Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Reviews

Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-16

Lose weight, tone muscles, or get into their dream shape with Home Fitness
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Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Reviews

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    I should have known this app wasn’t what it purports to be when I downloaded this app several weeks ago, only to find that it wanted my money before it showed me anything of value. I should have followed my better judgement then. Instead, I put it on a back page while I considered whether the scam was worth the look. After watching the artificial “Brady Bunch” like animations indicating the ability to click select specific areas to impact specific muscles, I paid for 6 months only to find that animation to be nonexistent in the app. Instead there a skeletal structure that strings together basic exercises you can get from free apps in the App Store right now. The is no ability to integrate it to Apple Health, that I could find either. Overall this was a waste of my $35+ dollars. Oh well, I paid for 6 months. I’ll keep it for 6 months. Who knows, may be they’ll upgrade it with friendly, relevant information that is helpful. If they do, I’ll revisit my comments and rating here. I won’t hold my breath though. As for you, if you haven’t paid, don’t waste you time and money. R!ck

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    I downloaded this app a bit back, but didn’t open it till recently. It asks me a few questions, ok. I want to lose weight. I then put in the Height, Weight, that stuff. I finish and it says that the system is making me my thirty day workout routine. At this point I am pretty excited to get my workouts started. Then it tells me to do a three day trial, or let them leech THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS from me just to get six months. Mind telling me what kind of crap that is? You give people intriguing ads to make them excited about getting fit, or becoming stronger, and then of course, “Oh, and by the way, you need to pay us thirty five dollars to continue using our app!”??? Yeah, fat chance. A gym membership costs less. Get rid of that pay to play stuff, and I’ll consider redownloading it. I understand, you need to make money, but this? Not the way to do it. Thank you for reading this if you did.

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    I downloaded this app a couple months back. I didn’t use it that much back then. But I started recently. It’s been three weeks since I’ve been actually using the app. But recently when I wanted to complete my daily 15 it didn’t show none of my workouts. I tried and tried to see if it was my phone acting up but it wasn’t. It’s the app. And there’s no way to change it. And I have the 1 year subscription plan. I was just feeling myself, then this app gave up on me. I still use the app until my subscription ends. But other than that it’s a “good” oaky app.

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    Great Workouts with a Few Flaws

    I love this app! This is just what I needed to step up my fitness and get stronger. Instructions are clear and helpful so you don’t injure yourself. Two suggestions for developers: 1) Add a way to see how long a workout is the next day so we can plan. I get up at 5am to work out, sometimes discovering my workout is 25 minutes and sometimes 70! It’s frustrating to not be able to plan. 2) There should be a list of equipment needed too. That way, when you start a workout, you don’t have to scramble for the right weights.

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    Amazing app!

    This is such an amazing app! In the start it asks for your age, height and weight. Then it asks you what your goal weight is and what you want to work on. You get to choose your level of difficulty and when you want to do it. It give you many exercises on the specific thing you want to work on and tells you how exactly to do the work out. No equipment is needed either! Extremely good and easy app and I recommend it if you are looking to do some easy workouts at home to lose those few extra pounds.

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    First day of free trial

    I like the customized approach. It lets me pick problem areas and begin the process at my current level, but challenges me enough to move me forward. This app had me choose the number of days I work out, and select which days. I like that while I rest between exercises I am watching the next exercise demonstrated. That really helps with getting the proper form. It would be helpful if at the start it told me what I would need for that workout, (2 liter bottles, for example), so I could grab them before we start.

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    Terrible App - How to unsubscribe

    Everything in the App is just simple exercises you can look up online. They create workouts by listing out exercises for you to do but there is no timer, no guidance, no motivation to lead you through it so the app is pointless. You’re better off googling a workout than use this How to unsubscribe: I noticed a lot of people had difficulty with this, including myself, but I figured out how to get rid of this app before they charge you the exorbitant monthly subscription price. You cannot unsubscribe within the app. You have to come here to the App Store, go to your account page, then sign in to your Apple ID to go to your account settings. There you can see your subscriptions page and choose to unsubscribe from the app.

