COIN: Always Be Earning

COIN: Always Be Earning Software

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About: Solving real world problems using the Internet of Things
Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States.


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Product Details and Description of COIN: Always Be Earning

Explore the world and discover rewards.

Create treasure hunts for your friends.

Compete with others around the world.

Redeem rewards for a variety of items.

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Top COIN: Always Be Earning Reviews

  • By warnerd

    Xyo to the moon

    Imagine buying bitcoin for 6 dollars a share. This company already has a successful product in their findable product line. Proof of location is definitely needed for blockchain and this company is poised to lead the charge. Getting paid to verify datapoints is amazing. I do wish we could automine but I was told this is coming soon. I have already recouped 1/10 of my investment in the first week and I only mined on my way to work and back. Looking forward to seeing this tech go viral. If you own a Geominer, you are sitting on a rocket ship ready to take off, if you do not own one. I highly suggest you get one. Please go read about proof of location, it’s here to stay and is a vital part of the blockchain. Once you understand this, you will naturally see why this company is a sound investment. Don’t miss out, do your research.

  • By Thud Rooter

    State of the art

    This app allows you to earn crypto just by moving, driving, walking etc. the concept is sound, the vision is a good one - as long as they don’t lose sight of completing the program to get the satellite up there. Otherwise other companies copying their model will take it away. This tech could actually change the way things are done in so many different area’s. It’s a good move to offer real world items and BTC - ETH in exchange for the coin you’ve mined. Even if you don’t agree that its a good move then - trade it in for Bitcoin or Ethereum or the real world items - how can you go wrong with that? Get a Sentinel, get the COIN app, give it a try - and have fun!

  • By Colton Webb

    XYO Driving the Future

    I started using Coin about 2 weeks ago and will say that going pro and paying for a membership is worth it. I have already 35k XYO and it has only been 2 weeks. Something I would love to see in the future would be to incorporate a way to see all geoclaimed areas that you have and how much you have made from each. It would help out the end user a lot. Also, when opening up the coin app you guys should incorporate like advice before getting to the main coin page to mine. Just small tips to help out newer players. Keep up the great work XYO you guys are really going to be huge in the future.

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