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About: The ultimate end-to-end property management software for short-term rentals.
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.


How it works

1. Guesty is an end-to-end solution for professional short-term property managers, with innovative features designed to solve the complex operational needs of their businesses.

2. Track the status of each assignment and enable employees to update you with any important information by leaving notes next to assigned tasks.

3. Whether it’s an update on a task or messages from guests, the app’s custom push notifications will make sure you never miss a thing.

4. The Guesty App allows you to manage reservations, see price breakdowns and view your multi-calendar from the comfort of your smartphone.

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The this app app allows you to access your go-to this app features from the comfort of your smartphone, so you never have to miss a thing. Using the this app app, you can: - Communicate with your guests via our Unified Inbox  - Oversee reservations from all booking channels on our Multi-Calendar - Adjust reservations and view all upcoming check-ins, check-outs, and more  - Manage your team’s tasks and track their progress by giving all personnel access to the app to view their todos  - Receive push notifications for anything you don’t want to miss: new messages, bookings, and more!  With this app’s mobile management app, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you can stay in-the-loop on all the moving parts of your growing rental business.

Top Guesty Reviews

  • By ArtByReem


    We’ve been dreaming of this app creating a mobile app and it’s finally here! We mainly needed a mobile app to easily manage our rental reservations on the go. Definitely needs a few improvements, but this beats having to open a mobile browser on a smartphone. Thank you!

  • By Millbones

    Helpful but needs more functions

    Glad to have push notifications with the latest update. Still needs weekly/monthly calendar overview. Experiencing bugs with current calendar & check in/out info being inaccurate. Somehow all reservations are showing up one day later on the this app app, although they are correct on the website.

  • By VenitaLynn

    Current version cannot add task comments

    The app is decent as a nearly view-only app, but desperately lacking otherwise. Current version tasks cannot have comments added; blank screen presented with no ability to type, happening across multiple devices.

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