UNICORN - Color by Number Game Reviews

UNICORN - Color by Number Game Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Creating modern masterpieces of digital art is simpler than ever! Enjoy the art
of true coloring with Unicorn adult coloring book. It really makes time fly!
Just shelter from the stress of life and complete a variety of unique
anti-stress pictures. It’s so fun and so easy to color you...

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UNICORN - Color by Number Game Reviews

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    So I’ve completed all the pictures that are free and check every hour to see if there’s an ad for a video. This is one of my favorite apps and the import feature is amazing for me. But today, every time a new video pops up and I press it, it says no videos are available at this time. I also go to the advent calendar and it does the same. I lost all hope when it did the same thing for the import. I don’t know why this is happening but I’m very upset about it. My friend who also has the app told me that it happened to him for a week and he eventually just deleted it and reinstalled it. I will not delete this app because it deletes all your pictures along with it. I have about 30 imported pictures and I’m getting pretty far on the premium pictures. The only way to fix this is delete it or buy premium. Let me insure you I AM NOT BUYING PREMIIM. $7.99 per week is ridiculous. I really need you to fix this issue and I hope it will be fixed very soon. Like I said, this is in my top 3 favorite games/apps, but I just can’t play it until further notice is taken upon this issue. Please respond to this and tell me what you can do to fix this issue.

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    Don’t get me wrong I love this app... but there are a couple of problems... all of your bug fixes and upgrades you have added to the app are amazing! I haven’t experienced one single crash on the app! But still there is a problem... it’s the ads... what happens, is you push on the pic you want to color and you have to watch an ad to color it... and then that’s when it happens. It’s just loading and loading... and loading some more and then finally... it loads... you try to watch the ad... your spamming the play button in the middle of the screen... nothing... NOTHING! That’s when it says “OOPS” and gives you the option to retry... so you retry... it does the same thing... so you keep on trying... STILL the same thing... I love your app but even a person who even had the best network in the world or best WiFi in the world... would probably even experience this problem in the App... I really do hope you fix this... I have you a five star rating because you all have a great app without ads if you think of it... pease consider fixing this... Then maybe I can figure out how to give you 7 stars... somehow... I don’t know... just consider.

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    Please bring back some way to erase!!

    I absolutely love Unicorn. I spend way too much time on it, importing my pictures to color. This is absolutely one of my favorite apps out there. I want to mention that for me, the way that I like to color with the app, I really miss having an erase function. When the eraser was first taken away, I was still able to use the wrong color on an already colored-in square to basically do the same thing. With the last big update, it is no longer possible to erase a correctly colored square in any way. That is a big loss to me, as I like to color in certain patterns and take screenshots of those patterns - if I screw up the pattern I’m trying to create, I can no longer go back and fix the mistake. I don’t know if this makes much sense as an explanation. But could you please bring back some way of erasing correctly filled squares? It would make a big difference to me, as a user who is on this app for hours per day. That said, I obviously love everything else, given the amount of time I put into playing around in Unicorn! Thanks for the great app!

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    Needs work on a Saving Portion

    I was happy when I saw an app like this when I downloaded it and opened it I was a little surprised to see that somethings were locked well really most things were locked there are very little pictures so you can color for free though you can import any pictures you want now I thought this would be a great app and I was getting ready to write a great review but I decided to hold off and fiddle with the mechanisms a little more when I import the picture I put it on the hardest mode that you can and I started coloring it I had colored for about two or three hours when my app crashed the instant it crashed I was upset and I was frantic when I opened it back up and went to the image that I had imported it had not been so called said colored meaning that all my hours of work had not been saved and I had to restart that picture from scratch I was very deeply upset and I don’t think until this is fixed that I will continue on this app maybe when they have an update on this this will be fixed and I will come back but from now on I warn anyone who is wanting to color seriously beware to save your work every so often need an exit out and then come back in I made that mistake and it upset me deeply I do not want anyone who wants to color seriously to be upset good luck everyone.

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    OK for the most part but is something wrong?

