BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Reviews

BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-26

Getting fit is now even more accessible with the brand new BetterMe app! FIVE
REASONS TO INSTALL BetterMe: 1. Customized wholesome approach to weight loss
and weight gain We adjust to your busy schedule, preferences and lifestyle to
achieve fast results without harming your health 2....

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BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Reviews

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    Great app but not happy about other stuff

    I signed up bought the app, have had it for a long time pay my dues regularly except recently. I got he app because I wanted to be healthier, life had other plans. And the app and I just couldn’t do what I needed to do to to get there. So I deleted it. And then saw I kept being billed for the service that I was no longer using. And there is no where within the app to cancel the purchase. Because what’s to point in having to pay for something that you quite frankly have Zero time for let alone cannot do half or more than half of the exercises because of personal injuries I have sustained. I think this app is great for someone who 1 can afford the time and actually do the exercises within it. You will loose weight, tone up, or raise your heart rate, and if you follow the diet plans inside it you will most definitely have a healthier disposition to be sure. My biggest issue here is I cannot use this app and I have no way of removing it from my phone let alone from having to pay for it each month. Which is not working for me. So please tell me how I fix this issue I just want it gone. I know I can remove it from my cell and have done so before, but I think it’s just crazy to have to continue to pay for it when you cannot use it. Please help me. Thanks... -Not to happy-

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    Only 28 days?

    I really loved this app when I did the free trial, so I bought the lifetime subscription. But it now seems that once I’ve completed 28 days’ worth of exercises, there’s nothing left to do in the app. Will you be adding workouts beyond the 28 days? I certainly hope so. If not, I recommend those who love the app purchase only a one-month subscription rather than waste money on a lifetime one, since you only get a month’s worth of workouts anyway. Three stars instead of five as a result of this issue. Tempted to move it to two. Update: the developer’s response was misleading and entirely inadequate. They responded to my complaint about only having 28 workouts by noting that there are 7 different programs. These are in fact only the “arms”, “legs”, “abs” etc. sections, each one containing only 4-5 moves and lasting roughly 5 minutes. You have to combine all 7 to get an actual, full workout, and there are only 28 total. Once you have completed the 28, there are no additional workouts. If you’re serious about getting in shape, don’t get this app. You will only get in shape for 28 days. After that, you’re on your own. As a result of their response, I am lowering my rating to one star. Should they expand to additional sets of workouts, I’ll be happy to increase my rating. As it is, extremely disappointed in my purchase.

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    Fix the Diet Portion

    The workouts are awesome and I like that the app shows you how to do the workout as you are doing it. I also like how it tells you how many calories you burned at the end of each workout. The workouts are targeted towards specific problem areas so you can tailor your workouts to your needs. However, the diet part of this app needs a lot of help. There is no way to put food preferences in to avoid seeing those recipes (ex I don’t like quinoa or beef liver). Also, not all the recipes match. The directions will be for something other than the recipe or ingredient list. The ingredient list doesn’t always tell you how much of something you are including in that recipe (ex 1 piece cottage cheese - what does that mean?). Calorie counts per meal are not included. I would expect this from a free app but not one for $10 a month. I’m on my free trial right now and I’m not sure I want to pay for this unless it was fixed. I see other people leaving similar reviews back in December and it’s now June. Please developers: fix the app! It’s a great start so tweak the diet part to match the thoughtfulness of the exercise part! :)

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    Needs more instructions

    I’m enjoying the app so far but there have been a few exercises that didn’t make sense just based on the graphic. An option to select more information before starting the day’s exercises would be nice. Also, being able to actually track the meals eaten rather than just a menu to look at. I love that it has the recipe provided for the meals, being able to build a favorites list of recipes would be awesome! After reading other reviews, I checked out the billing and it does seem pricey for what is offered ($10/mo). Mine had the 6-month automatic $42 subscription selected already, so that would have been a crappy surprise. That does lower the price by $3/mo though, so I can see the benefit and will likely leave it that way. An earlier warning about the price would be good though, I’ve seen other apps put the subscription prices in the app description, so people don’t feel deceived when their account is automatically charged. The app itself is beautiful and I like the target areas. Some of the meal choices are a little different haha, you guys must really enjoy livers! 😁

