professional in no time flat. No more constantly tweeking photos for half the day!! Way to go! I hope the good stuff keeps coming! Love love love!! Happy customer here. The only thing, I will probably upgrade to Pro because it does leave their logo in the bottom corner. You can go to mark up on your iPhone to wipe it off tho. But that’s another step.


Professional Feel with Amateur Quality

I’m a content creator and fell in love with PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor when I got it. It’s a quick way to isolate objects & people to create fun pieces for my work. However, I noticed that the image quality is horrible on export. The biggest issue is how the text degrades. I could look past the original image, but the text is awful to look at on a computer or iPad screen. Would’ve given 5 stars but image quality is crucial these days, we’re not on Blackberries and Nokias anymore. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor also requires good internet connection which isn’t a major issue, but can be a setback if you’re trying to get something done in bad signal areas. This also means that sometimes I can’t find the layout I want/plan to use because they’re populated per upload. I’d love to give this 5 stars, or even 4. But I need better quality 😭


Was better a month ago..

Overall this still works better than eBay and other editing apps, even after the last round of disastrous updates. I would’ve given 5 stars a month ago, hands down! But now it’s unresponsive to the back arrow at times, is taking 2X longer to scan very simple images (straight lines on a contrasting background) and now EVERY little touch is recognized as a erase or add (red/green functions), even when I’m just pinch-zooming with BOTH fingers. And it totally slows the process. It absolutely did not do that before. It was precise and did not cause me to hit the undo button several times for one photo just for moving it around. Figure out these issues, and I’ll certainly update back to a 5! Thanks!


Easy and free!

I rarely write a review on apps. But it’s really imoressive and I think it’s somehow better than popular ones. I googled which photo edit app is good the crop the object and replace a background. I tried almoat 7-8 recommended apps. Some require we have to cut the edge of the object which is very difficult and doesn’t result clean cut(as you can imagine). On the other hand, once you upload your photo, PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor cuts clean of objects automatically. Also some apps are free to download but costs you to save the final photos. This is absolutely free!! I strongly recommend this. Especially someone like me, not tech savvt, not good at using complicated function. Whoever developed this, they did a good job👍👍


Download it!

I never give reviews but I’ve been looking for an app to remove and replace backgrounds, I have downloaded over 15 and none of them have been able to complete this simple task. This is the first and only app I have found that does exactly what I need it to. It’s so easy to use, it also has its section of filters and effects but PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor also provides its own shadows as well as numerous layers (again, it’s SO easy to use) that you can change and make look better, there’s also more simple things like blurring and cropping, PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor has almost everything I have been looking for. I 100% recommend you download it


Update has big bug

The previous update was wonderful as far as changing the batch layout. Being able to change the background of all photos at once was super convenient. I use the black background frequently and it used to be right on the main batch page at the bottom making it very easy to change everything to the black background at one time. The latest update took that away and I now have to backtrack to the main Layout page and scroll clear to the end to find the black background. The bigger issue though is when I did a batch photo and changed it to all black background, the pictures were downsized dramatically. When I uploaded them to eBay they looked tiny and I had to manually crop them three different times in order to blow the image back up to size. This is a dealbreaker and has to be fixed. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor is useless to me if I have to manually crop every photo once they are uploaded to eBay in order to get them to the correct size. Strangely this only happens on the black background. All of the other colored backgrounds are normal sized but when you scroll to the end and look at the black background, even on the main page for the sample photo it is a downsized image.


BEST photo background tool app EVER!!

This PhotoRoom App is an absolute must have!! In our 20 years doing photography and eCommerce and product sales this simple app is absolutely the best app we ever found. It’s incredible how clean the edges are when you crop out product images. People or any objects too. FAST, professional, now you can export in .jpg or .png format. At the low price it is, IT IS A MUST HAVE APP. Using PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor, we just saved thousands of hours of shooting product photo time. And the appearance of our products never looked better! A ton of fun with personal and all other photo uses. LOVE IT!! X 10 ~ Thanks PhotoRoom Team. ~ Your PhotoRoom app is our new best friend. ~ Kate & Tom


Great App

Really easy to use. the free versions auto background removal is pretty accurate if the photo you’re editing has a solid background, hit or miss otherwise and you can’t adjust the cut without paying. Ive been so happy with it, I was just about to buy the free version (and I never buy apps), until I saw the price.... and that it’s monthly. I would have been ok with a $10 one time purchase but add the word monthly and I’ve immediately checked out. There should be another buying option for those who don’t need thousands of templates and aren’t using PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor daily.