    Even though this game is very similar to sandbox which I cannot confirm came out before this but I'm pretty sure it did and the many of the pictures cost money to be able to color, aside from the few images that I wished to do the maiden thing that I wanted to do with this app was color in my own Photos. At first I just thought that you could only use your own pictures but when I read the update notes it said that you could use pictures that you have downloaded into your Photos which made me get very excited immediately so I quickly downloaded the app and gave it permission to access my Photos camera and give me notifications just to make sure everything worked then I went to import a Photo and when I press done nothing happened except for a completely black photo! After they have a tried deleting and then reinstalling the app, scaling the pictures it all different ways but nothing works. I will try and delete a few apps that I don't use anymore since that seems to fix some issues with other apps that I've had but I'm not too sure that it's going to work. If it does work I will come back and read it four stars instead of two but if it does not I have to ask what it's happening?

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    Ok ok ok. Now really.🙄

    Ok so I was loving this app until one fine day I got this notification when I opened unicorn. It said that it will take up more space and something else. I scanned the terms and policy thing and absent mindedly pressed “ ok” and when to work on my art piece. I set the app aside to play a different game, and when I came back, that app was total chaos. I don’t know what happened but every time I tried to work on an art piece I either glitched out or somthing popped up on the screen saying: “time for a short sponsored lesson.”with a picture of a cat. It brought me to a video. When the video was over, I was stuck in the corner of my screen, and I couldn’t move. This happened EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPENED THE APP. Please, please, developers, tell me what to do to change this! It’s a huge bummer because I spend hours using this app because honestly, it’s THE BEST EVER. I’m so sorry I had to give this app 2 stars, because I would rate it more if it where not for that problem. Please fix this BIG BUG ASAP. You are great developers and I have alomost every app you have created. Good luck unicorn!🙂🙂🙂

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    Love ❤️ It! But To Expensive

    I’ve been playing this game for a YEAR now, and it’s still wonderful! Definitely a time-killer, and it calms you right down. I wanna become a VIP so bad! The only issue is that it’s to expensive, I don’t think 🤔 anyone wants to pay 💰 $8 weekly, especially if you don’t play a lot, because it wouldn’t be worth it. Other then that, it’s truly amazing 😉! This beats all the other coloring books 📖 I’ve ever played. Trust me, I’ve played lots of them, one of them that I played didn’t even give you all the colors. So of course, I deleted it, and then I found you guys! Unicorn 🦄! Now, your the only coloring book game I play. I also liked how you added the bucket feature, if there’s a lot to color. Just a little suggestion is that you can watch an ad to earn a bucket, because I’m down to 3, and you only give us 5. Please keep up the fantastic work, because I can tell how hard you guys work to improve on your game, and for that, I appreciate it. (After developer response) Actually, thank you 😊 for clearing that up. It make sense now!

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    Fun addictive game but...

    I had this game for a long time but then my phone broke so we had to get it fixed and we ended up wiping it and my apps were gone then I downloaded my favorite games again an add popped up for this game so I downloaded it again I started playing and it actually improved a lot but here are a few suggestions to make this app from 4.7 stars to a 5 star app 1 you should make the game a bit more fun by adding like a duel kind of thing to it like 2 people race to see who could finish the picture first 2: I think you should get rid of the whole premium thing because I mean I understand that you want to make MORE money off of it but it’s not fair that some people don’t have enough money to pay for it then don’t get the pictures they want then run out and have to wait forever to get new ones 3 you NEED to fix the glitches every time I touch a # the screen screws up and it gets annoying! I love this app and I want it to be better so please consider these suggestions thank you : D

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    Amazing BUT needs more options

    I love the app but since it’s the free trial version, you only get a limited amount of options with one new picture a day after you watch a video to get that free picture. I finished coloring all the free ones and the cost to unlock all pictures for only a week/month is ridiculous. Just make another version of the app that costs money. Like make this one the “lite version” and make the other the “normal version”. The normal version would cost like $5 (or $8 like the price you have to pay to get them unlocked for a limited amount of time) but once you get it, everything is unlocked. Or allow us to watch a video to unlock a picture. That’s what the app “pigment” does (not really supposed to be able to but whatever). Or instead of one new picture a day, have like 5 new pictures a day that you have to watch an ad for to get that one picture (each picture would require you to watch an ad so five ads total for 5 pictures). I can bet having a priced version and a free version of this game will make people much, MUCH happier to play this game.