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    I am very disappointed in this app. I bought the one year package for over $100 and it isn’t even working! At first it was nice, I picked my meals for the week and decided to go shopping using the grocery list they supply for you. While in the store, every time I would try to select an item to check off that I’ve gotten it, the app would crash. I then had to go through the store memorizing what I did and did not pick up yet to ensure I got everything. This led to me spending two hours in the supermarket for something that could have been finished in one hour. After having this difficulty I still used it to prep for my first full meal day using the recipes. Everything went smoothly until the next day I began to get ready to prep again, and this time the app wouldn’t even load in. It has now been two days. The app won’t work at all, it won’t load the home screen or my meal plans. I purchased so much food and now I don’t have the recipes to cook it. I am extremely disappointed and still haven’t had the chance to use the exercise portion of this app. I would very much like a refund and to delete this app from my phone. What a waste of money!!!

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    Won’t show my workouts

    So I’m having some issues with my app. I’m not sure if other people are experiencing the same thing but for me it won’t give me the workouts for the next days? My first day was fine, when I clicked “start workout” it would pop up asking me to buy a trial, which I would click the X button to close it, and the workout would start and mark it as completed. Then it asked me to schedule my workout for tomorrow which I did. The next day I was ready to work out and when I clicked “start workout” the pop up came up again. I clicked the X but this time the workout didn’t start. It just went back. I did it numerous times again and still nothing in all the workout sections. It was fine though because I just viewed the workout and did it like that. However doing this doesn’t count as “completing” the workout. Now it’s day 3 and I can’t move to a new workout since the app thinks I didn’t complete day 2. This is very frustrating to me and I can’t seem to find out why this is happening. I’m hoping me writing this review will get my question answered but I don’t know if it will.

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    Has it’s perks

    I’ve been using betterme for 25 weeks now. My plan was to rid of all soft belly fat. I started as 125 pounds and set my goal to 112. I’m 16 just wanting to tone my stomach. It’s estimated time to reach my goal was only 28 days but I knew that would be too soon. I’m a little short of 175 days in and I’m at 115. My only adjustments to this app are in reference to messaging and meal plans. In my meals, I am allergic to all nuts and processed fish. Most of my meals have both of these, i went to the messaging app and wanted to ask how can I filter my meals to where fish and nuts don’t come into it? Instead there were prompted questions that only told me to substitute allergens. I’m not sure of alot of substitutes for fish and nuts which left me with more questions. I would only change to be able to enter allergies pre meal planning and direct messaging typing your own specific message instead of chosing between pre prompted questions.

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    I don’t understand

    I am very surprised with this app. It’s unlike other apps I have used and it helps. I have done all exercises with this app for all day one in each category and it seems like a simple helpful workout. Also, I love the fact that this app has daily food plans and it keeps track of your problem. This really does seem like a very effective and helpful app. Now, why I rated this app 2 stars. Well, I was able to complete day one. But after shutting down my phone, uninstalling the app, and simply waiting and trying again, I am not able to open day two. This is because when the ad to get a yearly plan/free trial pops up, I will X out but day 2 won’t open up. I do the same cycle over and over. I don’t know if you have to buy this in order to do day 2, or it’s just me. Also, I have a family who uses this app and they have not purchased anything from this app. They also are actually able to get into day 2, 3, and so on. So I’m done with this app for now, I see no point in keeping it.

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    Intentionally Misleading DON’T DO THE TRIAL

    This app intentionally advertises their “Free Trial”. Don’t do it!! You are then automatically charged $9.99 a week. I was charged $9.99 FOR WEEKS WITH NO NOTIFICATION. There is NO CLEAR COMMUNICATION about how to cancel your account which is through your phone. They tell you 1 TIME that you will be charged after the trial. That’s it. And it’s right when you do the trial. They also don’t tell you how to delete the ACCOUNT NOT THE APP. you have to do that on your settings. (They know they will get a ton of people who fall into the $9.99 scam look at all the reviews). AND they don’t have to deal with any of it because they don’t deal with any of the refunds or deal with any actual reported problems. First you are sent to “Support” which isn’t even a link lol they literally just tell you to contact “Support”. But really you are sent to apple where it is very difficult to get a refund. I never even used the app. It could be great but I wouldn’t know because I’m distracted by this major inconvenience. $130 is a lot of money and I can’t figure out how to get it back.

