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1. The Signia app gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the full, and all tailored to your personal preferences: audio streaming, remote control and remote support*.

2. With the Signia app, you can also stay in touch with your Hearing Care Professional and get support when you need it – even when you can't visit him/her personally*.

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Let the easy-to-use Signia app empower you on your hearing journey: • Be in control – Adjust the volume via remote control and tailor settings to your personal preferences with the Signia Assistant*. • Be confident – Connect with your hearing professional via TeleCare* and rely on quick answers in easy how-to videos. • Be healthy – Keep track of your physical fitness and hearing activity with My WellBeing*. *feature availability may vary according to e.g. hearing aid model, firmware version and TeleCare availability in your country. PLEASE READ THE USER GUIDE OF YOUR HEARING AIDS BEFORE USING THIS APP.

Top Signia App Reviews

  • By CmdrVOODOO

    Much better than the touch and my control apps

    Literally has all the same features of both apps in one app. Great change. My only criticism would be the Tone Adjustment is called “balance” which it is not, and that the icon for it is upside down (the wider wavelength should be at the bottom because moving to the negative makes it lower pitched).

  • By Goldenspider666

    Good app but would love an Apple Watch version

    Good app. Does what you need it to. But would love if they would develop an Apple Watch version so I can adjust the sound settings on the go without having to pull out my phone

  • By JustMe22963

    Pretty Limited Utility

    The hearing aids cost thousands of dollars with what must be incrediblely sophisticated engineering behind them.... why else are they so expensive. So why is the app so minimally capable? It does very little... there isn’t even an apple watch application to accompany it.

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