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About: Waiting rooms suck. Enjoy quick, affordable and efficient healthcare right in your pocket.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.


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1. We are combining the latest evidence based medicine with cutting edge technology to create a fast, accessible, and affordable way to get care from a medical provider anywhere, anytime.

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Product Details and Description of HeyDoctor by GoodRx

HeyDoctor is the easiest and most affordable way to get simple medical care.


Waiting rooms suck. Get care from our medical providers right now. We take care of many common conditions.


No insurance needed. Most visits are under $30 and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


- Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Testing and Treatment

- Start or Refill Birth Control

- Acne Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

- High Cholesterol (Lipid) Testing and Treatment

- Vitamin D Screening and Treatment

- Pre-Diabetes Screening and Referral

- Hepatitis C Screening and Referral

- Female Condom Prescription

- Help Quitting Smoking

- And Many More...


We can send the medicine to your local pharmacy, by mail, and in some cities even have it delivered to your door.


You can chat with your medical provider anytime and anywhere using secure messaging. Your data is protected by HIPAA - encrypted and secure.


We are combining the latest evidence based medicine with cutting edge technology to create a fast, accessible, and affordable way to get care from a medical provider anywhere, anytime.

Made with love in San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Seattle.

Top HeyDoctor by GoodRx Reviews

  • By Sad Chivette

    High quality on-demand health care

    Hey Doctor is an incredible resource for treatment of many medical issues, including birth control prescriptions, UTI treatment, acne medications, and diabetes testing and treatment. The app is so easy to use, and the medical team gets back to you so fast! I discovered this service a few months ago when my regular Ob-gyn’s office called to cancel my regular birth control refill appointment because my dr was going out of town, not normally a big deal but I was almost out of my birth control pills. I tried the Teladoc service offered by my insurance company, but they don’t refill birth control. I tried to to get an appointment with another provider but no one was available. I even tried urgent care but they won’t refill or prescribe birth control. I started to panic but then I found Hey Doctor. They were able to get me a refill the same day, it was so easy, and the Dr that I worked with really seemed to care about my wellbeing. The app is super easy to use, and the pricing is so affordable. Plus if you don’t have insurance they work with you to find low cost options including which pharmacies will be cheapest. They offer lots of other medical services as well, I am so grateful that I found Hey Doctor and I recommend it to everyone!

  • By crossword luver

    I would recommend this to anyone!!

    tl;dr: this app worked well to get antibiotics for my UTI, and the doctor was very professional and seemed like he really cared about my well being!! I recently moved 1700 miles away from my hometown and don’t have an actual doctor yet. I also didn’t want to pay the $50 to go to urgent care, so I decided to try this app. I had symptoms of a UTI for a few days and was hoping they’d just go away but they did not so I downloaded the app and filled out all of the questions they asked (on a Friday at 10 pm). By 2:30 a.m. they had called in an antibiotic to my pharmacy. I then woke up at 6:30 a.m. with the worst lower back pain and was so scared that it had become a kidney infection. I quickly went to go see if the antibiotics were ready at the pharmacy (it’s a 24 hour pharmacy so they were, thank goodness). I messaged the doctor and told him I was having back pains now and a few hours later (on a Saturday!!) he called me and asked questions about my symptoms and then told me to stop taking the first antibiotic and prescribed a different antibiotic that is better suited for kidney infections! I was not expecting that kind of service from a $25 doctor app, but it was such a relief to have his help.

  • By SkySky312

    I’m crying

    I havnt had insurance for years since my parents kicked me off at 18 so I ALWAYS avoid the doctors because I can never afford it, I get UTIs quite frequently probably because I hold my pee a lot and never drink water lol but I normally just am in pain for weeks before they subside, this one that showed up a few days ago just seemed worse than normal and I knew I couldn’t go and work while having to run to the bathroom every 2 minutes and being uncomfortable in jeans, so I tried this out after reading as many reviews as a I could, it cost $20 so my skepticism wasn’t too bad considering if I lost $20 I lost $20 whatever, within 15 minutes of finishing the questionnaire they sent a prescription over to my pharmacy and all within an hour I had an antibacterial for my UTI and it only cost $20, (I got one of the medications that was apparently free?) I got back to my car and started crying because the last time I went to the doctor for a UTI they had to order a lab to confirm and then send a prescription and all and all it was well over $100-$200 and this is a life changer for me, just know, it’s 100% legit and amazing

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