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    Better before the update

    Revised: After my original review another update popped up and now I can listen to music again while I workout. Definite bonus. Still trying to get used to these completely different workouts and interested to see if I feel the same workout as I did before. As much as I hate to warm up and cool down (and it’s an option not to do so) it’s probably a good thing that the update includes this. I really liked the app prior to the latest update. I had over a week completed and now have lost all my progress. Also I enjoyed listening to my music while working out and now it won’t let me with the videos. Also finding the workouts for the body parts I was working out seems confusing. Before I actually get the workout when I was done in the areas I needed. Today not so much :/ Hoping I figure out the tricks to the new update.

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    Pretty good

    I really like it so far, i had it on my last phone and it was pretty great then. I work a weird schedule now so hopefully I can keep up with it. The only thing I think would make this app better would be alternative exercise options for people with particular disabilities or physical ailments. For example I had severe scoliosis and now have metal rods and pins and screws all through my back, this makes it extremely painful, sometimes impossible to do sit ups or crunches, even if I get through them okay while working out I’ll be in so much pain the next day I won’t be able to get out of bed. It’d be nice if there was an option to select certain things you just physically can’t do and have an alternative given for the work out. I want to better myself but it’s really hard to tone your stomach and stuff when everything suggests to do things you can’t do.

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    Needs more options for the price.

    Let me start off by saying I do really enjoy this app, I like that it has reminders for work outs, an animated person to show you how to do them and it tells you the reps and counts down for you. I’ve noticed that the recipes circulate within a week, I have seen the same recipes almost 4 times now for each meal. I’m also curious that after you finish the 28 day challenge with select workouts, do they then recycle and you get a new work out to complete? If so that’s fantastic, if not then this app really needs work. If people are paying $10 a month for it and it doesn’t give you new work outs, what’s the point? I would hate to see this app go under because I really enjoy it, but it definitely needs to be more user friendly and equipped with more options. So please app people! Give more workouts after the 28 day period ( if you don’t already) and please give different recipes!

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    I purchased the yr subscription and realized it may have been a bad decision. The workouts are ok but the menu options are a little off. Today I had 1 recipe w/ no bake temp, 1 recipe that needed olives but said nothing about the olives in the instructions, 1 recipe used Celsius (which was easy to google the right temp in F) and so on. Also, I’m unable to make certain preferences. They have the major food issues but nothing for ppl who don’t eat specific foods. (Ex: Buckwheat, chia, squash, zucchini) Sadly I don’t like those things and more but I’m unable to remove them from my meal lists. Also, today the app said my meals were to help burn belly fat. However, if I decide to change a meal, which I’m going to do, I’m unsure if I’m changing it to the same type of “belly fat burning” meal or just some random meal. I want to make sure I lose the weight properly but if your menus are flawed then I will need to look elsewhere for a meal plan. Also, when I first signed up I placed the incorrect start weight and now I can’t change it. Last but not least, I know for a fact I don’t walk 2,420 steps a day but somehow the app continues to log steps. I feel like it logs when I drive but I’m not entirely sure. If I were looking to purchase this app, I would try a monthly plan to make sure it’s right instead of the yearly. You might find this is for you, you might find it’s not. Either way, good luck on your weight loss journey 🤗

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    Im excited!

    Im have been struggling with weight for three years now, because of it I lost touch with all my people. This led to me having a deep depression, and became aloof and distant. Im only a teenager, and this lifestyle effected me greatly. I lose sleep, starve myself, and force myself to throw up. Finally I decided the best way to help myself is to work it out. I wanted to start a healthy new lifestyle. I looked for new diet plans and work outs. Really nothing suited me well though. This app helps me with everything. I just recently downloaded it and I’m already seeing a great change. It with the diet, exercise, and even when to drink water. Im only a few days in, and feel much more confident. I thank you very much for this app, and hope you continue to help people in their journey to help them selves. Thank You!

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    Inaccurate, work out to hard and bad recipes

    I’m currently trying out the 7 day free trail. The calories that I apparently burn are inaccurate. I didn’t burn 40 calories from doing a 30 sec plank and 15 lunges. The recipes are to random, require way to many ingredients that no one has at home and don’t show any nutritional value. So in the end you have no clue how many calories your putting into your body. Also actually following those recipes would be extremely time consuming like 3+ hours out of your day and extremely expensive. The workouts are either too easy or too hard. I can’t do any of the toned arms and breast workouts because I barely have any muscle in my arm. I am supposed to do a one handed push up on the second They give you the option to end the work out because it is too hard but instead of giving you a easier option they make you set a timer for tomorrow to try again...I guess they are expecting us to magically get stronger and gain over night??

