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1. More than 500 kinds of prizes – dolls, toys, blind boxes, water meter, power bank, and many more! Toys will be added every week.

2. Love claw machines? Play 100% REAL LIVE claw machines, catch REAL PRIZES and get them delivered to you.

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Product Details and Description of Claw Toys-Real Claw Machine

Love claw machines? Play 100% REAL LIVE claw machines, catch REAL PRIZES and get them delivered to you. 


*Real prizes

You can get the dolls you clawed after applying for shipping to your address. The dolls will be delivered to your doorstep!

*Varied toys

More than 500 kinds of prizes – dolls, toys, blind boxes, water meter, power bank, and many more! Toys will be added every week.

*Multiple Bonus

You will get 100 coins as a new user! Here are more mysterious tasks to win the coins!

*Quick Support Service

You will get quick reply of all needs when playing the game.

The awesome toys are waiting for you! Install Claw Toys and bring them home now!

Top Claw Toys-Real Claw Machine Reviews

  • By astronomali

    You *actually* win on this app

    I’ve played other live claw/crane game apps and even spent money on them, and never won. They can often be glitchy and seem rigged, barely grabbing the toy you’re going for or impossible to tell where it’s positioned before it drops. However, this app is different in ways that make it way more fun. It has a super convenient laser pointer in the middle of the claw so you know exactly where it’s centered over, and the claw itself actually grabs the toys, not just grazing them. I won on my third try using the free coins you get as a new user, and still had plenty leftover to play more. It’s way more practical and fun than others like Crane Toreba and Clawee. Definitely recommend. This is the one I’ll be playing from now on.

  • By puzzle lover 109


    You are going to want google translate for this because almost every thing is in Chinese. Anyway so the machines are by E-claw, which means they have a strong payout rate, which means it wins when it wants to win so you can get a perfect grab but the claw will open slightly so it drops but it knows if it is you first play or not so the first time you play there is no payout rate but after you win a prize it happens after so many people play then it's time to payout and grab a prize. Delivery: the shipping is free but you have to win 2 prizes before it can be shipped (it takes 2-3 business days to ship) Money: you start out with 100 coins then you have to buy money. Lottery: There is a daily free lottery were you can win, 10 coins, 15 coins, 299 coins, nothing, a 12% off coupon, a 40% coupon, or a gift toy (a gift toy dose not make it so you can ship your prizes it has to be at least 2 clawed toys) Prices: all the games are 15 coins. Friends: if you invite a friend you get 50 coins and 50 more coins for every toy they win. THANKS: I hope you learned about this great app!

  • By actualtester0101

    Obviously a scam

    It’s not completely a scam and the first 5 times are free, but you can obviously tell the claw will let go of it completely if you’ve already won in your free tries. I had the toy in the claw by it’s head to the point there was no way it could fall out, but the claw would completely open making it fall out and would stay open the rest of the time. Also know that there are people watching (like actually there at the claw mechanics, not just like watching on their phones) and possibly controlling it because they only put so many stuffed toys into each mechanic and will throw them back in once a couple have been taken out. I’m more then sure those people around watching and can know if you already won something or the claw is programmed that way to where it can know if you’ve already won. I’m sure I could buy more coins and actually get the speaker but I’m more then sure they make it so that you can’t just get free toys with free shipping on your first free 5 or less tries. Im sure I could just go on Wish and buy both of those things for cheap and they would arrive a lot quicker. Over all of you were willing to put in another 3 dollars to get some ear buds and stuffed toy to then get them in a couple months later, this would be the place to do it.

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