Hint: Horoscope & Astrology Reviews

Hint: Horoscope & Astrology Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

The No.1 Astrology & Palmistry app trusted by over 20 million people. Astrology
& Palmistry Coach is your guide to a better understanding of yourself and
learning more about those around you. Learn more through our horoscopes,
compatibility reports, numerology and palm readings. Feel m...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Hint: Horoscope & Astrology Reviews

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    Great app! I had to write a review bc

    Of the IGNORANT people that are Rating this app 1 Star for the following reasons: 1. The app asks for time and place of birth- Well if you knew anything about Astrology you would know that if given the time and place of birth, they are able to provide you with a more accurate natal chart telling you exactly where the planets where positioned when you were born. This information allows them to offer you a more accurate analysis of your birth chart, horoscopes etc. 2. Who in there right mind thinks that you just delete an app and you no longer have to pay for it? They offer you a free trial meaning since some people obviously don’t understand what that means. A free trial is FREE! You are given x amount of time free to check out the app and see if you like it, if you don’t all you have to do is cancel before the trial is over and you won’t get billed. It’s that simple. People that say “they say it’s free and then you have to pay” Yes! Exactly lol it’s Free and then after the trial, you pay. If you don’t like it you must cancel the subscription which on an iPhone you just go into the Settings in the App Store to subscriptions and cancel and you won’t get charged. It’s not that hard. I haven’t explored the app much yet but I got so irritated at the ignorant reviews that I had to say something. Sorry for venting. These things shouldnt bother me but I can’t stand ignorance.

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    The rating says 4.2 ratings which is super great right, wrong? It’s only this average because of stupid crap that “people” said about it. If you have actually read the reviews, the ones that say five star are just a few different ones being repeated over and over. Does that sound a little sketchy to you? Good because it is. Seems to me that the idiotic game makers payed someone to say this crap. Either that or they repeated the same stuff over and over on different accounts. If you are gonna do this, at least don’t make it this obvious. I mean, come on. So Incase you aren’t one of the people who has downloaded the app and deleted it after two minutes, let me tell you what is app is about. Basically the app says it’s free on the App Store. You download it and put in all your personal information (which is personally a little creepy to begin with). Then it tells you to scan your hand. After that it says something about calculating your results. Then it tells you to start a free trial. Wait let’s back up a little bit, I thought it was free. Obviously not. I have a little advice. DO NOT pay anything. Because maybe you are one of those people who will use it once and stop paying. Well sorry but that won’t work. EVEN IF YOU DELETE IT KEEPS CHARGING YOU. I’m not trying to offend anyone like the gamemakers or users ( if there are any), I’m just stating some honest facts.

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    People are dumb

    After using this app for a week now, it’s been as accurate as horoscopes can be. The only thing I’m still trying to understand is the biorhythm tracker. But oh well. The reason I’m writing this is in response to those who gave this app 1star. A lot of their complaints were ridiculous considering it wasn’t about the actual app. The app works the way it needs too and it gives you an opportunity to do a scanning before you buy. Most apps make you agree to a free trial before using, this one does it as well. But the amount of complaints about it were insanely high. I wonder if these are the type of people who complain about only being able to take one sample at the store. The free trial was a lot more extensive than other apps. It gave you the full experience (a lot of apps only give you the basics on the free trial) which really was amazing! To the creators, good job! Keep doing what you’re doing! Ignore the haters! From what I saw in past negative reviews, they have no clue about the value you provided in the free trial.

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    So at first while I waited I read the reviews they had a lot of hate but I gave it a try at first they ask for information about ur name then ur relationship statice gender when u were born and EXACT TIME then it will ask where u live?! After that it forces u to push notifications it then of course scans ur hand after that it only gives results if u pay. At first u thought “o wait! It’s free perfect!” But no it asks u to pay?! Hello! That’s not all I’m not about to waist my Moolay on an app so I’m the reviews it says it’s only for one person and one person only. And let’s think about this, do u think ur palm is gamma grow every day?! NO ITS NOT atleast the tiniest bit tho I don’t really know but I’m sure if it did our hands would be huge if it did grow a bunch! Well I’m not gonna tell u that it’s bad or not to use it cuz it’s all on u. If u wanna spend money every week be my guess but if u don’t I’m just giving u a heads up I hope the creators don’t take this offensively I just personally don’t like the app I’m sure if it didn’t cost it would be much more usable and u guys would have a bigger and better profit I’m just trying to inform u all and tell u the truth. I would just leave it at this tho, so bye thank u for reading...

