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Nuri: Bitcoin Wallet & Crypto Software

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About: Bitwala is the bank of the blockchain economy.
Headquarters: Berlin, Berlin, Germany.


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1. Save and invest in cryptocurrencies and earn up to 5% interest per year on Bitcoin directly from a German bank account.

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Are you ready for new reality banking with this app? · 400,000+ users · €100,000 deposit guarantee · €0.00 per month · Make investing a breeze: Easy mobile banking and growing your wealth in the long-term – all within your this app app. Manage your everyday finances, benefit from investments in a selection of funds, hand-picked by financial experts, or trade with cryptocurrencies. Show-stopping Visa debit card included. Open your account today within just a few minutes. Crypto made simple: You want to invest in crypto but don’t know where to start? this app can make smart investing a reality for everyone, even if you’re just getting started. Join over 400,000 investors on the blockchain and discover new financial opportunities with this app. A look inside: EASY MONEY MANAGEMENT • Full German Euro bank account with your personal IBAN • Overview of your daily expenses • Fee-free banking FREE BANK ACCOUNT • Free withdrawals worldwide with your this app Visa debit card • SEPA transfers and domestic transfers from your this app bank account • A debit card ready to use at millions of locations worldwide BUY CRYPTOCURRENCIES • Buy and sell bitcoin and Ether at any time, all within one app – no additional crypto wallet needed • Track your crypto portfolio with custom price charts • Create automated Savings Plans and invest in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) according to your plan and budget • 1% trading fee, no hidden costs INVEST IN THE PERFORMANCE OF ETF PORTFOLIOS • Investments in the performance of curated funds of funds with this app Pots – starting at €5 • Broad diversification across different industries and global regions • Seamless investing from your this app account • Maximum 1% annual Assets Under Management fee YOU’RE IN CHARGE WITH this app • Easily block and unblock your Visa debit card in the this app app • Your choice between secure crypto wallets: we offer beginner or advanced crypto wallets • Account safety with biometric authorisation The this app bank accounts are managed by our partner Solarisbank, the crypto wallets are managed by Solaris Digital Assets.Therefore, your deposits are protected by the German Deposit Scheme. Your money is safe with us based on high German security standards. The this app Pots are empowered by Bankaus von der Heydt, executed by Bankhaus Scheich and settled on Tradias, a regulated platform for digital assets.

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  • By


    Great App and a great Company 👍

  • By BrieucJ

    Time wasting account opening procedure, doesn’t even work

    Wasted my time when trying to open the account. I tried to open the account with their app, and when I reached the step when I have to do a video call for id confirmation, the app said they were putting me in a queue and would notify me when an expert would be available. They didn’t notify me ever. I retried several times with the same result. Meanwhile they were sending me email reminders and a « final reminder ». I contacted their tech support about it and got no answer.

  • By Anxksohwkdldiwjnd

    How do you forget to add the United States to the list of countries while creating an account

    How do You forget to add an option for United States when signing up lol. Goofy

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