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Is BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Safe?

Yes. BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 100,331 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Is 42.8/100.

Is BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Legit?

Yes. BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 100,331 BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet Is 42.8/100.

Is BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet not working?

BetterMe: Widget Workout& Diet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 13 Comments

By Марина Власова
Oct 30 2021

Когда попросили связаться здесь))), теперь понятно что это полный развод! Коментарии просто огонь. Интересно, Вами органы не интересовались?)

By Beverly Bass
Apr 23 2021

This BetterMe was susposed to be cancelled! They put it on my credit card anyway. Please cancel which you were told to begin with and give my money back!

By Moses Mutale
Apr 17 2021

Betterme is a total scam, doesn't own up to its promise and unsubscribing is a total nightmare even after they confirm successful cancellation.

By AVRIAL Sebree Seamster
Apr 14 2021

I do not want a subscription to BetterMe anymore. Do not use my credit card information from this moment forward to pay fees for this program. I’m not satisfied. I no longer want to be involved with this company

By Nydia
Apr 10 2021

I do not want this subscription. Please unsuscribe!!!!!

By Alys Wall
Mar 28 2021

This app is a complete rip off and the company is unethical, steals your money and probably sells your payment details on the dark web. I was completely unimpressed with the app: difficult to use, a time waster trying to customise times for fasting and after 10 days of fruitless attempts to use the app I asked for a refund and told them to cancel any further payments. They have sent 8 emails refusing to cancel. BETTERME IS A RIP OFF COMPANY. The BetterMe app is crap. Buyer Beware, you will lose money and have nothing in return.

By Erica Vilander
Mar 18 2021

I'm so angry!! This is a total scam!! Does anyone know how to cancel this forever?? Please help!!

By Michael McMillin
Mar 15 2021

I have been trying to cancel. I get emails that say , “ your subscription is about to expire. So I think good. I will let it expire. You then bill me anyway. I called credit card company and had them decline payment. Will you please stop?

By Billard Dominique
Mar 08 2021

Je souhaite me désabonner de votre application et arrêter mon paiement.
Merci de prendre en compte ma demande
Mme Billard Dominique

By Christine
Feb 20 2021

Total scam. Cancelled my subscription the next day of the free trial. Received a mail confirming cancellation and still being charged 9.99$ weekly. No replys to my enquiries. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

By Melissa Nortje
Feb 12 2021

They are thieves and to promote them in any ways Jed you accomplices- I do not believe that their existing reviews are real. They have stolen thousands from me, I eventually cancelled my card today and am now left to change any other legitimate subscriptions that use this card. They replied to mails now and again promising they stopped subscription but just kept charging me. I’ve also written to Apple development forum today. You need to stop this company- they are absolute thieves!

By Nicole Schwentner
Feb 03 2021

I purchased this app at the beginning of January from an ad on Instagram & it said "purchase now for 1 month or your money back guaranteed $29.99." I purchased & downloaded the app which then it asked me if I wanted to add recipes, dietary, and a trainer etc. The extra charges were $9.99 and $6.99. ((total $46.97) As the week has gone by I was getting familiar with the app & how it worked. I signed into it on the 8th day & it asks me to pay again $39.99 special offer, but I just paid $29.99 for a month? On top of this I was charged again $9.99 & $6.99 for an app that doesn't work for me anymore because I cant access the plan I have chosen. I was charged a total of $63.95 for 8 days & for what... something that has not worked for me & did not live up to the subscription. I contacted Betterme and they replied with SELLING me more.... I told them I was not interested in purchasing more, I wanted a refund. They then took over a week to reply back letting me know how to unsubscribe. I've already unsubscribed and did not ask HOW to I unsubscribe but again asked for my money back. They have NOT given me my refund. They can't respond back to my email letting them know I am not interested in their products and I simply want the my money back. Betterme,,-Katherine or Emily, can you please answer your emails and refund me my money. This is ridiculous.

By Alison
Jan 24 2021

I want to disconnect my subscription effective today. I deleted the App and it billed me

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