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    Okay why would I pay a single penny for some dumb app to read my palm- I downloaded without reading the reviews which was a big mistake. the fact that I spent 10 minutes trying to scan each of my palms was absolutely ridiculous. there are many others way this app could make good money off of their customers but the developers choose the most dense-headed way possible. Why would I pay without a test run first? Big FAT waste of time and it’s completely obvious that the good reviews are faked or bought off with the money that they used to scam people into this app. Writing this review was an even bigger waste of time but I felt like it needed to be done so people like me won’t be as disappointed as I was with the outcome. I can’t believe the people who made this app, trying to make a buck, can be so oblivious and stupid as to how to make money. This advertisement shouldn’t even be on Snapchat. To the developers of this app- you are foolish and in the least respectful way stupid, to come up with such a empty headed idea to make people pay money for this app. I deleted it immediately and I’m sure millions of others did too. This app is an embarrassment to the App Store in the most blunt way I can say possible.

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    Apple doesn’t care either

    I downloaded this app for fun and went through all the steps, and since it was a in app purchase, that usually means they have a free version. NOPE! Three day trial, which they are no slow to charge you the $7.99 “upgrade”. When you review the upgrade options, they also have a $4.99 option that I see no where advertised. I think the app could have been a it more successful if you did not push a subscription on your the users and was more honest about the cost of the app in the first place. This app will cost you $8! So download at your leisure. I called apple after I canceled the subscription and they initially refused to cancel the charge. I’ve only had this app for a week, I explained the problem and they had me wait only to tell me i need to look at the refund policy. They disconnected the chat with no more explanation. So requested another chat and was more persistent and after they sent me more info about turning on my screen time or some mean less info, they finally budged and cancel with warning. *rolls eyes. Now after reading the comments, i can’t understand why apple would give me such a hard time to refund my money. Smh apple and this bogus app.

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    Waist of time

    It’s just another app that try’s to shell money out of you with a free button in the App Store. You can’t do anything with the app for free. And 10$ a week. That means your asking around 40$/month. To put that into perspective you could pay around 50$/month for adobe collection which is an advance set of programs used for professionals. This is 40$/month,10$ less for a cash grabber app that only gives you fake advice that you could easily just google for free. In short don’t waist your time to bother with this garbage I’m adding this because I’ve never seen such an obvious scam before in my life. Take my advice and just look at the 5 star reviews. I can bet my life that it goes something like this “ love using this day after day...only bad thing is ads...can’t find out how to get ride of them...” or some slight variation. This is the fakest b on the market. Every 5 Star in 100% written by a bot for the people running the app. And that’s just the plain truth. They didn’t even try to make it look like real review because of how cookie cutter they were. This is a huge disappointment and I honestly hope they don’t get there scam to work

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    Ok so if you even WANT to download this app read this and think again!! So you see the add for it, seems innocent enough and looks pretty cool so you download it. It starts off by asking you personal information which is creepy off the bat. Let’s just say you ignore and put in your information. First of all HOW DOES YOU KNOWING WHERE I LIVE OR MY AGE HELP WITH MY FUTURE???? Well anyways after that you have to some scanning for your hand (which is pretty hard to do by the way) but anyway after you finish the scanning IT CHARGES YOU TO SEE THE RESULTS! THIS APP SAYS FREE!! But let’s just say your desperate (I don’t know why) so you pay it. After realizing the results are BULL CRAP you want your money back. So you delete the app. Should be easy enough right? Right? WRONG? IT CONTINUES TO CHARGE YOU WHEN YOU DELETE IT! AS IF IT THINKS WE WANT TO CHARGE FOR NOTHING! SCREW THAT! So a summary of my message is this is a HORRIBLE game and a TOTAL WASTE of MONEY and TIME! It’s not even worth the space it takes up in your device. I hope you use this to know this app is HORRIBLE!! I don’t know how it got 4.1 stars. And take this from someone who usually rates ALL apps a 5.

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    Too general for a subscription cost!

    For all the negative reviewers: if you had looked through the description of the app there is clearly stated subscription information and as for the personal information needed, if you knew anything about astrology, that is information astrologers use to give you a more personal reading versus a generic every “Scorpio” reading! Astrology isn’t a “game” that you play, it’s a tool that some people use to navigate their life and emotions. Some take it more seriously than others, just like some use the Bible to navigate their lives, also some more seriously than others! However the reading that was provided is still very limited and still a little to general for the subscription price being asked. You can get free horoscopes emailed to you with much more information. Or you can pick up a newspaper. So it’s really not worth it but that’s why they give you a free trial that you cancel before you get charged anything so you can try it out for yourselves!

