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About: Fox Business Network is cable and satellite business news television channel.
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States.


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1. Subscribe now for exclusive access to original shows, documentaries, director's cuts, and stories that celebrate America.

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Fox Nation is an entertainment streaming service brought to you by FOX News. Subscribe now for exclusive access to original shows, documentaries, director's cuts, and stories that celebrate America.

Subscribers can watch:

• Over 250 different shows

• Anytime, anywhere from your phone, computer and select TV devices. Cable is not required

• Watch FOX News programs live with your cable subscription

• Daily shows, unique specials, and featured movies

• Politics, crime, sports, history, travel, and faith-based programming

Personalities & Hosts:

• Abby Hornacek

• Pete Hegseth

• Ainsley Earhardt

• Bill Bennett

• Tomi Lahren

• Brian Kilmeade

• John Rich

• Lawrence Jones

• Mark Fuhrman

• Nancy Grace

New Content Added Weekly:

• What Made America Great

• Lara Logan Has No Agenda • No Interruption

• The Pursuit

• PARK’D With Abby Hornacek

• Modern Warriors

• Battle In The Holy Land

• Fox Nation Patriot's Almanac Featured Movies: Raw Deal

• Lord of War

• God's Not Dead

• Murph The Protector

• America: Imagine The World Without Her

• I Am David

Watch FOX News Programs Live With Your Cable Subscription:

• The Five

• Special Report with Bret Baier

• FOX & Friends • FOX News At Night

• Tucker Carlson Tonight

• Hannity

• Follow the 2020 Election

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Top Fox Nation: Celebrate America Reviews

  • By mefnea

    Brian Kilmeade radio show on Fox Nation

    I was very very very disappointed when I inquired via email and through online chat as to why for a period of time the Brian Kilmeade radio show was only available by way of audio on Fox Nation. The person who emailed me and the person who I was communicating with via chat informed me that because it’s a radio show it’s only available through audio and if it one point the show was available by viewing it on Fox Nation then that was probably an additional benefit to my subscription. They also informed me that Fox News can at any time without notice to make changes to programming format. Without dragging this out any further it seemed as though I was more knowledgeable about Fox Nation than the people who I was communicating with. However, I am pleased to see that the Brian Kilmeade show is now available on Fox Nation via live stream video. Thank you.

  • By Kintoobirds1

    Fox Nation Rocks!!!

    If I want real factual News I go to Fox Nation. And if I don’t find it there, I turn on the Fox Radio and I can find real News, not the Fake News put out by the Mainstream Media. I trust Fox Nation and Fox Radio News and talk. You Folks Rock. I have a hard time getting others to tune in, but that’s their loss. I call that “contempt prior to investigation.” It’s sad the attitudes some people have about Fox. To add to what I have said in the past, FOX is not perfect on the other hand FOX is as balanced as they come. The insanity of the Impeachment Hearings coupled with the MSM support for the Democrats; Oh excuse me the Radical Faction of the Democrats, and others on the Left leaves me with no other choice for real News and Sane Editorials than FOX. Keep up the good work.

  • By history seacher

    More about Pete Hegseth

    I’m really interested in his military training and where he fought for America! I am 64 years old and I’m thinking about getting a tattoo but I’ve not decided what to get? I wish he would really talk about the tattoos and why most of the special units seem to have tattoos . And how they decide what to get? I watch Pete on Fox all the time and you are really a great patriot to America and you make proud to be an American! But I’m really interested about the tattoos because for the first time in my life I really want one because of Pete! As a young man my father said you should not get a tattoo because their ugly! Well I’m going get one anyway.

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