HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Reviews

HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-23

Change your habits, change your life! Our habit tracker HabitMinder will help
you form healthy habits and keep you accountable with useful tools like mini
apps and sessions screens. For example, HabitMinder will remind you to do
breathing exercises or a quick meditation session. It can a...

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HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Reviews

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    This is the first app I’ve rated out of hundreds...

    I love this app. For some reason it seems to be the only app that is able to keep my attention for health and fitness goals which I NEED!!! I am going to start using this for good as soon as I get 100% used to it. It has so many different features compared to all of the other apps that I’ve tried using and just end up deleting at the end of the day/week. That’s another good thing that I like about it too. It’s will give me enough goals to try and pursue so I can know whether or not I want to purchase it. A lot of other apps want you to purchase them before you are even able to understand or get into all of the functions of the app that you aren’t sure you can use or even need. This is the best app out of the hundreds that I've used thus far for motivation and focus. Many terrific features. Thank you to the developer. I appreciate this app and it’s certainly a keeper. It works wonders for me and has made life a lot easier in just the short time I’ve been using it.

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    Great App & Customer Service!

    I purchased this app on a whim, but it’s so easy & fun to use I can’t imagine keeping my daily habits in gear without it! Their customer service is also amazing: I recently had an issue with a habit setup, & sent an email. I didn’t expect a reply at all, but I got a quick response that they were fixing it, & a proactive follow up letting me know the latest update had resolved the issue (shout out: you rock, Kriss!)! You can’t beat the efficiency of the app, or the awesome team behind it :) I definitely recommend this for someone trying to build & maintain new habits: it’s intuitive & integrates nicely with the Apple Watch & existing Health & other apps, too, so you don’t have to duplicate efforts with data entry (huge win). Thank you to the team who for created & maintains this app! You’re crushing it!

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    Outstanding - almost there

    Habit apps are a crowded marketplace, and this one really stands out to me. Gorgeous design that is very simple and easy on the eyes, but still very flexible. They found the right balance. It’s engaging and fun to check things off (might as well use the addictiveness of technology to help your productivity :) Their hydration app is equally fantastic. Both have earned a permanent spot in my “Today” view...assuming a few things are in the works. 1. Mac app - visibility and management of tasks/habits is really only viable if you can access them (and synced notifications) from any device. 2. The notification text is a bit odd. I wish these would just contain the habit text and nothing else. They often appear as verbose sentences that you have to read. For me this affects the fluidity of use. 3. The Today widget could be enhanced by only showing remaining habits at the top. 4. Ability both to skip habits or mark as failed would be nice. Items 2–4 are all ways of helping you see only what you need to see. The “at a glance” nature of this app isn’t quite there yet. The comments seem to indicate that more integration with multiple devices is forthcoming. Lack of this functionality is normally a dealbreaker for me, but I’m using this on my phone only for the moment because the app is just that good. At whatever point these become more integrated in the ecosystem, this and WaterMinder will unquestionably be 5 star software.

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    Amazing but needs some work

    This app is amazing but needs some work. 1. The “skip” function doesn’t seem to make very much sense. It’s great that it allows you to skip habits but I wish it was a bit smarter. For example, let’s say youve set to go to the gym 3x per week, on the days that you “skip” the skip function should count that and then reset the next day unless you skip it. But it shouldn’t allow you skip more than 4 days because you set to go to the gym 3x. 2. On habits that you set x number of times per week, I wish the habit would grey out after you’ve hit your goal for the week. Instead it just shows up the next day making you feel like you haven’t accomplished your weekly goal!. With graying it out, it’s still there if you want to complete it but at that point it would be clear that you’re doing extra. It’s disheartening to complete your weekly goal and then the next day it shows up again and your whole day will be marked as incomplete if you didn’t finish that task even though you’ve reached your goal. 3. The app seems to get stuck on the previous day and for some reason still lets you mark habits in the past as complete. I think the whole idea of habit forming is that you shouldn’t be able to go back to the past but keep moving forward. Also it’s a bit confusing when it opens on “yesterday” Other than these things I love this app and hope it improves!

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    Perfect app & Great Support!

    Finally! I can enjoy my Apple Watch for my fitness!!! I use this one single app for ALL my fitness goals, I created one for “calories” and can log during my busy day right from my wrist. So awesome as a calorie tracker! (Not even Fitbit allows for that on their own watches?) This app is totally customizable, you have a super large selection of icons to choose from and various units to customize what you are tracking. I also my health kit syncing so my Apple Watch workouts/exercises & steps automatically sync to my app and I can view everything from my wrist! The support is not only responsive but they actually “fix” the issues you report and take into consideration new ideas you would like to see! Love this app and LOVE their support. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    Too expensive

    In one of your answers to a review you mentioned a one-time purchase of 3.99, however I cannot see that option. Further, while the description says it supports Family sharing, there is no option to buy the app, only to make in-app purchase; and you developers of course know that in-app purchases cannot be shared in a family. So, there is no reason for you to even mention family sharing as for free apps it makes no sense, while for in-app purchases it does not work. So “family sharing” this app is equivalent to just installing it from the App Store on another device. This also means that with the current prices to have it fully functional on 3 devices means paying $30! I would not actually mind buying the app for $10 from the app store, and sharing it among 3 devices, or installing 3 apps and making in-app purchases of 3*3.99, but not $30.