Just neeeds an iPad App

One of the easiest photo cut out apps to use by far. The auto cut usually does pretty good, but if there are some details missing you can get them by using the manual cut of the HD cut (requires the pro version of PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor ). The monthly subscription price is a little steep if you are only going to be using it a few times a month. Biggest issue is there isn’t an iPad app. Photo Room would be fantastic to use the Apple Pencil with. Dev - is there an iPad app in the works?


Awesome yet FRUSTRATING!

I would definitely give PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor 5 stars if it wasn’t so irritating. I can’t seem to swipe through the backgrounds without it “freezing” and the same is with picking solid backgrounds. I try to use my finger and swipe, but it just seems to be stuck there and I have no choice but to restart PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor . After restarting it, it still doesn’t work. I have to keep swiping like a 30 times until it loads. Please fix this issue!!



I just needed a quick thing to remove the background on a bunch of photos of models from my anatomy lab so it’s easier to study from. This literally is the best app ever you don’t even have to do it manually just upload and it erases the background for you! I’m so happy


Optimized for iPad and Pencil!

Support for both is here. My go-to for changing the background in photos. The support for iPad, and editing photos using Apple Pencil, makes the high subscription price easier to swallow. PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor really performs. You won’t be disappointed.


Ultimate background eraser

Truly is an outstanding app. If the standard cut is not what you want then you can do the HD cut. You will be able to create exquisite artwork and edits using PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor. Plus the customer service is top notch!


Almost perfect, and improving

Great app for product photography. I’m a pro member. They need two things desperately: a template maker so that I can do a white background with pro cutout automatically. They also need to implement a bulk import. This would be amazzzzing!!


Best white background app

Got the pro version 1 year to support PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor . Just wished it was a 1 time thing instead of the year. Just hope they keep updating it with new goodies if thats the case


Amazing app!

Great for any e-commerce store! Much better than built in background removers! It’s very easy to use, most of the time, no additional touch ups needed.


Great way to get amazing photos

It’s so easy to give your photos a new background and make them look really cool with PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor!


Amazing app

I usually never write reviews but so far, it’s done everything I was looking for!


Awesome creative effects

I’ve been a beta user of PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor for a while. It’s really cool, I generated awesome pictures and shared them on social media


Thank you!

Heard about PhotoRoomStudioPhotoEditor from Rockstar Flipper Casey and he is right, this is an awesome app for taking great pictures for us resellers. Loving it so far!


The best

It is the best help for my editing work. The variety and quality is amazing. Thank you



Thank you so much for making my process quicker!

Is PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Safe?

Yes. PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 50,182 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Is 39.4/100.

Is PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Legit?

Yes. PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 50,182 PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Is 39.4/100.

Is PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor not working?

PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Patsee O
May 24 2022

Got ripped off by app. They do not have their phone anywhere in the world wide net so I can talk to billing. What are you people hiding?

By Patsee O
May 24 2022

I signed up for the free trial and you stated that I could pay monthly but there was no way to ask for that so now you charged me full price and i don't want to pay full price for a year i want to pay monthly starting today. will you please help me do that.

By Lindsay
May 11 2022

Hi there! I’m having a difficult time editing my images as when I erase or replace different parts of background I don’t want are recovered and in turn parts of my item are erased that I still wanted to keep. All of the bottoms of my shoes look jagged and I’m spending way too much time and aggravation trying to tap here and there as precisely as possible only to have the above continuously occur. Suggestions VERY welcome! Thanks!

By Karen Cardenas
Feb 05 2022

I wish there was a way to save favorite hex numbers for a background

Jul 31 2021

The eraser DOES NOT WORK . Instead of wiping the area clean it replaces it with random parts of the images Why did I have to pay for this garbage. Why can't just once an app do what it is supposed to do. I am so tired of getting ripped offm

By Azhar Iqbal
Mar 15 2021

Hi, i wanted to know if i purchase the pro version what benefits i would get as i dont want my product image look fake or have a shaky background as the products images directly impact my customer base

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