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    This app is awesome (mostly)

    I have been playing Unicorn for about 6-7 months or so and I still love it. I’m normally a very patient and tolerant person so the VIP thing doesn’t bother me. I just don’t pay for it and watch the ads to unlock the pictures. The import option is also one of the best I have seen, especially compared to another app I had that when you made it as hard as possible during the import some of the colors had like 10,000 pixels to color. (The app also didn’t give you buckets so you had to manually color 10,000 pixels) So anyway this app is wonderful, if I had one complaint it would have to be when you tap the wrong color though. I’m in the middle of coloring, all relaxed and whatever, and then I tap the wrong color on accident and the phone vibrates annoyingly. Even more annoying when you tap a bunch of wrong color pixels on accident. Unicorn is really good even with the vibration though. I recommend this app to anyone who loves pixel coloring apps. 🦄

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    Great app! I love it!

    I love this app! I already got addicted and I have been here for 1 day... I played a lot of coloring apps but non of them were as excellent as this one! This is so fun! I prefer this one over “Color by number”,or “Sandbox” (no offense to both of these apps)...I do have a recent problem that happened... I tried to watch a video to get more buckets... but then the app crashed! I look forward to hearing from you! (If possible)... Anyway what I don’t like in apps similar to this one is that when you take a photo or when you pick one from the gallery it has a maximum number of photos you can do... And you pay “Vip” or “Premium”...Here in this app it allows users without “Premium” to still enjoy this app and this feature... I still recommend paying for the “Premium” anyway, because it unlocks more features... Anyway thank you for anyone who read this.. And I hope you find it helpful... I know this team works hard to make the app even better! Best regards -NoobyTacoz

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    The key

    iiiii was my morning dinner at work and I am leaving work today so hopefully we won’t be in the house o you have been to a little house for cleaning and then we have to work tomorrow night and i was the evening I had to work at two and then we went to go back and Lilly was going out we had a dinner at grandmas house now we can go to eat at home and get some dinner I have to take to school and I have a family friend and I have to take to work and I have to take a shower and Lilly and I can get dinner and Lilly and I can get dinner and Lilly and I can get dinner and Lilly and I can bring her to her house so she could go to dinner and then go get dinner and Lilly and I can get dinner and Lilly and I can and go eat with him and then I will and then I think we are leaving here now and i should be home in about the day you want to come home tomorrow after school or if we are out we are going out to eat and we have to take care of dinner tomorrow evening so I gotta we are eating dinner at dinner and or

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    All around great color by number app but it could use a tweak or two

    If you compare this app with other apps of the same ilk then this is far and away the best free version. Mainly because of the ability to upload your own pictures and pixelate them to color in adding a lot of replayability. Other apps similar to this do not allow you to upload many of your own pictures you want. Most of these kinds of apps will either limit you to two of your own pictures you can use without a subscription or simply won’t have the function on the free version. This alone to me makes it the best. However my complaint would be that actual coloring needs to be improved. It can be extremely frustrating when you’re working on a picture that has over 60 different colors and you accidentally hit the wrong block that was already colored and it changes it and negates what you already did. Just moving the screen around I often change a block or a whole row on accident which drives me insane usually.

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    Importing disaster

    To begin this app isn't necessary for a person like me because I love to draw and having whatever creative freedom I'd desire. None the less, I enjoy a challenge. Therefore instead of using the provided pictures I would use the import option and modify it to the most difficult level. As I would work on the pictures I would either become bored or have something else to do. So I would exit out of the app. Only to come back to it later to find that all my progress hasn't been saved. This it self is quite frustrating. After the first time this happened I would make sure I pressed the "share" button to make sure it would save, but like I stated earlier I liked to use the hardest option possible. In this it would take me a while to get done and if I spent a long time on the same picture I would get stuck. I would press share or the back buttons but nothing would happen forcing me to just exit out. Then all my progress would be lost. If you're looking for an app just to pass time this is for you, but if you want creative freedoms and the ability to save your difficult work I wouldn't recommend it.

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    A little good and a problem.

    Your pictures are so good! And I love how creative you get and I also like how you sort them out, but there’s a problem, ok let me tell you the problem. One day I was coloring in the unicorn coloring book on my moms phone like I always do, and you have such good pictures but a lot of them are locked. So I asked my mom if she could buy the pictures she said sure and asked how much it was. I said 8 dollars a week. She jumped and said what a week! And to tell the truth, I do think that’s a little insane. And if it was a month ya we would do it. And if you want to make some money off of your game more people would buy it if it was a month. Or guess what free would be even better I mean think of all the kids that would be so happy if it was free. So if your reading this letter, try changing the price and keep on making a good game!

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