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    No Thanks :/

    When I downloaded this app, I was looking for accurate readings and predictions. I opened it, entered all of my information, and continued on my merry way when suddenly, there was a screen. The screen was asking me to buy a subscription or at least use a free trial. I don’t have any money to be spending on an app I’d been on for about two minutes so I went to go skip the ad for themselves. But there was no skip button. If I tried scrolling up or down or tapping the corners in an attempt to leave, the button telling me “Start Trial” would shake. Again, I don’t have any money, so seeing that I couldn’t get to anything past that point, I gave up and deleted the app altogether. -to anyone looking to get this app: if you’re not willing to spend some money on it, don’t even download it. -to the developers: if you want people to actively use this app, make it more available. The way you are trying to make money isn’t working if myself and others are just going to close out of it after a few minutes. Change something.

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    Don’t download, this app is terrible.

    LOOK AT THE OTHER REVIEWS PLEASE. THIS APP DOES NOT HAVE THE RATING THAT IT SHOWS. THEY ARE EITHER PAYING SOMEBODY TO WRITE 5 STAR REVIEWS OR CREATING MANY ACCOUNTS TO DO IT. THEY ARE LITERALLY JUST COPYING AND PASTING THE SAME REVIEW OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS APP IS PURE GARBAGE, BUT EVEN THAT IS A COMPLIMENT. Seriously, don’t even bother downloading. There is nothing good about this poorly developed app by amateur developers, a first year computer science student could make something better than this trash. You’ve got a free button on the App Store, but have fun paying $10 a week for useless information, that continues charging even after deletion. This is a scam. Google the same information for free. Apple needs to shut these apps down. Clearly they have paid for many fake 5 star reviews because I can’t imagine anybody actually using this app for more than 2 minutes before deleting it and realizing it’s a waste of time. There’s nothing special about it. Main point: don’t download. APPLE PLEASE REMOVE THIS APP FROM THE APP STORE SO NOBODY ELSE HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS TRASH.

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    Such a scam, read this first

    So I have seen a lot of ads of this app so I went to go download in my head I’m like this sound fun blah blah blah. I read the reviews people don’t like it. I’m like okay maybe they are just being dramatic 🙄 I downloaded the app. First of all they ask all this personal questions like are u single, what time were you born and stuff like that. I’m like okay this is a lil weird but it looks fun. After all those questions they have to scan your left palm and your right palm✋🏾 in like oh maybe this is how they tell the future. Here is the part I don’t like. After it scans your palm the only way you can do all those fun activities is to pay 💰! Okay I thought it was free that’s what it said on the ads. Now it’s like the did all those stuff to know our information like what. Guys this is probably a good app if you have money but listen. This is such a scam now I will remember to read the reviews before I download a app! This actually got me so they need to fix this app now.

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    I don’t know what else to say except I am furious. When I saw an ad for this app, I tried it out. I knew what to expect - I was scammed by another company’s app before so I didn’t want to get my hopes up that this app was ALL FREE. Annnd it wasn’t. Turns out you have to pay ridiculous amounts just to learn anything at all. The upsetting thing to me is that they most definitely made multiple accounts or payed many people to leave 5 - star reviews (with copied and pasted messages) on this page. Don’t be fooled by these reviews - if you scroll you will see different titles on them but the SAME EXACT messages with the SAME EXACT TYPOS, I presume to make it look real. Another thing that they do is they use a few different messages in reviews - so that nothing looks too consistent. The lesson here - look at reviews on an app before you give them ALL your private information and pay ridiculous amounts to find out stuff you can find out yourself with just a little research.

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    Don’t download

    I saw an ad for this app and thought it looked fun and like most other reviews I thought it was weird that they asked for so much person information but I thought whatever and did it. Then I did the hand scans and saw that you had to pay to see results BUT I saw they had a free trial for 7 days so I clicked on it and it’s not free! They charge you 9.99 for the free trial because it’s automatically bundled with a premium week which is not advertised . Dont know how they got away with this because it’s basically fraud. Also I noticed the developers response is we have a three day free trial which also was NOT advertised anywhere on the app. I was charged immediately. I never write reviews ever but hoping someone sees this and thinks twice about downloading. As for the results of the horoscopes, mine weren’t accurate. So even if you are willing to pay know that the results just know that they are random and probably not accurate

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    I got the app and at first it was fine. I used the app and wanted to scan my hand again but it wouldn’t let me and said “come back tomorrow to find out more.” so the next day I got on to the app and it gave me this offer but there was no X button so I couldn’t use the app at all. So each day I tried but no X button. And either way i wanted to be able to scan more then just my hand I wanted to scan my family’s and my friends but nope I couldn’t get it to. It also does not have much to do for free cause every thing you want to do cost money. 🙄

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Is Hint: Horoscope & Astrology Legit?

No. Hint: Horoscope & Astrology does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 45,667 Hint: Horoscope & Astrology User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hint: Horoscope & Astrology Is 15.8/100.

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Hint: Horoscope & Astrology works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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