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    Useful, but lately..

    Notifications haven’t been working correctly for certain Habits. For example, Hydrate: multiple times throughout the day are set, but I’m only receiving the first notification for that day (I.e. 9am, 10am, 11am all set as alerts but only receive 1 notification @ 9am). I used to receive each notification at the set time until the goal (65oz) was completed so I’m assuming it’s just a bug. Other than that the app is great. Helpful logging for each habit and easy access options when receiving notifications that you don’t even have to launch the app. Hopefully once the multiple notifications are fixed for certain habits the developers will receive the 5 stars they’re capable of :)

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    Great app

    It’s a great app the only thing that bothers me is the app is always about 500 steps behind what my actual step count is in my Garmin app when it’s supposed to be pulling the steps straight from that. Not sure what’s going on with it but that’s the only reason I give it 4 stars Edit: Thanks for the reply, I checked into it and it looks like it’s the Apple Health app that is the issue I’m not sure what is going on as that is supposed to pull right from garmin as well. However, that does tell me it’s not this app that is the issue. So I have nothing but great things to say about this app. Developers, is there any way to add functionality to pull straight from Garmin/Fitbit apps for users of those devices?

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    Habit Minder App

    When I’ve used my phone to remind me to do things, I either rebel or forget, and after some time I find the sounds increasingly annoying and finally get angry and turn them off. If I’m going to forget or rebel, I might as well do it without the nagging. Habit minder is different. Someone knew what they were doing when they designed it. Instead of irritating sounds, it has cheerful tones; instead of stating what I’m supposed to do NOW, it asks questions—“Have you walked today?” And if I have actually done the thing I’ve planned, I get to enter congratulatory “I did it!” messages. It’s so much more pleasant and affirming!

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    So close to being perfect.

    If you have a habit set up to happen a certain number of times each week, your day tallies will take a hit. For example, if I have a habit to workout 3x a week, this habit will count against my success scores if they’re not completed. If I don’t workout Monday or Tuesday, those days are marked as incomplete even though I have the rest of the week to get those 3 workouts in. I wrote support( great response time) and it was recommended I “Skip” those habits on those days. Unfortunately it skips that task for the week. If I want to I unskip the work out and make it available to do on Wednesday, it changes the numbers for Monday and Tuesday and looks like I failed to work out. Still no perfect completion score if you had a perfect day.

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    Life-changing app

    Very well designed, well worth the app purchase. The watch complications and amount of customization they offer already makes it the best habit app. For me taking medicine is important, I love how the app tracks progress and lets you customize individual complications. There's also so much pre-built habits that you can start from. Available icons, colors, I just can't stress enough the amount of customization they let you do. There's something for everyone. I checked out the top 5 habit apps out there before I made the purchase, this was way better and worth every penny.

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    Thank you to the developers

    No problems with this app. Functionality and form are flawless. The true value from this app comes from what you put into however. I have used this app to give myself personal daily reminders to make sure I am consistently working towards self fulfillment and care goals. Before using this app, I had no accountability checks in place. So I wasn’t able to monitor my progress in a meaningful or consistent way. Thanks so much for developing this app—it’s one of my favorite tools that’s allowed me to transform myself into the person I want to be.

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    Very Helpful and Fun!

    I love this app! It makes measuring your goals so fun and it’s user friendly and appealing to the eye, lol. It costs $9.99 a YEAR which is an awesome price in my opinion. I have already recommended this app to my friends. Some additions I would love to see: 1. I’d love to have a “page” option when it comes to the reading goal. There’s only “minutes”, so I set it to “10 minutes” even though what I really want it to be is “10 pages”. Also, there’s no “quick add” option here, which I kinda wish there was. (Also, i wish there was a “quick add” for “stretching”, and “create your own” goals as well) 2. I wish there was a way to set a goal to be for “every other day” in addition to the option to choose which days you want to do it. Right now I have one goal I want to do every other day, so I go in and manually change it from “MWFSun” to “TThSat” each week. Aside from that, I seriously love this app!! Thank you!

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    Love it!

    I love this app! My only issue is that it seems to be doubling my workout time. It shows on my Health app as 30 something minutes but a HabitMinder shows more than an hour. It’s weird. It’s not a huge deal because my goal is 30 minutes and I generally do a 30+ minute workout but if I had to do a short 15 Min workout someday, it would show as completed when it’s definitely not. Otherwise I think it’s great! I like the nagging feature, and that I can teach on my watch and that it syncs with my Heath app!

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    This is a Great App but.....

    This is a great app! It’s unobtrusive, easy to use and gives you just the amount of information you need to know how well you’re coming along with building a habit. The only problem is that you’re only able to track three habits before tell you that it wants to charge you on a MONTHLY basis. Effective app or not and no matter how much these app developers keep trying to push this monthly fee structure, this app isn’t one that justifies a bill on a monthly basis! Should consider either ads or allowing customers to buy it outright. This monthly subscription is DEFINITELY what keeps me from going any further and looking for another app.

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Is HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Safe?

Yes. HabitMinder • Habit Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,031 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Is 66.8/100.

Is HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Legit?

Yes. HabitMinder • Habit Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,031 HabitMinder • Habit Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HabitMinder • Habit Tracker Is 66.8/100.

Is HabitMinder • Habit Tracker not working?

HabitMinder • Habit Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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