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    Idea how to make it better

    I only used the app today for the first time. I come from years of going to the gym mostly training with personal trainers and I wish there was an option to rate each exercise individually (a simple “yay” or “nay” would be good enough) so you guys can customize the workouts even more. I am extremely fit but have a problem with one of my wrists and lower back and certain exercises are not fun for me. I wished I could rate them in such way so they do not appear to often. And vice versa, if I like an excessive maybe you can create more like that one.

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    Good app but needs some work

    I like the personalized programs the app generates and it is nice that the workouts are short because I have a busy schedule. The one thing I wish I could do is reschedule the workout for a different day if needed or being able to switch days every week. My schedule is not the same every week so I cannot always commit to exercising on the same days for 4 weeks. Another thing I’ve noticed is that some of the verbal explanations given when an exercise starts is not the correct one.

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    It’s great if you’re willing to pay $25 a month...

    I got into the app and I was so excited but then when I clicked “see my plan” it asked me to sign up for a subscription for $25 a month. It did give me a three day trial, but $300 a year is a lot, so I didn’t continue. I like that it gives you a goal survey before just fiving you workouts, and the few workouts I did do with this app I really enjoyed, I’m just not interested in giving that much money when I could just find much better deals for the same thing online. If you are ok with giving that much money, go for it! It seemed like a great app!

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    Beginners fear

    As a new entry into the eat healthy and physical fitness world I was thinking I would not like working out but decided to try after seeing the GetFit Ad which seemed to be my style and after sweating profusely for sometime after my first and second day workout I knew I was on the right track. I plan to keep going. The workouts are strenuous as I am a beginner but as a wise man stated “ no struggle, no progress”.

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    I love this app so so much because it influences you and shows you how to do the workouts correctly and It’s also motivating you to push harder! I am using this app 3 days a week now to loose some weight and it’s working! It does 25 minute workouts. But you can also switch the setting if u want a low workout, neutral workout, or intense. But I am also doing weight training at school so that’s helping for me to get stronger. But get this app it’s great!!

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    This app is the worst!!! I didn’t find any part of it helpful. I wouldn’t have given it any stars if I could. I can’t figure out how to cancel this stupid thing either. I contacted support and they continue to send a link that is NOT helpful. I know how to cancel subscriptions in my iTunes and this app isn’t listed. I sent a screenshot and they still send me the same generic email with the link. I took my credit card information out just so they couldn’t charge me. Don’t know what will happen but I plan on fighting any charge they try to make me pay. Believe me it’s not worth the frustration. I hope no else goes through this unnecessary BS!!

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    Don’t waste your money

    This app is waaaaaaay over priced for the simplicity of it. If you’re looking for just some simple home workouts you can find the exact information on Pinterest by looking up ‘home workouts’. I understand that a lot of beginners don’t know where to start. But be wise about your money. If you’re willing to spend this much for someone to just give you basic workouts to do at home. You’re better off paying for a class at a gym. In fact the class will be cheaper then this app and an actual trainer will be able to make sure your posture doesn’t slack when your doing the workouts.

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    So far so good...

    Just bought this app- I really like it so far because it gives me choices in what I want for my body and also gives a brief summary of what the workout entails... I get to choose the intensity and the days I workout. The workout show you how to do them and give the time of doing each workout. So far I’m enjoying it and I will give an update at some point in time

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Is Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Safe?

Yes. Home Fitness Workout by GetFit is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,858 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Is 41.3/100.

Is Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Legit?

Yes. Home Fitness Workout by GetFit is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,858 Home Fitness Workout by GetFit User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Home Fitness Workout by GetFit Is 41.3/100.

Is Home Fitness Workout by GetFit not working?

Home Fitness Workout by GetFit works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Juliana Elliott
Jan 23 2021

This is not helpful app and I figured out how to get rid of this app before they charge you the exorbitant monthly subscription price. You cannot unsubscribe within the app. You have to come here to the App Store, go to your account page, then sign in to your Apple ID to go to your account settings. There you can see your subscriptions page and choose to unsubscribe from the app.. I want my money refund!.. 65 pounds!!!

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